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The 28 Best New Mexico Souvenir T-Shirts: Bringing Home Memories of the Land of Enchantment

Whether you’ve just returned from a trip to New Mexico or can’t stop thinking about a visit you made years ago, a souvenir t-shirt is one way to show your love for the “land of enchantment.”

Wondering what kind of New Mexico t-shirt to don or to gift? Read on to see our favorites!

A graphic of the state of New Mexico with the yellow color and red zia symbol of the state flag.

Best Classic Design

You can’t go wrong with the classics. Fortunately, what’s old is new again (and will come back around)! These classic designs invoke a subtle nostalgia.

1. Vintage New Mexico Flag

Vintage New Mexico Flag | Zia Sun New Mexican State Pride Men or Women T-Shirt-(Adult,XL)

This New Mexico souvenir t-shirt takes a simple, vintage design and puts it on a super-soft cotton shirt. It features the recognizable New Mexico zia–the symbol of a sun with four sun rays coming out in each of the cardinal directions, representing the seasons, periods of day, and phases of life.

2. New Mexico Land of Enchantment Shirt, Road Runner T-Shirt, BOHO Souvenir Tee

Want to remember your time in the land of enchantment with a nod to some local fauna? This souvenir t-shirt is for you!

The state bird, the roadrunner, dashes across the shirt in front of a New Mexico sun that’s emblazoned with the state’s anniversary year. The state motto spans the design.

3. New Mexico Retro Sunset

New Mexico Retro Sunset - New Mexico T-Shirt

Clean, classic, no-nonsense. This shirt, which comes in several colors, is anything but boring! Colored stripes represent the desert horizon, interrupted only by a searing New Mexico sun and the state’s name.

Best Scenic

What better way to remember New Mexico than with a souvenir t-shirt highlighting the state’s beautiful scenery?

4. Retro Vintage Mountains Nature Hiking Shirt

New Mexico Tee - Retro Vintage Mountains Nature Hiking Shirt

This New Mexico souvenir t-shirt embraces both the retro and the scenic, and pays homage to the state’s varied–and sometimes overlooked–scenery. It brings the mountains of New Mexico to the forefront, set against the background of the desert sun.

Simple, but scenic.

5. New Mexico Shirt, Land of Enchantment, Comfort Colors Alien Shirt

Speaking of varied scenery, this t-shirt goes above and beyond! Not only does it portray a long, winding, desert highway flanked by saguaro, but hovering in the distance is a small, unassuming UFO.

“Stay wild. Stay weird” is superimposed on the roadway, drawing the eye down the highway toward the UFO and, undoubtedly, adventure.

6. New Mexico T-Shirt Vintage NM Hiking Retro Tee

New Mexico T Shirt Vintage NM Hiking Retro Tee Design

UFOs and winding highways aren’t for everyone! This simple scenic New Mexico t-shirt features the state name and motto beneath a mountain range, set on a distressed cotton tee. The sun radiates from behind the mountains with clean, straight lines.

7. New Mexico Moon Mountain T-Shirt

Maybe you’re looking for something scenic but also artistic–even abstract–to remember your time in New Mexico. This New Mexico souvenir t-shirt checks all the boxes! On it, you’ll find an orb with a New Mexico zia front and center, surrounded by New Mexico scenery–mountains, trees, wildlife, and a huge, starry sky.

Best for Gifting

Perhaps you need a New Mexico souvenir t-shirt for a friend or loved one, not for yourself. Well, we’ve got some t-shirt gift ideas, too!

8. New Mexico Western Zia Shirt

Thie New Mexico t-shirt makes a great gift for someone who likes things simple but beautiful. It boasts the New Mexico zia filled in with traditional southwestern colors–turquoise, amber, and browns. It’s a very artistic t-shirt.

9. State of New Mexico Flag Beer Can

State of New Mexico Flag Beer Can Drinking Craft Beer T-Shirt

Need a shirt for a beer lover? Check out this design, with a zia-marked beer can front and center. With muted, wash-out-style color, this t-shirt is a classy New Mexico souvenir for any beer lover.

10. New Mexico Retro Vintage Throwback T-Shirt

New Mexico Retro Vintage Throwback shirt and gift T-Shirt

Colorful, clean lines. Mountains. Trees. Sun. This shirt would make a great gift for any recipient!

11. Floral New Mexico T-Shirt

This New Mexico souvenir t-shirt screams Mom or Grandma! Not in a frumpy way, but in a beautiful, colorful, tasteful way! The state outline is filled in with green, orange, purple, yellow, and pink flowers and outline with the state name.

Best for Former Locals

Did you or someone you love leave New Mexico and long for the land of enchantment? Check out these t-shirts that give a nod to local life.

12. New Mexico Roots State Map Shirt

New Mexico Roots State Map Shirt Home Love Pride Gift Tee

A simple burnout image of the state sprouting roots from the bottom. You may not live in New Mexico anymore, but this t-shirt shows where you planted your roots.

13. 505 Area Code Retro New Mexico

505 Area Code Retro New Mexico Albuquerque T-Shirt

You’ve got to love the area-code t-shirt. It’s an understated way to show your local pride. This 505 area code t-shirt represents Albuquerque.

