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Things to Do in Muskegon Michigan: Your Ultimate Guide

Nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan, Muskegon is a charming lakeside city with a variety of activities and attractions suited for tourists and locals alike. The city’s pristine coastline and rich cultural history provide visitors with countless opportunities to explore, from picturesque parks and beaches to captivating museums and historic sites.

Muskegon Michigan

Outdoor enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the stunning natural beauty of Muskegon’s parks, trails, and beaches, while those interested in the city’s vibrant arts and culture scene can venture downtown to explore galleries, shops, and restaurants. The city’s family-friendly attractions, like Michigan’s Adventure Park, offer fun-filled experiences for visitors of all ages. With a diverse array of options, Muskegon stands as a great destination to discover the best of what Michigan has to offer.

Key Takeaways

  • Experience a mix of nature, culture, and adventure in Muskegon, Michigan
  • Discover both outdoor activities and a bustling downtown arts scene
  • Ideal destination for families, history buffs, and beach lovers

Explore Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan

Fishing Opportunities

Muskegon Lake offers a variety of fishing opportunities for anglers. The lake is home to many species of fish, such as walleye, perch, bass, and trout. In addition, Lake Michigan’s vast waters provide an even more diverse range of fishing options, including salmon, steelhead, and lake trout. Anglers can find both public and private access points for shore fishing or opt to rent a boat for deeper waters.

Sailing and Water Recreation

The Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan areas boast numerous opportunities for sailing and water sports enthusiasts. From sailing lessons to boat rentals, there are options for all skill levels and budgets. For those looking to hit the water, activities such as kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and jet-skiing abound.

A popular destination for sailing is Pere Marquette Park, which is a 27.5-acre park that offers stunning views of Lake Michigan and is bordered by the Muskegon Channel. Moreover, the numerous inland lakes and rivers in the region present additional opportunities for water recreation, as well as scenic beauty.

Exploring the region around both Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan by boat or personal watercraft allows for a unique perspective of the natural beauty in the area. With miles of shoreline to enjoy, visitors can experience a memorable day on the water while discovering hidden gems along the shoreline.


  • Diverse fishing opportunities
  • Sailing lessons and boat rentals
  • Kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and jet-skiing

Discover Parks and Outdoor Activities

Muskegon, Michigan, offers a variety of parks and outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a day at the beach or an adventure-filled hike, there’s something for everyone.

Muskegon State Park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. With its scenic beach area on Lake Michigan, picnic areas, and nature trails, visitors can spend a day swimming, picnicking, or exploring the park’s diverse habitats. In the winter months, activities like cross-country skiing and ice skating provide fun for the whole family.

Another beautiful park worth visiting is Hoffmaster State Park. Featuring over three miles of Lake Michigan shoreline and numerous hiking trails, it’s an excellent spot for those who appreciate nature and tranquility. The park also offers several picnic areas, ensuring a lovely day outdoors.

Kruse Park, also known as Norman F. Kruse Park, is known for its picturesque beach area, complete with picnic tables, playgrounds, and restrooms. Visitors can enjoy picnicking, beach volleyball, or simply relaxing with a book on the sandy shores. A network of boardwalks and paved trails makes this park accessible to all visitors.

For a more adventurous experience, head to Silver Lake State Park. This park offers a unique landscape with sand dunes, forests, and the beautiful Silver Lake. Hiking trails weave through the diverse terrain, providing opportunities for exploration and wildlife spotting. Winter visitors can try their hand at ice fishing or take part in a guided snowshoe hike.

With so many parks to choose from, outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the wide range of activities available in Muskegon, Michigan. From beach days to nature hikes, there’s always something exciting to do when you visit this enchanting area.

Experience Downtown Muskegon

Downtown Muskegon offers a plethora of experiences for visitors and locals alike. With a perfect blend of arts, entertainment, and shopping, this lively area provides days of exploration, fun, and relaxation for everyone.

The food scene in downtown Muskegon boasts a variety of restaurants catering to different palates. From casual eateries to upscale dining options, you can enjoy delicious meals while taking in the vibrant atmosphere of the area.

In addition to its delectable dining options, downtown Muskegon is also home to an array of live music and entertainment venues. Catch a local band or enjoy an evening at one of the many popular spots offering a mix of tunes and genres to suit every taste.

