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Best Cosmetology Schools in Michigan: Your Guide to a Successful Career

Michigan is home to some outstanding cosmetology schools that help aspiring beauty professionals hone their skills and launch successful careers. These institutions offer diverse programs and certifications, making the Great Lake State a thriving hub for beauty education. By choosing a top cosmetology school in Michigan, students can master various techniques essential for various specializations, such as hair styling, makeup artistry, skin care, and nail technology.


As students embark on the journey to find the best cosmetology school, it’s crucial to consider factors such as program length, accreditation, hands-on training, and career support provided by the institution. Michigan offers cosmetology programs at various types of educational institutions, including colleges, universities, community colleges, and specialized trade schools. These programs cater to various learning preferences and career goals, with some even offering online courses for students seeking a more flexible learning environment.

Key Takeaways

  • Michigan features a variety of top-notch cosmetology schools, equipping students with essential skills for a career in the beauty industry.
  • Factors like accreditation, program length, and hands-on training are important when selecting a cosmetology school.
  • Cosmetology programs in Michigan are available at different educational institutions, including colleges, universities, and trade schools, to accommodate diverse learning preferences and goals.

Top Cosmetology Schools in Michigan

Cosmetology is a growing field, and with the variety of schools available in Michigan, finding the right fit can be difficult. This section provides information on some of the best public and private cosmetology schools in the state in order to help guide your decision.

Public Schools

Northern Michigan University
Northern Michigan University offers a cosmetology program that provides students with the skills needed in various areas, such as hair styling, coloring, cutting, and more.

Private Schools

David Pressley School of Cosmetology
Offering two locations, David Pressley School of Cosmetology has a 21-week program with 1,500 hours of training for students.

Empire Beauty School-Michigan
Empire Beauty School is a well-known name in the cosmetology industry and provides students with hands-on experience and practical training.

Douglas J Aveda Institute
Douglas J Aveda Institute offers a comprehensive program focused on Aveda’s signature approach to beauty, wellness, and environmental stewardship.

Twin City Beauty College
Twin City Beauty College has a long history of training successful cosmetology professionals, and offers students ample opportunities to hone their skills.

L’esprit Academy
L’esprit Academy is known for its comprehensive program covering all areas of cosmetology, from hair styling to skin care and makeup application.

Michigan College of Beauty
Michigan College of Beauty prides itself on producing successful cosmetologists ready to work in the industry. The curriculum focuses on both theory and hands-on training.

P&A Scholars Beauty School
P&A Scholars Beauty School offers a diverse curriculum to help students develop skills in various aspects of cosmetology, including hair, skin care, and nails.

Nuvo College of Cosmetology
Nuvo College of Cosmetology provides students with the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, offering practical and theoretical training to help them succeed in the industry.

Protégé Academy
Protégé Academy is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive cosmetology program that prepares them for a successful career in the industry.

Paul Mitchell The School Michigan
Ranked as the best cosmetology school in Michigan according to Course Advisor, Paul Mitchell The School in Grand Rapids offers a comprehensive program to help students excel in the field.

Important Factors to Consider

When evaluating the best cosmetology schools in Michigan, there are several important factors to consider. To make an informed decision, it is essential to weigh these factors based on your personal preferences and career goals.

One factor to take note of is the size of the school. Smaller schools might provide more personalized attention from instructors, while larger schools may offer more diverse opportunities to network and engage with other students. It is crucial to choose a school where you’ll feel comfortable and supported in your learning journey.

The degrees and certificates offered by cosmetology schools can vary. Some schools may offer a mix of diploma and degree programs, while others might focus on specific certifications related to makeup, skincare, or hairstyling. Consider your career goals when choosing the most suitable program.

The acceptance rate can give you an idea of how competitive a school is. Schools with higher acceptance rates may be easier to gain admission to, but they may not necessarily be the best choice for you academically. On the other hand, a more selective school may provide a more rigorous education, preparing you for success in the competitive cosmetology industry.

The application process for each school may differ. Ensure that you meet the eligibility and submission requirements while being mindful of deadlines. Schools might require specific documentation, such as high school transcripts, standardized test scores, or letters of recommendation.

Scholarships can play a significant role in minimizing the financial burden of your education. Research scholarship opportunities offered by each school and seek external scholarships if necessary.

The campus can also play a role in your overall experience. Visit the school campus to get a feel for the facilities, atmosphere, and surrounding area. A campus that aligns with your personal preferences can make your education more enjoyable.

Tuition is a crucial consideration for many students. Some schools may have higher tuition rates due to additional resources or a more renowned program. Keep in mind that financial aid options may be available to help offset tuition costs.

