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Best Jewelry Stores in Michigan: Your Ultimate Guide

Michigan is home to a variety of top-notch jewelry stores that offer exceptional pieces and services for all occasions. From custom-designed engagement and wedding rings to elegant fashion jewelry and timeless collections, these stores are dedicated to providing an unparalleled shopping experience in the state. With numerous stores boasting decades of experience, expert craftsmanship, and strong family traditions, Michigan’s jewelry stores hold their own against other industry leaders.


Many of these esteemed shops offer ethically sourced precious stones and metals for their creations, ensuring both quality and sustainability for their customers. Additionally, local jewelers provide various jewelry repairs and services, ranging from resizing to cleaning, to maintain the appearance and value of their clients’ treasured pieces. From boutique stores to established brands, Michigan’s diverse jewelry landscape offers an array of options for anyone in need of a one-of-a-kind piece or special gift.

Key Takeaways

  • Michigan boasts top-tier jewelry stores offering custom designs, wedding and engagement rings, and fashion jewelry.
  • Several stores provide ethically sourced materials and a wide range of services, including repairs and maintenance.
  • The variety in Michigan’s jewelry landscape caters to different tastes and budgets, from boutique to well-known brands.

Top Jewelry Stores in Michigan

In this section, we explore some of the top jewelry stores in various cities across Michigan.

Diamond Vault of Troy

Located in Troy, Diamond Vault is a premier destination for fine jewelry and engagement rings. Their extensive collection, paired with knowledgeable staff, ensures a perfect shopping experience in a comfortable environment.

Miner’s Den Jewelers

Miner’s Den Jewelers, based in Royal Oak, has been serving customers for over 40 years. Their dedication to quality craftsmanship and personalized service sets them apart. They offer a wide selection of fine jewelry, including custom designs and bridal options.

Preusser Jewelers

Preusser Jewelers, located in Grand Rapids, is a trusted and reputable store with a loyal customer base. Their stunning collection, extraordinary service, and unwavering commitment to quality make them a top choice for those in the area.

Lewis Jewelers

With its flagship store in Ann Arbor, Lewis Jewelers has been offering exceptional service and a wide variety of high-quality jewelry since 1921. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff guide customers through the process of finding the perfect piece for any occasion.

Azzi Jewelers

Azzi Jewelers, situated in Lansing, is known for its wonderful engagement rings, wedding bands, and elegant jewelry collections. Their top designers and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a popular choice among shoppers.

Birmingham Jewelry

Established in Sterling Heights, Birmingham Jewelry offers a wide range of stunning jewelry designs and exceptional customer service. The store takes pride in its exquisite products, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a unique piece or a custom design.

Custom Jewelry

Unique Designs

In Michigan, several jewelry stores specialize in creating custom jewelry pieces tailored to their customer’s individual styles and preferences. These stores collaborate with clients to craft unique designs, incorporating their desired elements and incorporating expert stone cutting techniques for maximizing the gemstone’s beauty and brilliance.

Wheat Diamond Jewelers in Okemos, for example, is a family-owned store that has served the greater Lansing area for over 25 years. They focus on producing custom-made jewelry pieces using the latest trend insights to ensure each piece reflects the wearer’s distinct aesthetic.

Similarly, Sweet Custom Jewelry in Lansing is renowned for its exclusive designs, personalizing each creation from concept to completion. As the only store in the area offering such in-depth customization services, they pride themselves on being the go-to family jeweler for all fine jewelry needs.

Another notable store is Alex Gulko Custom Jewelry in Ann Arbor, specializing in custom engagement and wedding rings. Gulko is well-regarded for their ability to capture each customer’s vision and transform it into a stunning piece of art. Their extensive portfolio of designs showcases their love for intricate details and unique gemstone settings.

