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Airport Parking and Ground Transportation

To get to your local airport, you will have often several choices. A taxi is the most expensive choice. Depending on the community, you may have access to a less expensive shuttle bus service, for which you might have to travel to a centralized pickup or drop-off point. Some municipalities have even less expensive city bus lines that serve their airports.

If you decide to drive your car to the airport, you will commonly have several parking options. The parking lot closest to the terminal will be the most expensive, but you will be able to walk to the terminal with your luggage. This is appropriate for a short trip. Airports also maintain “long term parking” lots farther away from the terminal. These cost less, but you and your luggage will need to wait for a shuttle bus, commonly free. Around many airports, private parking companies charge even less for parking, and have efficient free shuttles. If the driver helps you with your luggage, it is polite to give a dollar or two as a gratuity. Note that these private parking companies often offer discounts if you book on the Internet, or free days if you stay longer than a specified period of time.

At your destination, most airports post very clear signs to guide you to ground transportation facilities. Take your time, orient yourself, and ask for help if necessary. Airports usually have uniformed personnel who will answer your questions, if you ask politely. Your choices will be similar to those you had in getting to you own airport: taxi, shuttle, perhaps a city bus (if you do not rent a car).

At any airport, be careful not to trust your luggage or give money to anyone who may not be an authorized representative of the air terminal or one of the transportation companies.

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