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Four Years Under Obama

By Andrew Forman
Every generation of Americans chooses one man as the focal point to pull them from misery to prosperity. During the Second World War people had Franklin Roosevelt. President Roosevelt was not without flaws, but he became the leader of a fully focused war effort. The attitude that was cultivated during that time led to decades of trust in the government and economic prosperity. People wanted to see their country succeed, as they did under President Reagan, a president whose policy was sometimes devoid of long term vision, but whose stance against the Soviet Union and his assault on government made him a champion of the people. The optimism of the American people was higher than with the previous administration.

This election the American people have chosen their leader. Barack Obama was entrusted not only with the position as president, but also the responsibility of restoring the American image. He has brought a newfound hope to the American people. The restoration of hope has given people a reason to believe in their government. An optimistic country can pull itself from a recession. President Obama will nudge the country in the proper direction, and then he will be able to let American innovation and responsiveness take hold. One inspiring leader can be the catalyst behind a wave of prosperity.

President Obama will not have to be perfect during his entire term. He will perform his job as a cerebral and rhetorically gifted politician and the people will take care of everything else. After his four years in office the country will have greater respect for the office of the president and the world will have greater respect for the United States.

After four years of action on an environmental front the United States will have a stronger green work force. Environmental concerns that have been ignored in the past will be given the proper attention. Along with green industry, President Obama will deal with the growing energy crisis through both long and short-term solutions. He articulates a clear plan and seems to understand the pitfalls of past solutions.

On the economic front he will implement policies to aid the rebound of the financial sector, and his lifting of the American spirit embodied in his message of hope will also see the economic crisis to a speedy end. After four years of an Obama presidency, my own prospects will be encouraging. After leaving college many job opportunities will open up during a time of positive economic growth. If I choose to travel abroad, see the world, or take a job in a foreign capital I will be reassured by America’s reestablished position as a world leader and friend to foreign nations.

President Obama’s first term as commander in chief will not only soften the problems that live in our headlines, but will also correct a dampening American attitude. By closing the bipartisan gap across the country Americans will work as a cohesive team and make progress on major issues that plagued the country at the start of his administration.