Monocle Jewelers in Northern Michigan distinguishes themselves with their custom Upper Peninsula jewelry offering. As well as crafting one-of-a-kind pieces, they repurpose heirloom jewelry to create distinctive items inspired by the region’s natural beauty. Their nautical-themed designs cater to various budgets and emphasize the special bond between the wearers and their beloved Michigan landscape.

Wedding and Engagement Rings

When shopping for the perfect symbol of love and commitment, Michigan has a plethora of jewelers that offer exquisite wedding and engagement rings. Many stores have a wide variety of styles and types, from classic solitaires to intricate halo designs.

Wedding Bands

Azzi Jewelers in Lansing offers a beautiful selection of men’s and women’s wedding bands. They have a variety of metals, designs, and styles to choose from. Their expert staff is there to assist customers in finding the ideal band to signify their everlasting love.

Rottermond Jewelers, with locations throughout Michigan, is known for its excellent customer satisfaction and stunning wedding band options. Finding the perfect wedding band has never been easier with their vast selection of styles, materials, and designs.

Here are some popular wedding band materials:

  • Platinum
  • 18K White Gold
  • 18K Rose Gold
  • 14K Yellow Gold
  • Sterling Silver (925)

Engagement Rings

When looking for the perfect engagement ring in Michigan, there are several reputable stores with extensive collections.

Rottermond Jewelers is a fan favorite, offering a wide range of engagement ring styles, including halo, sidestone, solitaire, three stone, and two stone. They also offer various material options such as 14K and 18K gold, platinum, and sterling silver.

Another excellent option is Simply Marcella in Lake Orion. They not only specialize in elegant wedding jewelry but also offer custom designs, allowing customers to create a unique and captivating engagement ring to suit their taste.

So, whether you’re searching for a classic diamond solitaire or a romantic vintage-inspired design, Michigan has plenty of top-notch jewelers to help you find the perfect wedding and engagement ring combination for your special day.

Fine Jewelry Offerings

Michigan is home to several exceptional jewelry stores offering a diverse selection of fine jewelry to suit various preferences. In this section, we will explore the beautiful offerings in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pendants available at these establishments.


In Michigan’s top jewelry stores, customers can find an array of stunning earrings crafted from the finest materials, including 14k gold, sterling silver, and Pandora Rose metals. From delicate studs to dazzling drop earrings adorned with precious stones, these stores carry a diverse range of styles to complement any ensemble.


With an extensive assortment of necklaces, Michigan’s jewelry stores cater to shoppers seeking elegance, sophistication, and versatility. Many stores offer timeless pieces, such as diamond solitaire pendants and pearl necklace strands, as well as contemporary designs featuring geometric shapes and colorful gemstones. Shoppers can find necklaces in various metal types, including 14k gold and sterling silver, ensuring the perfect match for their taste and budget.


Michigan’s jewelry stores also boast an impressive selection of fine bracelets designed to suit various styles and occasions. Elegant bangles, delicate chain bracelets, and eye-catching cuffs are just a few of the options available. Many stores carry bracelets made from 14k gold or sterling silver, often adorned with diamonds or gemstones for an added touch of luxury.


Pendants are a popular choice for individuals seeking a versatile and personal piece of fine jewelry. Stores in Michigan offer pendants in various shapes and sizes, featuring diverse design elements such as hearts, crosses, and initials. With options in 14k gold and sterling silver, these pendants can be effortlessly personalized by incorporating gemstones or engraving—a cherished keepsake to treasure for years to come.

Fashion and Bridal Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry

Michigan hosts a variety of jewelry stores offering an exquisite selection of fashion jewelry. Azzi Jewelers, located in the heart of Lansing, has an extensive inventory of fashion jewelry pieces for customers to choose from, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. The friendly and highly-trained staff are ready to assist shoppers in finding the perfect addition to their everyday wear.

MJ Diamonds is another option for those seeking fashion-forward accessories. As one of Michigan’s largest independent jewelers, it provides a wide variety of jewelry pieces for every style and occasion. With exceptional customer service and complimentary jewelry cleaning, MJ Diamonds is one of the top choices for fashion-conscious individuals.

