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8 Best Breweries In Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of the best cities for craft beer; located near Yakima Valley where 74% of the hops grown in the United States are cultivated, how could it not be? But with so many great breweries, brewing so many tasty beers, it can be overwhelming to choose where to go and what to try. Where are the best breweries in Seattle?

Seattle city skyline at night with Space Needle in foreground.

We’re glad you asked!

We’ve put together a list of the best Seattle breweries, by neighborhood, so you can find somewhere to wet your whistle and experience the best of the best of the Seattle craft beer scene. From the weird and wonderful small-batch collection to classic flavors from large independent breweries, there’s something for everyone. And it’s not just the beers that are adventurous, with locations and varied as rooftops, an old bike shop, and giant warehouses there’s somewhere that’s just the right fit for you.

And if you’ve got the Covid-19 blues, don’t let them get you down! Your Seattle beer experience can adapt. Most of these locations are not only still open, but they also have open seating spaces to social distance or expanded outdoor, open-air seating! If reduced hours or opening are you worry, many are also canning their beers or offering delivery and a wide variety of cans, kegs, and crowlers as to-go options.

So if you want to know about the best breweries in Seattle, keep reading!

Best Seattle Brewery – Downtown

Pike Brewing Company

Located in the same neighborhood as Seattle’s famous Pike Market, Pike Brewing Company is a Seattle classic! They’ve been brewing craft beers in the heart of the city since their foundation in 1989. Their selection of year-round beers includes IPAs, Pilsners, Stouts, and Ales. There’s nothing too fussy about Pike’s beers, but their classic, hoppy flavors are sure to please.

Try their “assertively hoppy” Pike Space Needle IPA, brewed with Yakima Valley hops this beer has a uniquely northwest flavor of Seattle brewing.

Front of the Pike Pub & Brewery in Seattle, WA.

While before Covid-19 you could try these beers at the brewery’s two restaurants, The Pike Pub and Tankard & Tun, they are temporarily closed due to Covid-19 indoor dining restrictions. But you can find their cans at grocery stores all over Seattle!

Best Seattle Brewery – Belltown

Cloudburst Brewing

Not far from Pike’s Market, Cloudburst Brewing has all the charm you’d expect from one of the great Seattle breweries. Though their space is small, this little brewery hidden away in the loading zone of a 120-year-old building has character to spare!

Like their space Cloudburst brews outside the box! With playful flavors like Nom Nom For Us, an Imperial Stout with Marionberries and Vanilla beans, and the CHUNDERDOME IPA, described on their website as “Post Apocalyptic Apres Vibes,” you’re sure to find something special to try.

If you can’t make it downtown they also have an outdoor beer garden in Ballard!

Cloudburst Brewing offers to-go beer and limited hours at their tasting room. Visit the website for current hours and days of operation.

Best Seattle Brewery – Queen Anne

Rooftop Brew Co.

This small-batch brewery thinks beers are about fun and friends! Crafting beers with a focus on quality and approachability this scrappy little brewery eschews the bells and whistles for simple good beer. Now located just down the road from the garage behind a 7-11 where they got their start their current open-air rooftop taproom features fire-pits, heaters, and room for everyone!

While there’s always a varied selection on tap, the truly adventurous can test out their current Pilot System beer and get a chance to review a test batch of one of their latest creations before it makes it to the menu.

Drop-in for a drink, or order cans or kegs to-go!

Here’s good news for parents and pet owners — at Rooftop Brew Co., kids and dogs are welcome!

Best Seattle Brewery – Central District

Standard Brewing

Standard Brewing is an 8-year-old microbrewery that punches above its weight. Serving cocktails, a delicious menu, and featuring a covered, heated patio, you’ll come for the beers and stay for the vibes.

Their funky tart beers are sure to please the seasoned beer drinker! Their rotation is always playful and complex on the palate. We recommend trying Faithful and True an oak-aged Saison that balances the tart, bitter and fruity to create mouth magic!

