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13 Best Things To Do In Sterling Heights, Michigan

If you’re reading this, you might wonder, “What are the best things to do in Sterling Heights, Michigan?” Keep reading to find out. Sterling Heights is the second-largest suburb of Detroit and the 4th largest city in Michigan. Known to be the home of many immigrants, it’s been given the name “Little Baghdad.”

Filled with family fun activities, cultural events, as well as multiple walking and hiking trails for nature lovers. Sterling Heights, Michigan, has something everyone in your family can enjoy.

Family-Friendly Things To Do In Sterling Heights

Little kid boy admire Poisonous green snake in terrarium

1. The Reptarium

Have anyone in the family that’s a lover of animals? Then you’ll definitely want to check out The Reptarium. Of course, being known as Michigan’s Favorite Reptile Zoo, it’ll make it onto our things to do in Sterling Heights, MI list.

From housing one of the world’s largest living gecko and an albino alligator named Salt, the whole family will enjoy exploring this large collection of reptiles. I mean, who doesn’t love something fun and educational?

2. Dodge Park

Dodge Park is a 51.2-acre park that houses an exponential amount of activities that children and parents alike can enjoy.

Looking for something athletic that the whole family can enjoy? Dodge Park not only has basketball courts but also hosts a sand volleyball court, soccer field, and even a refrigerated ice-skating rink.

There are also non-motorized trails for those who want to get a walk or jog in. You’ll also find a nature area where you can take a moment to just breathe and enjoy what nature has to offer.

The list of all the activities is expositional, so it’s no surprise that it has landed on our “things to do in Sterling Heights, Michigan” list.

3. Mae Stecker Park

Mae Stecker Park is a 14-acre park located in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Large enough to have an adventure, but small enough so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Located right across from Heritage Lake and Heritage Gardens, this beautiful park is surrounded by nature.

It’s also home to numerous amenities that everyone can enjoy. For sports lovers, they have softball fields, tennis courts, and beach volleyball pits. They also have a play structure if your little ones feel like running around. Making it a great addition to our things to do in Sterling Heights.

There’s a 1.5-mile walking trail for nature lovers that will lead you directly to Heritage Lake. There’s even a picnic pavilion that you can rent for family functions, birthday parties, and anything that deserves a celebration.

Artsy Things To Do In Sterling Heights

Best Things To Do In Sterling Heights, Michigan

4. Freedom Hill County Park

Are you a music lover? Then check out the Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre, located inside Freedom Hill County Park. You can get all upcoming event information and ticket information from their website.

Freedom Hill County Park is also a small hiking trail that would be a great place to grab some photos for those who are photography lovers.

5. The Sterlingfest Art and Music Fair

If you’re lucky enough to find yourselves in Sterling Heights, MI, during the summer, you’ll want to check out the Sterlingfest Art and Music Fair. Every year, Sterling Heights puts on an art and music fair. Where you can enjoy arts and crafts, children’s activities, multiple stages that host various genres of music that everyone can enjoy, and some amazing food.

If you can make it, this is a must-do in Sterling Heights.

Outdoorsy Things To Do In Sterling Heights

mountain bike cyclist riding trail

6. Sterling Heights Nature Center

Are you and your children fans of the outdoors? Then be sure to check out the Sterling Heights Nature Center. Here they offer an up-close look at animals you may never get to see in real life through the multiple still-life exhibits they have to offer.

It’s also home to a host of living reptiles and amphibians the whole family can enjoy. Along with a 900-gallon aquarium with fish, you’ll find in local waterways.

Best of all, it’s free during visiting hours.

7. Bloomer Park

Bloomer Park is a well-loved attraction for locals and visitors alike. Especially if you’re a lover of outdoor activities such as hiking, exploring, and bicycling. Yes, I said bicycling; this park is home to a unique 1/8 mile bicycle racing oval and the set location for bicycle races of all kinds.

