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17 Arizona T-Shirts to Show Your Love for the Grand Canyon State

Whether you’re a native roaming abroad or a visitor whose heart was captured by Arizona, it’s no wonder you’re eager to show off your love for this one-of-a-kind state. And luckily, you can find plenty of opportunities to sport your Arizona pride from just about anywhere.

Read on for a roundup of some awesome Arizona t-shirts to fit your style, age, and Grand Canyon State Pride!

arizona t-shirts

Arizona T-Shirts for Women

1. Blooming Cactus Arizona T-Shirt from Love Arizona Life

Perfect for the casual-wearing, cactus-loving lady, this t-shirt is simple but beautiful! It sports a sketched outline of the Grand Canyon State, coupled with a trendy, artistic rendering of colorful cacti. The bold color contrasts will draw the eye and show off your Arizona pride.

Cute Love State Of Arizona Blooming Cactus Flowers Gift T-Shirt

This shirt comes in a few different colors as well as material blends. So, whether you prefer a purely cotton shirt or a cotton blend, you can find one of these Blooming Cactus T-Shirts that you’ll love.

2. Vintage Arizona Women’s T-Shirt from TAKEYAL

Women Western Dream T-Shirt Desert Cactus Retro Sunset Graphic Casual Tee Tops XL

Like to go a little more vintage in your search for Arizona T-Shirts? Then this t-shirt from the brand TAKEYAL will have you covered! This soft, retro shirt is great for a midriff tie and will look great, coupled with denim and boots.

3. Peace, Love, Arizona T-Shirt from Arizona Tee

Peace Love Arizona Vinatge Floral Arizona Lovers T-Shirt

Perfect for visitors and residents of the Grand Canyon State alike! This Arizona t-shirt boasts a little of the heritage hippy love while still being a practical and modern clothing piece. No matter which of the variety of colors you choose, the floral design of the Peace, Love, Arizona message will stand out from the crowd.

4. Arizona Girl T Shirt from VISHTEA

PREMIUM Vintage Arizona Home State Tshirt Grand Canyon Tee T-Shirt

This “Arizona Girl” t-shirt is a great pick for ladies who call the Grand Canyon State their home–or those whose heart belongs to it! Simple and straightforward, this comfortable shirt comes in a few different colors. All of them are a perfect compliment to the state outline and simple message: rocking your Arizona home pride!

5. I’m Tired of Waking up and not Being in Arizona from Family Heritage Gifts

This Arizona t-shirt is tailor-made for the Arizona nomad who just wishes they were back in the state of their heart. Perfect for former residents living elsewhere or vacationers who can’t get the Arizona beauty out of their heads.

I’m Tired of Waking Up and Not Being In Arizona - Funny T-Shirt

Grab this shirt for yourself or as a gift for anyone who would rather be waking up and enjoying the Grand Canyon state…and can’t wait to get back to it as soon as possible!

6. Arizona is Calling, and I Must Go from the Arizona is Calling

Looking to show off your Arizona wanderlust–and also possibly announce your upcoming vacation to the Grand Canyon State? Look no further than this retro-themed “Arizona is Calling, and I Must Go” t-shirt!

Arizona Is Calling And I Must Go Arizona Map T-Shirt

This one can fit a bevy of different wardrobe styles, with a variety of colors to choose from. A classy vintage option, you’re sure to fall in love with this shirt as much as the state it beckons you to visit.

Arizona T-Shirts for Men

7. Arizona Patriot Flag from The Patriot Gifts Store

Arizona American Flag Pride Landscape Cactus Patriotic Gift T-Shirt

Let’s start with an Arizona t-shirt for the patriotic man in your life! This t-shirt combines a favorite symbol of national pride–the American Flag–with a gorgeous bleed-through of a classic Arizona sunset. Couple that with the military cut-out lettering, and this is an Arizona t-shirt that’s sure to be loved by any man who is both a lover of his country and a fan of the Grand Canyon State.

8. Arizona State Flag from Arizona Gifts by MCMA

Sometimes, bold and brassy support of a state may not be your style. Pithy sayings and vivid cactuses might clash with your wardrobe of choice. But if you still want to show off your Arizona love in an understated way, check out this distressed Arizona State Flag T-Shirt.

Arizona State Flag T-Shirt Distressed Vintage AZ Flag Print

Perfect for a grungier, more understated appeal, this Arizona t-shirt allows you to show some state pride without being overt about it. Boasting this shirt might just open a conversation about what flag it’s depicting, exactly…and that can give you a chance to tell other people they need to visit Arizona. Immediately.

9. Arizona: The Grand Canyon State from Arizona Grand Canyon State Souvenirs

Not everyone knows that Arizona is called “The Grand Canyon State.” With this Arizona t-shirt, you can educate folks on the state’s infamy as well as its establishing year. This simple, straightforward design won’t require a wardrobe overhaul in order to show off some state pride.