If you head to this brewery, Fido will have to stay home as no pets are allowed.

Two glasses of beer, one light and one dark, in pub or bar setting.

Best Seattle Brewery – Capitol Hill

Holy Mountain Brewing

On tap all over Seattle, and with cans to-go at their taproom, Holy Mountain Brewing remains the Holy Grail of Seattle Breweries. Right in the heart of Seattle’s well-established Capitol Hill district, they’re still a cool cornerstone of the Northwest craft beer culture 7 years after their opening. This small 10-barrel brewery opened in 2015 and immediately developed a cult-like following. Not trapped by trends, their selection of beers includes Saisons, IPAs, Porters, Lagers, and more.

Try their 7th Anniversary Pilsner — this awesome tasting unfiltered beer is brewed with gene pilsner from LINC Malting, with a little oat malt for fun, and will thrill your palate in celebration of 7 years of great beers!

Holy Mountain Brewing’s taproom and beer garden is also a “no pets allowed” establishment.

Best Seattle Brewery – Georgetown

Georgetown Brewery

Enjoy some “Darn Tasty Beer” at Georgetown Brewery! Located in the same historic building where the companies that built Seattle’s brewing scene, Claussen-Sweeney, Seattle Brewing & Malting, and Rainier, were once located, Georgetown Brewing is committed to combining innovation and classic flavors in their wide selection of beers.

The largest independently owned brewing company in Washington State, Georgetown Brewing has a variety of beers on tap and to-go! While their always popular Manny’s Pale Ale can be found all over Seattle, the selection at their tasting room is not to be missed!

Head down and give their Johnny Utah a taste, this pale ale is heavy with citrus and resin in the nose and has minimal malt for a clean finish with none of the bitterness.

Best Seattle Brewery – Freemont

Freemont Brewing Company

The family-owned Freemont Brewing Company has been crafting brews out of locally sourced sustainable ingredients since 2009.

Enjoy one of their specialty brews at their Urban Beer Garden. This spot is not only a Seattle favorite because of their tasty beer their the whole family is invited to join! Children get free soda, and the brewery offers pretzels, apples, and board games for all. With an open Bring Your Own Food policy it’s the perfect place to enjoy a beer on tap without having to leave your kids at home.

Light-colored draft beer being poured in glass.

There’s something for everyone including a rotating selection of featured IPAs and a core lineup of Pale Ales and Pilsners, you don’t need to be a connoisseur to find something to enjoy. But for the adventurous, be sure to try beers from their Black Heron Project, these small-batch, experimental beers focus on grand, hops, and fruits local to the Pacific Northwest.

The Urban Beer Garden is another spot parents and pet owners should know about — kids and pets are welcome!

Best Seattle Brewery – Ballard

Stoup Brewing

You’ll find award-winning beers at the best brewery in Ballard’s brewing district! Opened in 2013 Stoup Brewing uses chemistry and artistry to craft tasty creations, but it’s the community that really makes their beers special.

Their location is open through Covid though currently, all seating is outdoors and available first-come/first-serve, but they have tents, pods, firepits, and tables with heaters to keep everyone comfortable year-round. Cans, kegs, and prefilled crowlers are also available for pickup.

three different beers on the table

Give their NW Red a try! This Red Ale balances a Northwest hop character with restrained malt sweetness.

Kids and well-behaved dogs are welcome at Stoup Brewing.

Final Words On Best Breweries in Seattle

To-go or in-store there are plenty of great craft beers to be enjoyed at any one of these Seattle breweries. Whether you’re on a pub crawl, out with family and friends, or just looking to bring beer home for dinner you’re sure to find something wonderful to drink in almost any neighborhood. From small-batch to large manufacturers every one of these breweries keeps their customers in mind and always has something special on tap, or in a can, for every beer drinker to enjoy. Not to mention all the fabulous locals that allow you to enjoy beers indoors or out, rain or show. Have fun exploring this great brewing city, and happy drinking!

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