There are trails that can be found all around this park that will take you around the river. Looking for something a little more challenging? There are also steep trails that will take you through the woods. Making it an attraction you must check out if you are looking for things to do in Sterling Heights.

8. Holland Ponds

If you want a break from the city and a taste of local wildlife and plant life, then there is no better place than Holland Ponds. With over 200 acres to explore, filled with ponds, trails, and its natural beauty. It’s known for its heron population, meaning you might be lucky enough to see these beauties in their natural habitat.

It’s a perfect place for bird watchers, photographers, and hikers. If you’re interested in history, you’ll find remnants of the township’s past, like the remains of the old Clinton-Kalamazoo Canal project, which dates back to the 1830s.

Making this a must-see for nature and history lovers who find themselves in Sterling Heights.

9. Clinton River Heritage Park

The Clinton River Heritage Park Trail connects three suburbs of Detroit: The Shelby Township, Utica, and Sterling Heights. Its hundreds of acres make for a great place to find all verities of wildlife, including turtles and deer. The trail also offers a great mountain biking trail for those who want a little more adventure.

The northern part of the trail connects to Riverbend Park, where you’ll find a nature center, an archery range, and many other outdoor activities. At the southern end of the trail, you can cross a wooden bridge, and it’ll take you to Dodge Park, where you’ll find playgrounds, basketball courts, and picnic areas. Making it a great place for the whole family to enjoy

With multiple parks and activities to explore, there is no wonder why this is a thing to do in Sterling Heights.

10. Whispering Woods Kiwanis Park

This 42-acre park is filled with multiple family fun activities. Whispering Woods Kiwanis Park is home to 9 soccer fields, a baseball diamond, sand volleyball courts, and two play areas for tots and young children. Making it great for those days when you want a relaxing day outside.

If you do, however, feel like you want to get a walk or light jog, there’s a 1.2-mile asphalt trail that you’ll have easy access to.

Cultural Things To Do In Sterling Heights

General Motors Building, GM Headquarters

11. GM Heritage Center

Love cars and looking for things to do in Sterling Heights? Then I have the place for you. Michigan is known as the state for manufacturing and designing automobiles. The GM Heritage Center covers 81,000 square feet and is full of over 150 vehicles.

The great thing about this attraction is they’re always rotating the collection from race cars to engines. You’ll be introduced to everything GM has created or helped create since the beginning of its history. This means you’ll probably discover something new every time you go for a visit.

Unfortunately, GM Heritage Center is only open for group tours, but don’t let this discourage you. It’s a great option for the whole family, or if you decide to go by yourself, you can easily be placed with another group, so you can enjoy this must-see destination.

12. The Packard Proving Grounds Historic Site

The Packard Proving Grounds is another location for lovers of cars and history. Created by Packard in 1928, this 560-acre plot was used as a testing facility for the Packard automobiles, which they continued to run until 1956. Eventually, it was sold to Ford Motor Company in 1961.

Ford eventually handed over 14 acres of the facility to a non-profit group called Packard Motor Car Foundation. These 14 acres contain the 1927 Gate Lodge, Tudor Revival style Repair Garage, Engineering Laboratory, a water tower, a 1927 tool shed, the 1929 garage, and the remnants of the original test track. Making it a wonderful place to explore automobile history in the US.

13. Michigan Military Technical & Historical Society

Are you interested in military history? Then you’ll love visiting the Michigan Military Technical & Historical Society. This 11,000 square-foot museum was created to honor the Michigan citizens who fought for this country.

You’ll find weapons, equipment, and other artifacts from WWI to the present day. Making this a great place to learn about military history and honor those who sacrificed for our freedom.

Wrapping Up Amazing Things to Do in Sterling Heights

Now that you know the best things to do in Sterling Heights, you’re ready to start planning your trip to Michigan. Want to find more activities? Check out our Michigan page to discover more of what locals love about this beautiful state.

Surrounded by natural wonders, history, and culture, Sterling Heights, Michigan, is sure to be an adventure that everyone can enjoy.