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the parks and recreational activities available in the downtown area. Bicycle rental services like CityHub Cyclery give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings at your own pace.

In need of a little retail therapy? Downtown Muskegon has you covered with its collection of unique shops and boutiques, where you can find everything from one-of-a-kind gifts to items from local artists and craftsmen.

No visit to Muskegon would be complete without experiencing its attractions, such as the beautiful Pere Marquette Park. This park features sandy shorelines, paved trails, and a small restaurant with a walk-up window to enjoy clean sands and plenty of space.

So, whether you’re looking for a day filled with great food, lively entertainment, or a leisurely stroll through beautiful green spaces, downtown Muskegon has something for everyone to enjoy. Immerse yourself in the unique and vibrant atmosphere that makes this Lake Michigan beach town a must-visit destination.

Visit Beaches and Beach Parks

Muskegon, Michigan is home to a variety of beautiful beaches and parks, perfect for those who love spending time outdoors. Pere Marquette Park is one of the most popular destinations in the area, offering a wide, sandy beach along the shores of Lake Michigan. The park features amenities such as picnic areas, playgrounds, and volleyball courts, making it an ideal location for family gatherings or a day of fun in the sun.

Marquette Park is another great option for beachgoers, providing visitors with picturesque views of Lake Michigan, sandy dunes, and a lighthouse that’s accessible by walking along a dock. This park has ample parking, a campsite, and is part of the larger Muskegon State Park. Additionally, Muskegon State Park offers miles of trails, making it perfect for those seeking more adventure.

For those traveling with their furry friends, Dog Beach in Kruse Park is a must-visit location. This special area of the park is designated specifically for dogs to enjoy some off-leash time on the beach. It’s an excellent opportunity for your pup to socialize and play in the sand, while you take in the breathtaking views of Lake Michigan.

Other noteworthy beaches in Muskegon include:

  • Pioneer County Park: A family-friendly park featuring a beach, playground, and picnic areas.
  • Meinert County Park: A smaller, more secluded beach, perfect for those looking for a quiet escape.

When visiting Muskegon, be sure to take the time to explore these stunning beaches and beach parks. With their diverse offerings, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Michigan’s Adventure Park

Michigan’s Adventure Park is the largest amusement park in the state, making it a top attraction for fun-seekers visiting Muskegon. The park offers over 60 rides, slides, and attractions, ensuring that everyone in the family has a great time. If you’re looking for a unique and exciting experience, Michigan’s Adventure has you covered.

One of the main highlights is WildWater Adventure Waterpark. This water park is a perfect place to cool off during the hot summer days. With thrilling water slides, a relaxing lazy river, and the Boogie Beach wave pool, it caters to visitors of all ages and preferences.

The amusement park area boasts seven roller coasters that provide a range of experiences from adrenaline-pumping thrill rides like Shivering Timbers and Thunderhawk to tamer, family-friendly options. Michigan’s Adventure truly offers something for everyone.

For the younger ones, don’t miss Camp Snoopy, a Peanuts-themed kids’ area featuring five family rides such as Pigpen’s Mud Buggies, Peanuts Trailblazers, Beagle Scout Lookout, Camp Bus, and Woodstock Express. It’s a delightful destination within the park where kids get to enjoy interactive attractions and even meet their favorite Peanuts characters like Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

No day at Michigan’s Adventure would be complete without visiting Funland Farm. This interactive area is home to a variety of farm animals such as goats, alpacas, llamas, and chickens. Visitors can get up close with these furry and feathery friends, making the experience both educational and enjoyable.

Museums and Historic Sites

Muskegon, Michigan offers a variety of museums and historic sites for visitors to explore. One such attraction is the Muskegon Museum of Art, which houses a diverse collection of art pieces ranging from contemporary to classic styles. The museum often hosts special exhibits and events, making it a great place for art enthusiasts to visit.

Another notable site in Muskegon is Heritage Landing, a waterfront park that hosts numerous events throughout the year, such as the Muskegon Art Festival and the Michigan Irish Music Festival. Here, you can take a relaxing stroll by the water or enjoy the numerous events that take place all year round.

