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Long Distance Services

If you have a mobile cellular telephone, long distance service is almost always provided by the cellular company. If you have a regular, “landline” telephone, however, you have a great variety of choices for long distance service in the United States.

Your local telephone company or cable television company (if you use it for telephone service) may offer its own long distance service, either on a per-call basis or for a flat monthly fee, but if you like another service, you are free to arrange for it. The local company will often put the long distance company’s charges on your regular bill, or you may receive a separate bill. You can even opt to have no automatic direct dial long distance service, and use a calling card or a service that requires you to dial a series of digits every time you call. Domestic and international long distance calling are often treated as separate products under the American system.

If you have broadband Internet service, you may opt to use one of several low cost Internet-based long distance services, on a national or even international basis.

If you do not like one long distance service in the United States, you always have the option to choose another. The market is extremely competitive.

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