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Best Tattoo Shops in Michigan: Your Ultimate Guide

Michigan, known for its diverse culture and vibrant art scene, is home to some of the finest tattoo shops in the United States. These establishments not only boast top-notch facilities, but they also house some of the most talented and skilled tattoo artists who are dedicated to their craft. As tattoos have become increasingly popular and more socially accepted, the demand for high-quality artwork and exceptional service has grown, leading to the emergence of numerous reputable tattoo shops throughout the state.

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From Detroit to Grand Rapids, Michigan offers a wide range of tattoo parlors that cater to various styles, preferences, and budgets. Whether you’re in search of a traditional design or a more intricate, custom piece, these tattoo shops pride themselves on their ability to transform your vision into a reality. As you embark on your journey to find the perfect tattoo shop in Michigan, keep an open mind and consider the wealth of talent, creativity, and reputability that the state has to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • Michigan boasts a diverse and thriving tattoo scene with numerous top-quality shops.
  • A wide range of styles and designs can be found in Michigan’s many talented tattoo artists.
  • Reputation, creativity, and customer satisfaction are essential factors in choosing the ideal tattoo parlor.

Top Tattoo Shops in Michigan

Lucky Monkey Tattoo

Lucky Monkey Tattoo, located in Ann Arbor, is a well-regarded tattoo shop with a talented team of artists who specialize in various styles. Known for their clean and welcoming environment, this shop has consistently impressed clients with their skill and creativity.

North Main Tattoo Studio

North Main Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery, situated in Plymouth, offers a premier tattoo experience with their highly-rated artists. Two international award-winners, Jay Wheeler and Aaron Ruby, own and operate this shop in downtown Plymouth. They provide intricate black and grey designs as well as traditional pieces.

Union 3 Tattoo

Union 3 Tattoo is a professional tattoo shop located in Detroit, Michigan. Known for their diverse range of styles, the talented tattoo artists at this shop create custom designs for clients, ensuring each piece is unique and personal. Clients frequently praise their attention to detail, cleanliness, and positive atmosphere.

Iconic Tattoo

Iconic Tattoo, situated in Detroit, Michigan, is home to highly-skilled tattoo artists who are experienced in various styles and techniques. This shop prides itself on its clean, comfortable environment, and outstanding customer service, making it a popular choice for those seeking the perfect piece of body art.

Eclectic Art Tattoo

Eclectic Art Tattoo, located in Lansing, MI, offers a wide array of tattoo styles and a comfortable atmosphere for clients. Known for its knowledgeable artists, the shop has garnered a reputation for both quality and creativity in its work.

Eternal Tattoos

Eternal Tattoos, with multiple locations across Michigan, has been in operation since 1980. They have built a solid reputation based on their talented tattoo artists and stringent cleanliness standards. The shop’s artists excel in various styles and techniques, ensuring clients receive a unique and well-crafted piece of art.

Influential Tattoo Artists

Mark Heggie

Mark Heggie is a well-known tattoo artist in Michigan, specializing in unique and detailed designs. With years of experience in the industry, Heggie has developed a strong reputation for creating high-quality tattoos that showcase his artistic prowess and dedication to the craft.

Kyle Black

Address: 24834 Gratiot Ave, Eastpointe, MI

Kyle Black is a notable tattoo artist in Michigan with a distinct dark and gothic touch in his designs. Known for his impressive collaborations with other artists in the area, Kyle Black’s work showcases his creativity and ability to push the boundaries of traditional tattoo aesthetics.

Josh Figueroa

Located in Ann Arbor, MI, Josh Figueroa is an accomplished tattoo artist with a strong following. His style ranges from contemporary designs to more traditional pieces, demonstrating his versatility and skillful approach to tattooing.

Lance Kellar

Lance Kellar stands out among Michigan tattoo artists for his innovative techniques and striking designs. With his unrelenting commitment to perfecting his craft, Kellar continues to be a major influence in the tattoo industry across the state.

Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones is a respected tattoo artist in Michigan, known for her exceptional ability to create intricate and detailed designs. Her work reflects her passion for art and her dedication to providing clients with tattoos that they will love and cherish for years to come.

Ben Petee

Address: 28037 Carriage Way Drive, New Baltimore, MI 48051

Ben Petee is an award-winning tattoo artist based in Plymouth, MI. With a focus on black and grey as well as traditional designs, Petee’s skillful hand and artistic vision have garnered him a loyal client base as well as acclaim within the tattoo community. Visit his website for more information and examples of his work.

As you explore the top tattoo artists in Michigan, you’ll find a diverse range of styles, techniques, and artistic persuasions. These influential artists continue to shape the landscape of tattooing in the area, offering patrons outstanding designs they won’t find anywhere else.

Popular Tattoo Styles


Realism is a tattoo style that aims to depict subjects as they appear in real life. This style often features intricate details and shading to create lifelike designs. Many tattoo artists in Michigan specialize in realism, so you can expect to find quality work if this is your desired style. Be sure to book an appointment in advance, as realistic tattoos can be time-consuming to create.


Watercolor tattoos mimic the look of traditional watercolor paintings by using a combination of delicate lines, color blending, and splashes of ink. This style can range from abstract designs to more recognizable subjects. Michigan tattoo shops offer various watercolor designs, and you should discuss your ideas with your chosen artist before getting your tattoo.


The illustrative tattoo style combines elements from different tattoo styles, such as realism and American traditional. It is characterized by a mix of fine lines and bold outlines, with varying levels of shading and color. Michigan tattoo artists can create a wide variety of illustrative tattoos, so consider this style if you’re looking for something versatile and unique.


Portrait tattoos are a popular style in which the artist creates a realistic representation of a specific person or animal. These tattoos require great skill and precision, so it’s important to find a tattoo artist in Michigan who specializes in this style. Remember to book your appointment well in advance, as portrait tattoos usually take longer to complete due to their detailed nature.

American Traditional

American Traditional, also known as Old School, is a classic tattoo style featuring bold outlines, bright colors, and simple designs. It often includes iconic symbols such as roses, hearts, and anchors. Many Michigan tattoo shops offer American Traditional tattoos, making it easy to find an artist who can create the perfect design for your next tattoo.


Neo-Traditional tattoos build on the American Traditional style but incorporate more shading and detail. This style often includes more modern imagery and a wider color palette. If you’re searching for a unique and detailed design, consider a Neo-Traditional tattoo. Michigan tattoo artists can create stunning Neo-Traditional pieces, so don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with them.

Notable Tattoo Parlors and Studios

Sacred Tattoo Studio

Located in Michigan’s Detroit area, Sacred Tattoo Studio is known for its excellent and diverse body art offerings. The talented tattoo artists at this parlor are dedicated to providing customizable, high-quality tattoos to satisfy clients’ preferences. The comfortable, clean, and inviting atmosphere contributes to a pleasant tattoo experience for all.

Electric Chair Tattoo

Electric Chair Tattoo is another reputable tattoo studio in Michigan, offering a wide array of tattoo styles. Their experienced artists are passionate about creating stunning body art, ensuring that clients leave the store feeling satisfied and excited about their new tattoos. Combining a welcoming environment with state-of-the-art equipment, Electric Chair Tattoo is a top choice for both seasoned and newbie tattoo enthusiasts.

Infinity Ink

Situated in the Detroit area, Infinity Ink stands out thanks to its innovative and unique tattoo designs. By focusing on a customer-centric approach, the studio tailors each tattoo to the specific needs and preferences of its clients. Whether it’s traditional, minimalist, or photo-realistic body art, Infinity Ink’s skilled tattoo artists are experts in bringing clients’ visions to life. This tattoo studio is not only popular for its creativity but also for maintaining a clean, safe, and comfortable space.