For history buffs and navy enthusiasts, the Submarine Museum is a must-visit destination. The museum is home to the USS Silversides, a World War II-era submarine that played an essential role during the conflict. Visitors can take guided tours of the submarine and learn about its rich history and the brave sailors who served on board.

Another historic site in Muskegon is the Hackley and Hume Historic Site. These beautifully restored Victorian houses were owned by two of Muskegon’s most influential lumber barons and offer a glimpse into the city’s past. Tours of the houses are available, providing visitors an opportunity to see the stunning architecture and learn about the families who once called these buildings their home.

The USS Silversides Submarine Museum houses more than just the USS Silversides. It also boasts a collection of artifacts, including uniforms, photographs, and documents related to World War II submarines and their crews. This immersive experience allows visitors to gain a deeper understanding of the era.

Finally, the USS LST 393 Veterans Museum is another historic ship museum worth visiting. This World War II Landing Ship, Tank (LST) played a significant role during the D-Day invasion, and later in the war, she transported troops and supplies across the Atlantic. Visitors can explore the ship’s interior, view various exhibits, and learn about the incredible stories of those who served on board.

Festivals and Events

Muskegon, Michigan, is a vibrant city with a variety of annual events and festivals that cater to diverse interests. With its lively atmosphere, these events are sure to leave a lasting impression and create a memorable experience for visitors.

One of the most popular events is the Lakeshore Art Festival, held in Downtown Muskegon. This nationally-recognized event attracts art enthusiasts and creators alike, offering an extensive array of visual and performing arts, crafts, and other engaging activities.

For those with an affinity for motorcycles, the Muskegon Bike Time is an exciting event that features motorcycle shows, concerts, and thrilling stunt performances. This festival along Shoreline Drive creates an unforgettable experience for both participants and spectators.

During summer, the Muskegon Pride Festival takes place on Western Avenue Downtown, celebrating diversity and inclusivity in the community. The event kicks off with a vibrant parade and continues with live music, entertainment, and various activities centered around promoting equality and acceptance.

Besides these prominent events, Muskegon also hosts numerous other festivals, such as the Beer on the Beach Festival. This event offers a relaxed atmosphere where visitors can sample a wide selection of locally-brewed craft beers, enjoy live music, and participate in beach activities.

Dune Adventures

The dunes in Muskegon, Michigan are truly a sight to behold and offer a variety of adventures for visitors. Silver Lake Sand Dunes is a prime destination for those looking to explore these incredible natural formations. Since 1930, Mac Wood’s Dune Rides has provided exciting excursions through the dunes as the only tour company permitted within this area. Buggies glide up and down the dunes, offering striking vistas of Lake Michigan, Silver Lake, and the 2,000 acres of dunes separating them.

Various other dunes in the region also offer opportunities for exploration. Pere Marquette Park boasts beautiful sandy shorelines and great views. This popular park features paved trails and a small restaurant with a walk-up window, attracting visitors with its clean sands and spacious environment.

For those looking for even more dune-filled excitement, consider visiting Saugatuck Dunes State Park. This park features impressive sand dunes that are perfect for hiking and spending the day with family. But be aware when running down the dunes – they can be quite steep to climb back up!

Whether embarking on a thrilling buggy ride at Silver Lake Sand Dunes or enjoying picturesque scenery at Pere Marquette Park, Muskegon’s dunes are guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

Sample Local Cuisine

Muskegon, Michigan offers a diverse range of dining options for visitors and locals alike. One popular spot to sample the local cuisine is Hearthstone Bistro. Known for its use of locally sourced and fresh food, this restaurant provides patrons with a menu that includes classic dishes, as well as soups, sandwiches, and salads. Their commitment to using quality ingredients contributes to a confident and knowledgeable dining experience.

Another must-try option in Muskegon is The Deck. Located near the beach, The Deck boasts stunning views and delectable fare. With an emphasis on seafood, patrons can indulge in dishes like fish tacos, shrimp po’ boys, and some of the freshest perch in town. In addition to mouth-watering meals, The Deck also offers a selection of craft beers to enjoy alongside your culinary adventure.

When you visit Muskegon, make sure to sample the local cuisine to experience the region’s flavors and charm. Both Hearthstone Bistro and The Deck are excellent choices for a satisfying, memorable meal that highlights the area’s culinary strengths.