Job placement rates and support services provided by schools can be a key factor in determining their efficacy in preparing students for successful careers in cosmetology. Look for schools with strong job placement rates, solid connections to the industry, and resources to help students find employment after graduation.

If eligible for VA benefits, make sure the school you’re interested in is approved. This will ensure that you can use your benefits to cover the cost of education.

Finally, consider the accreditation of the program. Accreditation ensures that the school meets rigorous standards for curriculum, faculty, and facilities. Choosing an accredited program is essential forlicense eligibility and receiving financial aid.

These factors can help you make an informed decision when selecting from the best cosmetology schools in Michigan.

Cosmetology Programs in Michigan

Michigan is home to a variety of esteemed cosmetology schools, offering students comprehensive programs in hair styling, esthetics, and nail tech services. With locations spread across the state, aspiring beauty professionals can easily find a program that suits their needs.

In East Lansing, the Great Lakes Cosmetology Academy provides students with hands-on experience and the latest industry techniques. The school offers programs for hairstyling, esthetician services, and nail tech courses, ensuring a well-rounded education for students looking to work in various fields of the beauty industry.

Saint Joseph’s Cosmetology Institute, located in Grand Rapids, is another top choice for aspiring cosmetologists. The institute focuses on hair styling, nail tech courses, and esthetician services, with modern facilities and experienced instructors dedicated to helping students master their craft.

David Pressley School of Cosmetology, with locations in Royal Oak and Madison Heights, offers a 21-week program designed to cover 1,500 hours of training. Known for its excellent teaching staff and comprehensive curriculum, David Pressley prepares students for successful careers in hair styling, esthetics, and nail services.

Siena Heights University, situated in Detroit, features a cosmetology program that covers essentials in hair styling, nail tech studies, and esthetic services. With a focus on bridging classroom knowledge and practical experience, students at Siena Heights receive a solid foundation in the field of beauty.

For those interested in studying cosmetology in Troy, Marquette Beauty Academy offers programs in hair styling, nail tech, and esthetician services. With expert instructors and state-of-the-art facilities, Marquette prepares students to excel in the rapidly evolving beauty industry.

With so many renowned institutions across Michigan, aspiring cosmetologists can confidently pursue their dream career in hair styling, esthetics, or nail tech services, knowing they are receiving top-notch education. Regardless of their chosen location, all students can expect quality training and a supportive learning environment.

Online Cosmetology Schools in Michigan

Michigan offers a variety of great cosmetology schools, and some programs even provide online learning options. For students who prefer flexibility and convenience, online cosmetology schools in Michigan can be a great choice. While hands-on training is essential in this field, some theoretical aspects can be easily covered through online programs. Here are a few notable online cosmetology schools in Michigan:

P&A Scholars Beauty School has locations in Detroit and Roseville, offering online classes for students in need of a flexible schedule. Their comprehensive training prepares students for a successful career as a makeup artist, hair stylist, or salon owner.

Dorsey School of Beauty, with locations in Taylor, Madison Heights, Roseville, and Lansing, offers a mix of online and in-person classes to provide students access to an education in cosmetology. Their curriculum covers both practical and theoretical aspects of the trade, ensuring students are well-equipped for their future careers.

In addition to dedicated cosmetology schools, some universities in Michigan offer online cosmetology programs. For example, Northern Michigan University in Marquette provides an online program that can be taken alongside their on-campus courses for a well-rounded education in cosmetology.

Students interested in pursuing an online cosmetology program in Michigan should consider factors such as job placement rate, tuition, and program length when making their decision. It’s essential to choose a school with a high job placement rate to ensure successful career outcomes post-graduation.

Michigan is home to several reputable trade schools, such as Michigan College of Beauty in Troy and Monroe, and Douglas J Aveda Institute in East Lansing. These schools provide a mix of online and on-campus learning opportunities for those pursuing a career in cosmetology.

When it comes to the ranking methodology, some of the key factors to consider are curriculum quality, course offerings, overall student experience, and success in job placements. Remember that while online programs offer flexibility, practical skills are crucial in cosmetology, so be sure to choose a program that offers hands-on experience and practice opportunities.

Cosmetology Programs in Colleges and Universities

Michigan offers a variety of cosmetology programs for students interested in pursuing a career in this field. These programs are available in different types of educational settings, including four-year universities, private not-for-profit colleges, and vocational schools.

Undergraduate majors in cosmetology are typically found in community colleges, technical schools, or specialized beauty schools. However, some four-year universities in Michigan also offer programs for students interested in this profession.

Adrian College, for example, is a private not-for-profit four-year university located in the faraway town of Adrian. The cosmetology program here is designed to prepare students for a successful career in the beauty industry by providing them with a well-rounded education. Students at Adrian College receive training in various aspects of cosmetology, such as hair styling, makeup application, nail care, and skin care.