14. New Mexico Home Shirt

Like the roots shirt, this New Mexico t-shirt shows the state outline with the simple word “home” scrawled across. It leaves no doubt where a former local’s heart lives!


Sometimes, the shirt that gets the laugh is the way to go. Fortunately, there are several New Mexico souvenir t-shirts that put a smile on your face.

15. Breakfast Zia Unisex T-Shirt

A zia made from bacon and a sunnyside-up egg? Yes, please!

16. Breaking Bad Camper Mens T-Shirt Keep Cookin’

Breaking Bad Camper Mens T-Shirt Keep Cookin Mens Tee Shirt New Mexico Short Sleeve Black L 100

You can’t get away from New Mexico without at least a little Breaking Bad knowledge. This shirt will give any BB fan a chuckle while also reminding you of your New Mexico trip (where nothing illegal happened, right?).

17. Cool New Mexico it Ain’t New and Ain’t Mexico Tee

Cool New Mexico it aint new & aint Mexico Tee Est.1912 T-Shirt

At first glance, this is a basic New Mexico souvenir tee. It has the state name. The date New Mexico became a state. Even a small zia. But when you read the fine print, you can’t help but laugh.

Best Artistic

For more of an artistic souvenir t-shirt, take a look at these options.

18. Vintage New Mexico Sunset Retro Style Design MCMA T-Shirt

Vintage New Mexico Sunset Retro Style Design MCMA T-Shirt

The zia on this shirt resembles a dreamcatcher made of beadwork. It reflects the intricate artwork of some of the state’s first people.

19. New Mexico State Floral Design Southwest NM Zia Art T-Shirt

New Mexico State Floral Design Southwest NM Zia Art T-Shirt

This New Mexico t-shirt also uses an art form that has permeated New Mexico culture since before Europeans settled in the area. The state shape appears to be made of a colorful woven blanket that stands out brilliantly from the background.

20. New Mexico Flag

Another zia t-shirt, you ask? Why, yes, but this one is unlike any other you’ve seen thus far! The simple zia wraps around the side of the t-shirt like a big New Mexico hug.

Best Known For

There are a few things–besides Breaking Bad–that New Mexico is famous for, and, luckily, you can get a souvenir t-shirt featuring one of these fantastic things that make New Mexico unique.

21. New Mexico Festival Hot Air Balloon

New Mexico Festival Hot Air Balloon Zia Gift T shirt T-Shirt

New Mexico is home to a world-famous hot air balloon festival, so what better way to acknowledge that notoriety than with a balloon t-shirt! This one shows a colorful blue hot air balloon stamped with a zia, rising into the New Mexico sky.

22. Let’s Get Carried Away T-Shirt

Sticking with the balloon theme, this New Mexico t-shirt has it all. A hot air balloon emblazoned with a zia rises into the air in front of a giant sun. Maybe the best part is the message: “Let’s get carried away.”

23. New Mexico’s Old No. 1 Hatch Green Chile Novelty T-Shirt

New Mexico's Old No. 1 Hatch Green Chile Novelty Design Premium T-Shirt

Many southwestern states embrace the hatch green chile, but New Mexico is the original–and best–place to get some of these flavorful peppers. This shirt is a classic design, looking like part hot-sauce label, part motorcycle gang logo!

24. Hatch Chile Shirt New Mexico Green Chili Pepper Tank Top

Hatch Chile Shirt New Mexico Green Chili Pepper Tank Top

Another variation that pays homage to the hatch green chili is this cute tank. It shows a colorful New Mexico shape beside a small zia, with a chile underlining the image.

Best Regional

Finally, if you’re looking for something with more micro-regional flavor, here are a few good choices!

25. New Mexico Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Even if you didn’t attend the world-famous festival, the hot air balloon is still a unique symbol of the land of enchantment and of Albuquerque, specifically. This New Mexico souvenir t-shirt is the perfect shirt to remember your time in the ABQ.

26. Taos Ski Club

If you’re looking for a Taos shirt to remember a fantastic ski vacation, check out this vintage Taos Ski Club shirt!

27. Roswell New Mexico Home of the Alien Crash Site and Cover Up T-Shirt

Roswell New Mexico Home of the Alien Crash Site and Cover Up T-Shirt

Roswell is such a fun place to visit in New Mexico, especially if you’re a fan of the unknown! This shirt shows a scenic view of the area with a large UFO hovering overhead.

28. Roswell, NM UFO Saucer T-Shirt

Roswell, NM Tourism | Funny Alien Extraterrestrial UFO Saucer Men Women T-Shirt-(Adult,L) Vintage Navy

If you want a Roswell souvenir t-shirt that embraces the extraterrestrial and a bit of corniness, take a look at this one. The best part of it is the message that spans the bottom of the image: “Out of this world thrills!”

An Enchanting Selection

A view of hot air balloons in the air for the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

Whether you’re looking for a New Mexico t-shirt for yourself or as a gift for someone else,there’s no shortage of options out there. From classic and retro to artistic or funny, you’re sure to find one that checks all the boxes!

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