Bridal Jewelry

When it comes to bridal jewelry, Michigan offers a wealth of options for soon-to-be-wed couples. One of the standout choices is the Rottermond Jewelers, as they carry the renowned designer brand Gabriel & Co. For over 30 years, Gabriel & Co. has been known for their beautifully crafted collections of engagement rings, wedding bands, and other bridal jewelry pieces.

In addition to Rottermond Jewelers, there are several other jewelers in Michigan that specialize in bridal jewelry. Brides magazine recommends exploring the variety of offerings from local jewelry vendors, as they can offer personalized service and unique pieces for your special day.

Whether you’re searching for fashion jewelry to elevate your daily wardrobe or seeking the perfect bridal jewelry for your wedding, Michigan offers a vast selection of exceptional stores to choose from. Enjoy shopping and discovering all the outstanding pieces the jewelry world has to offer.

Watch Services and Brands

Watch Repair

In Michigan, there are several reputable jewelry stores offering exceptional watch repair services. One highly recommended location for watch repair in Warren is Chapman’s Jewelry & Gifts. With a fast response time and high-quality work, they are a top choice among locals for watch repair services. Additionally, Precise Time Watch Repairs in Birmingham specializes in repairing various brands, including Rolex, Tag Heuer, Cartier, and Omega. Their skilled watchmakers are known for their attention to detail, ensuring that their customers’ timepieces are well taken care of.


When it comes to purchasing and collecting timepieces, Michigan offers plenty of options. Chapman’s Jewelry & Gifts, besides being a popular spot for watch repairs, also has a curated selection of watches. For those seeking luxurious brands like Rolex and Cartier, Precise Time Watch Repairs not only provides expert repair services but also carries a wide range of high-end timepieces. If you’re in the Lansing area and looking for watch battery replacement or link removal, Mr. G’s Keys and More is a reliable and affordable choice, offering efficient service to locals.

Additional Charms and Accessories

Michigan boasts numerous well-known jewelry stores offering an extensive collection of charms, accessories, and sterling silver pieces to suit any taste. One prominent brand that caters to this niche is Pandora. With its world-renowned hand-finished contemporary jewelry, Pandora can be found in multiple stores across the state.

One such store is Jacob Matthew Jewelers, which carries an extensive selection of charms and accessories from dozens of designers, including Pandora. Pandora charms are crafted from the highest quality, ethically sourced materials like 14k gold, 18K gold-plated sterling silver, and Pandora Rose metals. Each stone is handpicked, ensuring every charm’s beauty and longevity.

Apart from Pandora, other stores offer unique and diverse charm collections. Simmons & Clark Jewelers, located in downtown Detroit, provides a range of silver jewelry, including charms, for personalizing your accessory collection. Kramar Jewelry is another Detroit-based store that features on-site jewelry repair, making it an excellent choice if you need adjustments or maintenance for your charms and accessories.

Moving to other parts of Michigan, Chapman’s Jewelry & Gifts in Detroit and Darakjian Jewelers in Birmingham are independent stores that cater to customers’ jewelry needs. These stores have built a solid reputation over the years, offering an array of charms, bracelets, and other accessories made from silver and other precious metals.

Ethically Sourced Materials

When considering the best jewelry stores in Michigan, it’s important to look for those that prioritize ethically sourced materials. Ethical sourcing ensures that gemstones, diamonds, and precious metals are obtained responsibly and do not contribute negatively to the environment or local communities.

Tapper’s, a popular jewelry store in Michigan, features a wide range of sustainably sourced products. This Best of Detroit-winning shop carries renowned brands such as Gucci, David Yurman, Cartier, and Pomellato, as well as offering its own line of jewelry. With their commitment to sustainability and ethical labor practices, Tapper’s is an excellent choice for those seeking ethically sourced jewelry.