In addition to Adrian College, there are several other colleges and universities in Michigan that offer cosmetology programs. Here are some of the top ones:

  • Michigan College of Beauty: This college in Monroe has a rich history, dating back to 1939. As a Pivot Point member school, it provides students with comprehensive training and a solid foundation for a career in cosmetology. The program is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Science (NACCAS).

  • David Pressley School of Cosmetology: With two locations to choose from, this school offers a 21-week program comprised of 1,500 hours of training. Students can expect to gain hands-on experience in various aspects of cosmetology, helping them build a strong skill set.

Regardless of the specific college or university, students pursuing a cosmetology major should expect to spend a significant amount of time in hands-on training and practical labs. This practical experience is crucial for developing the skills necessary to excel in the highly competitive beauty industry.

Cosmetology Programs in Community Colleges

Mott Community College is one of the well-regarded community colleges that offers a comprehensive cosmetology program. The program prepares students to excel in the field of beauty and gain the necessary skills to become licensed cosmetologists. With a focus on hands-on learning, Mott Community College provides students with a solid foundation in all aspects of cosmetology, including haircuts, coloring, styling, and skincare.

The cosmetology program at Mott Community College exposes students to industry-standard tools and equipment, ensuring they are well-prepared for the workforce. In addition to mastering technical skills, students also learn about business management, marketing, and other relevant topics to help them establish a successful career in the beauty industry.

Other community colleges in Michigan also offer cosmetology programs for students interested in pursuing a career in the field. Kirtland Community College, for example, prides itself on having a near-perfect pass rate for the cosmetology state licensing exam, which sets it apart from many other Michigan schools. The dedicated and passionate student-focused advisors at Kirtland Community College play a significant role in guiding students toward achieving success in their chosen field.

In choosing a cosmetology program, it is crucial for students to consider factors such as program length, affordability, flexibility, and support resources. Overall, community colleges in Michigan, including Mott Community College and Kirtland Community College, offer a range of cosmetology programs that combine both practical and theoretical knowledge to prepare students for thriving careers in the beauty industry.

Cosmetology Programs in Specialized Trade Schools

Michigan is home to a number of renowned cosmetology schools, where aspiring professionals can develop their skills in various specialized areas, such as salon and beauty salon management, culinary arts, funeral and mortuary science, and casino operations and services.

Dorsey School of Beauty is a well-established institution with campuses in Taylor, Madison Heights, Roseville, and Lansing. Their comprehensive cosmetology program features a hands-on approach in a salon environment. With tuition fees at $19,500, the program lasts for 12 months and includes the cost of a professional kit.

A highly-ranked cosmetology school in Michigan is Paul Mitchell the School Grand Rapids. Located in Kentwood, this private for-profit school offers cosmetology training in a modern, supportive environment. Their curriculum covers not only beauty techniques, but also the business aspect of salon management.

Other notable trade schools in Michigan that offer specialized training in cosmetology include:

  • Southern New Hampshire University: This respected institution offers online programs in various fields, allowing students flexibility and access to resources for their career goals.
  • Michigan College of Beauty: Students receive in-depth instruction in styling, coloring, cutting, perms, facials, and other essential skills to help them excel in the beauty industry.

With various high-quality educational institutions to choose from, Michigan remains a popular destination for aspiring cosmetology professionals. These schools provide students with the necessary skills, techniques, and management expertise to succeed in the competitive beauty industry.

Locations of Best Cosmetology Colleges

L’esprit Academy can be found in the city of Michigan and offers top-rated cosmetology programs. The academy is known for its excellent education and training, giving students a solid foundation in the beauty industry.

Michigan College of Beauty, another well-regarded institution for cosmetology programs, offers students a great learning environment. The college focuses on providing a comprehensive education and practical experience to help students achieve success in their chosen field of cosmetics and beauty.

Northern Michigan University is located in Marquette and offers a high-quality cosmetology program. With a supportive faculty and excellent facilities, Northern Michigan University is a fantastic option for those pursuing a career in the beauty industry.

Dorsey School of Beauty, with multiple locations in Taylor, Madison Heights, Roseville, and Lansing, provides comprehensive training in cosmetology. They offer a unique opportunity for students to serve clients in a salon under the supervision of an experienced, licensed cosmetologist.

Nuvo College of Cosmetology is situated in the Great Lakes region of Michigan. This college offers remarkable cosmetology programs with an emphasis on hands-on learning experiences. Students at Nuvo College benefit from industry-leading instruction and training.

These cosmetology schools are spread across various locations in Michigan, offering students numerous options to choose from. With top-tier education and practical experience, these colleges ensure students are well-prepared for successful careers in the beauty industry.