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The 12 Best Places To Live In Michigan

Are you looking for a good place to live in Michigan? There’s a lot to love about living in Michigan. The state has an abundance of natural beauty and many great places to live from urban cities to quiet beach towns. Keep reading to discover the best places to live in Michigan and what’s special about each one.

Best Places to Live near Grand Rapids, Michigan

Best Places To Live In Michigan

1. Eastown

Eastown is a trendy neighborhood on the East side of Grand Rapids. The area has an urban/suburban feel that blends the best of both worlds. The neighborhood offers a number of great restaurants, bars, and shopping giving you plenty of things to do close by. Several nice parks provide a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The schools in Eastown are good, they are rated above average for the state. The crime rate is low, and housing is affordable. The neighborhood is a good place for both families and young professionals.

2. Holland

Located on Lake Macatawa near the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, Holland is a charming town with a lot to love. The town has a strong Dutch heritage that is celebrated throughout the town. View Dutch architecture, eat Dutch food, and enjoy many opportunities for Dutch experiences and events.

There is a wide variety of housing options in Holland including small starter homes, large single-family homes, apartments, and condos. The cost of living in Holland is cheaper than in some other areas of Michigan, which is certainly a plus.

Sandy beaches are abundant and the downtown district has plenty of shopping, craft breweries, restaurants, and things to do. In Spring, millions of tulips bloom and the town has an annual tulip festival.

Best Places to Live near Lansing, Michigan

Lansing Michigan Downtown

3. Okemos

Okemos is a quiet town near Michigan State University, located about ten miles East of Lansing. The city has excellent schools, making it one of the best places to live in Michigan for families with kids. The neighborhoods tend to be quiet and crime rates are low.

There are plenty of affordable housing options and the people in Okemos are friendly and welcoming. There are woods and parks to enjoy being outside and excellent restaurants for dining.

4. Haslett

Like Okemos, Haslett is located about ten miles East of Lansing with Haslett being a little further North. Haslett is one of the best places to live in Michigan if you’re looking for affordable housing. The homes are priced low compared to other areas so you can get more for the money. Rates for monthly rent are also quite reasonable.

Haslett has many opportunities to be active outdoors. There are two public parks next to the 500-acre Lake Lansing. On the lake enjoy fishing, boating, and other water activities. There are plenty of bike trails in Haslett and the streets are very walkable.

5. Williamston

About twenty miles southeast of Lansing you’ll find Williamston. Williamston is a cozy, suburban community with a reasonable cost of living. The homes are spread out with reasonable-sized lots so you don’t feel like you’re right on top of your neighbors like in some more urban cities. Most people in Williamston own their homes and home prices are quite reasonable.

The town is small but large enough to have several restaurants, coffee shops, and a movie theater. The highly rated public schools make Williamston a good place to live in Michigan for families with kids. The commute to Lansing is not far, only about twenty minutes without traffic so it’s a good option for people who want to live outside the city while still being close enough to commute.

Best Places to Live near Detroit, Michigan

skyline of Detroit

6. Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is located about forty miles west of Detroit and is home to the University of Michigan. The university and university hospital offer a lot of work opportunities, especially for academics and health care professionals.

Ann Arbor has beautiful neighborhoods, vibrant arts and culture, and excellent schools. The city hosts many festivals and events throughout the year including free outdoor concerts and the annual Ann Arbor arts fair.

Ann Arbor is one of the best places to live in Michigan for creative thinkers and artists. The city has a vibrant arts scene with many galleries and interesting shops. There are also a lot of beautiful parks in Ann Arbor and plenty of spaces to enjoy nature.

7. Berkley

Berkley has a small-town feel while still being close to the big city. If you want to work in Detroit but live somewhere quieter, Berkley may be a good fit for you Berkley is only about seventeen miles north of downtown Detroit.

Berkley has several parks throughout the city offering ample opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. The streets are safe and the residents are friendly and welcoming to newcomers.

There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops to choose from. If you want more excitement, Detroit is just a short drive away with many more restaurants and bars plus museums, live theater, and plenty more things to do.

8. Troy

Located about twenty-five miles north of Detroit, Troy is a bit further away than Berkley but still a reasonable commute if you work in the city. Crime rates are low in Troy and housing is reasonably priced.

Troy is one of the best places to live in Michigan if you’re looking for diversity. The area in and around Troy is more ethnically diverse than most other areas of the state.

A lot of people choose Troy for its excellent schools. According to a US News report, Troy Highschool is listed as one of the best high schools in Michigan. Visitors come to Troy for good shopping opportunities like the upscale Somerset Mall with 180 stores.

9. Huntington Woods

Huntington Woods is a very nice suburb located just under fifteen miles northwest of Detroit.

Huntington Woods is made up entirely of single-family homes except for one duplex. According to the Huntington Woods website, the median home value is $321,400 which is more expensive than some of the other areas on our list but there are a lot of nice amenities, activities, and facilities in the community making a house in Huntington Woods worth the price for many homebuyers.

Huntington Woods is very safe and the residents are friendly. Part of the Detroit Zoo is in Huntington Woods along with several parks and other places to play, relax, and have fun for both children and adults.

10. Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a Detroit suburb with more of a rural feel. The town is about twenty miles northwest of downtown Detroit.

There are a lot of parks for residents and visitors to enjoy. The city has good schools, with both public and private options making it a good place to live in Michigan for families.

The city is very safe and has its own police and fire departments. There aren’t a lot of restaurants and bars in Beverly Hills, but there are plenty of options in nearby towns and suburbs.

Best Places to Live near the Water in Michigan

Mackinac Island harbor in Michigan

11. Port Huron

Port Huron is located right on the southern edge of Lake Huron. It’s a great place to live if you like spending time on the lake. There are opportunities for boating and fishing all conveniently located in town.

There are several beautiful beaches and no shortage of water views in Port Huron. There are many great hiking trails in the area as well making it a good place to live in Michigan for people who enjoy being active and spending time outdoors.

Everything is close together in Port Huron, making it easy to get around. The downtown area has a lot of small businesses like shops and cafes. If you enjoy nightlife, there are a lot of restaurants and bars that stay open late.

12. Grand Haven

Grand Haven is a beach town on the eastern edge of Lake Michigan. It’s located about thirty-three miles from Grand Rapids. The city has several beaches, a pier, and even a musical fountain. There are public parks and several scenic hiking trails around the town, making it a good place to live in Michigan for people who love the outdoors.

There are a large number of rentals available at reasonable prices for rent. If you’re looking to buy, the homes in Grand Haven are reasonably priced as well. The local public schools are highly rated and the downtown area has many local small businesses to shop from.

Wrapping up Best Places to Live in Michigan

Whichever location you choose, there is a lot to enjoy about living in this beautiful state. Which of the best places to live in Michigan stood out to you most? For more information about life in Michigan, visit Make the Most of Michigan Living. And if you need something to eat while looking for places to live in Michigan, check out the best restaurants in Michigan!