Nearby Cities and Attractions

Muskegon, Michigan, located in Muskegon County, offers an array of activities and attractions. When you’re planning a trip to the Muskegon area, it is worth exploring the nearby cities and attractions to experience the best of what West Michigan has to offer.

Grand Rapids: Just an hour’s drive from Muskegon, Grand Rapids is Michigan’s second-largest city and boasts various cultural, entertainment, and dining opportunities. Known for its craft breweries, art scene, and vibrant downtown, visitors can explore several attractions such as the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids Art Museum, and John Ball Zoo.

Muskegon Lakeshore: The picturesque Muskegon Lakeshore offers 26 miles of pristine sandy beaches along Lake Michigan, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and beachside activities. Pere Marquette Park, a clean city-owned beach bordering the Muskegon Channel, is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Boating, fishing, and water sports enthusiasts can also enjoy the surrounding waters and lakes.

Outdoor Activities in the Community: The nature of Muskegon County is splendid, and there are plenty of parks and trails for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. You can venture out to the Muskegon State Park or explore the various hiking and biking trails available in the area. For golf enthusiasts, the Chase Hammond Golf Club is a well-regarded option.

Muskegon Area Museums and Cultural Attractions: Engage in the rich history and culture of the region by visiting various museums, such as the Lakeshore Museum Center, Muskegon Museum of Art, and USS Silversides Submarine Museum. Additionally, Muskegon is home to various concerts, shows, and festivals throughout the year, offering visitors a taste of local talent and entertainment.

When planning your visit to the Muskegon area, be sure to look into these nearby cities and attractions to ensure a varied and memorable experience. Whether you are drawn to the natural beauty of the Muskegon Lakeshore, the neighboring city of Grand Rapids, or the prevalent community of outdoor and cultural activities, West Michigan has something for everyone.

Unique Activities

Muskegon, Michigan, offers a wide variety of unique activities for visitors to enjoy. From beautiful gardens to thrilling amusement parks, there’s something for everyone in this charming Lake Michigan beach town.

One of the highlights in Muskegon is the Monet Garden, a beautiful recreation of Claude Monet’s famous gardens in Giverny, France. Visitors can wander through the colorful flower beds, admire the serene ponds, and experience a taste of French impressionism in the heart of Michigan.

If you’re interested in outdoor recreation, the Muskegon Channel is a must-visit spot. With its picturesque waterfront views, it is a popular spot for boating, fishing, and enjoying the sunset. There are also plenty of parks nearby, offering amenities such as basketball courts and parking areas, making it easy for visitors to spend a day exploring the outdoors.

For thrill-seekers, Michigan’s Adventure is the largest amusement park in the state, featuring exciting rides like Thunder Hawk roller coaster and multiple water attractions. This park provides hours of fun for families and adrenaline junkies alike.

Another unique experience in Muskegon is the Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park. Offering a luge track in the winter months, visitors can try their hand at this exciting winter sport. The park also provides other activities such as archery and disc golf, making it a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Seasonal Activities

Muskegon, Michigan, is a vibrant beach town located along the shores of Lake Michigan, offering a variety of seasonal activities to enjoy all year round. With its beautiful landscapes and adventurous spirit, there is something for everyone in Muskegon.

During the summer months, Muskegon comes alive with a range of festivals and events. These annual celebrations highlight the town’s unique mix of fine art, handcrafted goods, music, food, and fun in beautiful surroundings. Summer also means beach time, and the waves on Lake Michigan offer plenty of opportunities for water activities such as swimming, surfing, and kayaking.

Winter in Muskegon brings a different set of outdoor adventures, including a visit to the Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park. This park provides thrilling activities such as ice skating, cross-country skiing, and even a winter Luge track for a unique and exciting experience. They offer condition alerts and information on pop-up events happening in the park during the colder months.

Not limited to only summer and winter, Muskegon’s downtown transforms for Holidays in the City. This seasonal event features decorating ornaments and postcards at the historic Hackley and Hume Houses, along with other holiday-themed activities suitable for all ages.

Finally, no matter the season, consider visiting Michigan’s Adventure, the largest amusement park in the state. Boasting 52 different rides and a water park, it offers endless fun and excitement, making for a perfect day trip destination in Muskegon.