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The 21 Best Burgers In Connecticut

As a classic American food, burgers are one of the most beloved culinary staples in the country. Many people love knowing where to find the best ones, including those visiting or living in the Constitution State. Since it only takes a couple of hours to drive across the state, you can easily check out all the places to get the best burgers in Connecticut. We’ll tell you where to find them!

Skyline of downtown Hartford, Connecticut from above Charter Oak Landing

History and Facts About Burgers

Historians believe that the first hamburger was created around the year 1900, though it wasn’t until their presentation at the 1904 St. Louis Fair that they began growing in popularity. Nowadays, the average American consumes three burgers a week, and over 50 million total are eaten in the U.S. annually.

During World Wars I and II, burgers were called “liberty sandwiches” or “liberty steaks” to discourage Americans from normalizing German words. After the wars ended, restaurants gradually returned to using the original name, and there’s now a “Hamburger Hall of Fame” in Seymour, Wisconsin! Nevertheless, you’ll find many of the best burgers in Connecticut.

Best Burger Restaurants in Northern Connecticut

Best Burgers In Connecticut

1. Shady Glen


Established in the mid-20th century, the Shady Glen diner has no website, but it doesn’t need one. Its reputation is enough to draw a constant stream of customers, including celebrities. The “Bernice Original” burger is what put the restaurant on the map; the delectable “crisp cheese” sets it apart as one of the best burgers in Connecticut.

2. Max Burger

West Hartford

The team at Max Burger keeps its menu fun and interesting by rotating its signature burger specials, featuring a different one every day. They also worked with local brewers to offer one-of-a-kind craft beers for each meal. The meat is also sourced locally, and thanks to the lack pesticides, antibiotics, and growth hormones, it tastes delicious.

3. The White Horse


Though hamburgers are generally considered an American food, some of the best burgers in Connecticut is actually in a British-themed restaurant called The White Horse! Their menu boasts ten uniquely flavorful burgers, including one inspired by classic pub menus. There’s also a veggie burger if you’d rather avoid meat.

4. Artisanal Burger Company


Using locally sourced ingredients, the Artisanal Burger Company elevates hamburgers to works of art. They also invite guest speakers and hold community events and activities, like karaoke and trivia nights. By visiting, you can learn something new or share some laughs with your loved ones alongside some craft beer and some of the best burgers in Connecticut.

Best Burger Restaurants in Central Connecticut

Best Burger Restaurants in Central Connecticut

5. Goldburgers


If you love variety and culinary adventures, then go to Goldburgers. There are breakfast sandwiches in addition to burgers with nacho cheese or potato chips, so you can be there anytime of day and experience a wide range of rich flavors and textures. Enjoy them alongside other signature dishes, like breaded squares of macaroni and cheese!

6. Ted’s Restaurant


The gooier the cheeseburger, the better, right? Famed for its steamed burgers, Ted’s Restaurants can serve some of the best burgers in Connecticut for cheese lovers. The family-owned restaurant has even been featured in Food & Wine Magazine. If it’s a beautiful day, or you want food brought to an outdoor event, order from their food truck!

7. O’Rourke’s Diner


Established in 1941, the people of Middletown love O’Rourke’s Diner so much that they raised funds to restore it after a fire destroyed it in 2006. That says a lot about the quality of their service and steamed cheeseburgers. While there, try the rest of their Irish-American cuisine. You can also book them for catering!

8. K LaMay’s


Fans of steamed cheeseburgers say that the type of cheese is the most important factor in determining the burger’s quality. If you agree, then you might think that K LaMay’s has some of the best burgers in Connecticut, thanks to their choice in sharp cheddar. With a side of fries or onion rings, you’ll love eating there.

Best Burger Restaurants in Southern Connecticut

best place to get a burger in Connecticut

9. Louis’ Lunch

New Haven

Remember how we said that the hamburger was originally invented around 1900? It happened at Louis’ Lunch in New Haven! Founded in 1895, the restaurant is still renowned for cooking the best burgers in Connecticut. the restaurant has been passed from one family member to another, so it retains its original charm. Order a classic burger on toast using the lingo unique to the restaurant’s menu!