Another option for ethically sourced jewelry is Brilliant Earth, a global leader in sustainable fine jewelry. They offer Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds™, ensuring that their diamonds are not associated with human rights violations or the financing of conflict. Brilliant Earth also incorporates recycled materials and takes environmental responsibility seriously. They provide a wide range of engagement rings, wedding rings, and other fine jewelry items.

Some ethical and sustainable jewelry brands worth mentioning include:

  • Aurate: Known for fine jewelry with no markups, Aurate prioritizes ethical working conditions, using seventh-generation artisans and sustainably sourced, conflict-free, and recycled materials. They also give back to various causes.
  • Mejuri: This brand offers an extensive collection of affordably priced fine jewelry, all ethically sourced and handcrafted.
  • Monica Vinader: A great choice for gifts, this ethical brand offers a variety of personalized, gemstone, and diamond jewelry options.
  • Soko: Featuring statement pieces, Soko is dedicated to supporting artisans and providing ethically produced jewelry using sustainable materials.

Remember to look for businesses that not only offer high-quality and beautiful jewelry but also place a strong emphasis on ethically sourced materials. By doing so, you can be confident in your purchases while also supporting responsible practices in the jewelry industry.

Jewelry Repairs and Services

Michigan boasts an impressive selection of professional jewelry repair stores that provide services such as ring resizing, earring repairs, stone setting, and more. With their rich expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, these jewelers cater to the diverse needs of their clients.

In Detroit, one can find top-rated earring repair services at establishments such as Miner’s Den Jewelers, Weinstein Jewelers of Novi, MHG Jewelry Studio, and Steven Bernard Jewelers. Chapman’s Jewelry & Gifts is another popular choice, offering not only repairs but watch services as well.

Moving to Michigan Center, acclaimed jewelry repair stores include Promise Jewelers, Lewis Jewelers, Jewelry Set in Stone, and Petersen Jewelers. Additional options in the area are Jewelry Depot, Azzi Jewelers, Bumble’s Dry Goods, Silverstone Jewelers, and Gilmore Jewelers, all providing reliable services for various types of repairs and maintenance.

For those located near Grand Rapids, the best jewelry repair services can be found in businesses such as Paul Medawar Fine Jewelry. They specialize in custom wedding jewelry and are known for their timely response and quality workmanship.

Troy, Michigan is home to some of the finest jewelers in the region, with Mount-N-Repair Silver Jewelry and Lucido Fine Jewelry as prime examples. Clients have praised these establishments not only for their wide selection of stunning jewelry but also for their exceptional repair services.

These jewelry repair stores in Michigan strictly adhere to quality standards and are well-equipped to handle repairs ranging from simple fixes, like replacing a lost stone, to more intricate processes, such as restoring antique pieces. Moreover, they prioritize clear communication and customer satisfaction, ensuring that your precious jewelry is well cared for and restored to its former glory.

Store Details and Features

Customer Service

With a focus on delivering exceptional customer service, Michigan’s top jewelry stores are dedicated to providing a pleasant shopping experience. Many of these stores, such as Darakjian Jewelers, have high ratings based on customer reviews, showcasing their commitment to exceeding customer expectations. As full-service jewelry stores, they offer a wide range of services and products, ensuring that all your needs are met under one roof.


Understanding that purchasing jewelry can be a significant investment, leading jewelry stores in Michigan offer competitive financing options to accommodate different budgets. By providing a variety of payment plans and financing solutions, these stores make it easier for customers to own their dream pieces without financial strain.

Family Owned

Many of Michigan’s top jewelers, such as Ahee Jewelers and Simmons & Clark Jewelers, are family-owned businesses with a long-standing reputation for quality and service. Their decades of experience in the industry demonstrate their passion for jewelry and commitment to their customers. This family touch adds a level of warmth and trustworthiness that makes shopping at these establishments a unique experience.