Here’s a brief overview of these notable tattoo parlors in Michigan:

Tattoo ParlorLocationSpecialty
Sacred Tattoo StudioDetroit areaDiverse body art; comfortable atmosphere
Electric Chair TattooMichiganWide array of tattoo styles
Infinity InkDetroit areaInnovative, unique tattoo designs

Creative Tattoo Designs

Animal Designs

Michigan tattoo shops are known for their creative and dynamic animal designs. From intricate, realistic portrayals of wildlife to stylized interpretations of mythical creatures, these artists bring a unique touch to every piece. Some tattoo shops, like the North Main Tattoo Studio & Art Gallery in Plymouth, display their work in an art gallery setting, allowing clients to appreciate the skill and craftsmanship of their designs.

Color Pop

Many Michigan tattoo artists have mastered the art of incorporating vibrant colors into their work, helping to create eye-catching designs that truly stand out. Some artists excel in using colors and shades to depict recognizable images from pop culture, such as Star Wars characters and scenes. These colorful designs attract clients who are looking to make a statement with their ink.

Abstract Tattoos

For those interested in more imaginative and unique designs, many Michigan artists offer abstract tattoos tailored to each client’s preferences. Combining elements from different styles, such as geometric tattoos and free-form ink splatters, these artists develop one-of-a-kind pieces that intrigue and impress. Their innovative approaches to tattoo designs demonstrate the vast range of possibilities in modern tattoo art.

Black & Grey

In addition to colorful designs, many Michigan tattoo shops also showcase incredible talent in black and grey tattooing. Artists like Ben Petee at North Main Tattoo Studio in Plymouth specialize in black and grey work, creating intricate and detailed images with depth and precision. Utilizing varying shades and gradients, these artists produce stunning tattoos that are both bold and refined.

Talented Tattoo Artists in Michigan

Nathan Wilson

Nathan Wilson is known for his exceptional skills in sleeve tattoos. Located in Ferndale, MI, he is ranked among the best tattoo artists in Michigan. You can view his works on his Instagram and Website.

John Madigan

John Madigan, another reputable tattoo artist in Michigan, is based in Commerce. According to search results, he has been in this game for a while now, and his talent and reputation have earned him a spot among the best artists in the state.


Loaf is a proficient tattoo artist who can be found at Babydolls Tattoo in Taylor, MI. His works are well-known in the area, and he has consistently provided top-quality tattoos for his clients. For more information and to see his portfolio, you can visit the Babydolls Tattoo website.

Sarah Sun

With a specialty in creating stunning tattoos, Sarah Sun is a fantastic tattoo artist from Grand Rapids, MI. Her expertise and creative touch have earned her great acclaim and appreciation in the industry.

Visiting these talented tattoo artists can offer you an unforgettable experience, whether you’re in Ferndale, Commerce, Taylor, or the Lansing area. Be sure to check their respective websites and Instagram profiles to view their distinctive styles and impressive work.

Additional Tattoo Services

Apart from the exceptional tattoo artistry provided by Michigan’s tattoo shops, there are a range of additional services available for clients to experience.


It’s quite common in the tattoo industry for artists to attend international tattoo conventions, as well as showcase their work in other countries. This not only helps tattoo professionals expand their knowledge and skillset, but it also introduces clients to new styles and techniques from around the world. If you’re already a fan of a specific Michigan tattoo artist, following them on social media will keep you updated on their international endeavors and broaden your inspiration.

Tattoo Magazines

Michigan tattoo shops often feature their work in various tattoo magazines, providing inspiration and showcasing their versatility. By browsing through tattoo magazines, you can get acquainted with different styles, resulting in unique permanent artwork that speaks to your taste.

Furthermore, these featured artists are known for their exceptional customer service, ensuring that their clients feel comfortable and informed during the entire process. This attentive service extends to consultations, which are especially crucial for those seeking permanent makeup services – a growing trend in the industry.

Tattoo removal is another crucial service provided by many top Michigan shops. As people’s tastes and preferences change, the option to remove or modify a tattoo gains increasing importance. Michigan’s tattoo shops are equipped with the latest technologies and techniques for tattoo removal, making sure they offer a comprehensive spectrum of services to their clients.