10. Bobby’s Burger Palace


If you watch reality TV and cooking shows, you’re probably familiar with Bobby Flay, a popular celebrity chef. In Uncasville, check out Bobby’s Burger Palace and discover his talent for yourself! The menu boasts burgers influenced by other cuisines from around the country, and you can add potato chips to any of them for a crunchy texture. Pair your burger with a delicious milkshake!

11. Lake Zoar Drive-In


According to Connecticut Magazine, the Lake Zoar Drive-In serves some of the best burgers in Connecticut, alongside high-quality hot dogs, chili, onion rings, milkshakes, and more. Although you can sit inside the restaurant, the drive-in sets itself apart by providing spots where you can park and enjoy both your meal and the lake scenery at the same time.

12. Harry’s Place


Founded in 1920, Harry’s Place offers thick burgers with up to 15 toppings, including both classic and creative options, like peppers, chili sauce, and eggs. The restaurant is so renowned for its reputation for serving some of the best burgers in Connecticut that it’s currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Since it’s so close to the ocean, the restaurant also offers fried seafood to go with your burger!

13. Haywire Burger Bar


Upon opening 2012, the owners of the Haywire Burger Bar named their restaurant as a nod to the wild, untameable tastiness of their food. Each ingredient is locally sourced, sustainably nurtured, and free of hormones and antibiotics. The menu is especially diverse and includes rotating craft beers that pair well with any option.

14. Munchies Food Truck


Food trucks have become popular in recent years due to their convenience and versatility. The Munchies Food Truck uses those advantages to make some of the biggest and best burgers in Connecticut. They regularly move their truck around the city, but they’re also available for catering concerts, parties, weddings, corporate lunches, and other events.

15. American Steamed Burgers


If you think steamed burgers sound good, then you’d love a restaurant named for them. American Steamed Burgers specializes in these sandwiches and supplies a generous helping of cheese with each patty. With their cozy, homey environment, you’ll feel so comfortable eating there that you’ll never want to leave!

16. Engine Room


True to its name, the Engine Room creates an alluringly industrial atmosphere; it’s frequently reserved for events and parties. Every burger on the menu is rich and flavorful. If you’re a fan of mushrooms, you’ll especially appreciate burgers that incorporate local species. With locally sourced cheese as well, their burgers and catering services are always in high demand.

Best Burger Restaurants in Lower Southwest Connecticut

Best Burger Restaurants in Lower Southwest Connecticut

17. Hapa Food Truck


Do you love Asian and Pacific food as well as burgers? If so, you’ll surely think that the Hapa Food Truck makes some of the best burgers in Connecticut. Their creative menu blends traditional burgers with Japanese, Korean, Hawaiian, and Filipino cuisine. This results in sandwiches that feature ahi, tuna, buns made from purple yams, etc.

18. Burgers, Shakes & Fries


The restaurant’s name seems self-explanatory, but Burgers, Shakes & Fries offers more than standard American cuisine. Every burger is customizable, so you can try a new combination of their excellent ingredients every time you visit. In other words, you can create your own ideas about what the best burgers in Connecticut would be like!

19. Black Cat Grille


The Black Cat Grille is another restaurant where you can customize your burgers, but they also offer a menu of scrumptious tried-and-true recipes. Also, not only will they cater a variety of events, but their venue regularly hosts parties, live music, and other attractions of activities. As a result, they’ve become a favorite gathering spot in their historic community.

20. South End Uncorked

New Canaan

Though South End Uncorked focuses on small meals and drinks, their menu includes a memorable burger enhanced with ketchup made in-house. Give it try alongside the handcut fries, refreshing salads, and unique appetizers. They’ll gladly recommend the perfect alcoholic beverage to accompany your choice.

21. Flipside Burgers & Bar


Though the atmosphere is laid-back, Flipside Burgers & Bar takes its sandwiches seriously. They offer juicy sirloin for the meat in addition to diverse toppings and breads, like potato chips, crema cheese, slaw, and pretzel buns. You can even bite into a Thanksgiving-themed burger filled with turkey, gravy, fries, and other holiday staples. For all these reasons and more, Moffley Media has designated them the best burgers in Connecticut several times.


Considering their versatility and amazing taste, hamburgers will always promise a fantastic culinary experience. Trying the best burgers in Connecticut will be a great way to enjoy eating wonderful food, bond with your loved ones, and learn more about the state’s history. Visit our website further increase your appreciation of Connecticut and other states!