Arizona Grand Canyon State Est. 1912 Mountains Nature Gift T-Shirt

This shirt comes in several sturdy, masculine shades, so you can show your love for Arizona in the same understated style, whatever color you prefer!

10. Grand Canyon National Park from Grand Canyon AZ Souvenir Shop

Lots of people love to commemorate a trip to a memorable landmark, but let’s be honest…on-site souvenirs can really eat into your budget. So instead, you might consider picking up this Grand Canyon National Park commemorative Arizona t-shirt.

Grand Canyon Arizona US National Park Travel Hiking T-Shirt

This fantastic design can be up to half the cost of what you might pay at a local gift shop. This is a great option for the thrifty spender to still sport his love for the Grand Canyon National Park without sacrificing his wallet.

11. Arizona Wildcats Long Sleeve T-Shirt from the Barnesmith Store

One of the highlights of the Grand Canyon State for some is the University of Arizona–and the Arizona Wildcats. Fans of this team, whether alumni or from afar, can sport their specific brand of Arizona pride with a fantastic long sleeve t-shirt.

Barnesmith University of Arizona Wildcats Long Sleeve Adult Unisex T-Shirt, Classic, Charcoal Grey, Large

Perfect for beating those cool desert nights, you can wear this t-shirt proudly to an on-site university game. Or wear it abroad to boast some state and team pride wherever you go!

12. Summer Style Vintage Arizona from Cactus Clothing

Gaming behemoths and graphic tee giants have really punched up the love for vintage and retro-style clothing over the years. Luckily, you can find Arizona t-shirts for men of all ages that fit this popular style as well!

Summer Style Vintage Retro Saguaro Cactus Sunset Arizona T-Shirt

This retro, vintage Arizona t-shirt comes in a number of colors and logo fades, allowing you to go as classic as you want. And it can fit into any Arizona lover’s wardrobe, from teenagers through adulthood.

Arizona T-Shirts for Kids

13. Arizona State T-Shirt by MISH MASH

Arizona State Map T-shirt US tourist attractions cities flag T-Shirt

This Arizona t-shirt is a great option for older kids visiting the state for the first time! Colorful and practical, it sports a vivid map of the state, so kids can pinpoint precisely where you’re at as you visit popular locations and landmarks throughout the Grand Canyon State.

14. Nacho Average Arizonan T-Shirt from Cartba Arizona Co.

Get the punny kid in your life on board with sporting their native Arizona pride with this hilarious Arizona t-shirt! With its bright colors, sombrero-wearing cactus, and stylish typography, this T-Shirt has a broad appeal to kids of all different ages and styles.

Fun Native Arizonan Humor Saying | Funny Home Arizona T-Shirt

Perfect for youths with a goofy sense of humor, this t-shirt will remind everyone they meet that they’re an above-average Arizonan–and proud of it.

15. At Least It’s a Dry Heat T-Shirt from Crazy Fun Designs Gifts

Let’s be honest…the Arizona heat isn’t for everyone. And often, if you’re traveling with unacclimated kiddos, the heat can be a major complaint factor. But with this Arizona t-shirt, you can turn a struggle with some element of your Arizona visit into a hilarious memory!

Arizona - Skeleton Souvenir T-Shirt

This cheeky shirt digs fun at the Arizona heat, making it a perfect fit for youth who can’t help but point out how they’re baking to death in the desert climate.

16. Arizona Flag Baby T-Shirt by the Inktastic Store

Looking for an Arizona t-shirt that the little kiddos can wear? How about a stylish graffiti depiction of the Arizona flag? This colorful and comfortable Arizona t-shirt is perfect for little Grand Canyon State enthusiasts from six months up to two years old!

inktastic Graffiti Arizona State Flag Baby T-Shirt 6 Months 0020 White 31a10

With a couple of different color options, you have the choice of stain concealment. This Arizona t-shirt is also great for both boys and girls!

17. Someone Loves Me in Arizona from Piar Kids

Long Distance Gifts For Baby - Someone Loves Me Baby Onesie, US States Baby Bodysuit, America City Infant One Piece (Arizona)

Long distance is hard. But you can help close the gap from heart to heart with this adorable “Someone Loves Me in Arizona” onesie! This state-stamped baby bodysuit will help remind little ones that love is calling from the Grand Canyon State…and remind them to visit soon!

Wrapping up Arizona T-Shirts to Show Your Love for the Grand Canyon State

Did you find the perfect Arizona T-Shirt to fit your style and needs? Now comes the fun part–planning a trip where you can wear your shirt all around the Grand Canyon State!

Check out our Arizona page for plenty of ideas on places to visit and things to do all throughout Arizona.