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Things to Do in Cadillac Michigan: A Curated Guide for Visitors

Nestled in the heart of Michigan, Cadillac offers a plethora of activities and attractions for locals and visitors alike. From exploring the great outdoors to immersing yourself in the vibrant cultural scene, there’s something for everyone in this charming town. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a history buff, or simply looking for a relaxing getaway, Cadillac is your ultimate destination.

lake Cadillac

Outdoor enthusiasts will find ample opportunities to indulge in their favorite activities, such as skiing, snowboarding, golfing, and hiking. Meanwhile, those seeking a more leisurely experience can stroll through scenic parks and gardens, or soak in the rich history and art that Cadillac has to offer. For memorable family activities and entertainment, indulge in the bustling events calendar, which features a variety of live music, art fairs, and vintage car shows. And to complete your Cadillac experience, retreat to one of the numerous comfortable and welcoming lodging options available in the area.

Key Takeaways

  • Abundant outdoor adventures, including skiing, hiking, and golfing.
  • Rich cultural experiences like art galleries, museums, and historic sites.
  • A vibrant events calendar, ensuring fun and entertainment for all.

Outdoor Activities

Cadillac, Michigan, located in the heart of the northern Michigan region, offers a plethora of outdoor activities to suit every season. With its pristine lakes, lush forests, and well-maintained trails, the Cadillac area provides countless opportunities for adventure and relaxation alike.

Lakes: Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell, connected by the Clam Lake Canal, are two standout freshwater lakes in the Cadillac area. These scenic lakes are ideal for boating, kayaking, and fishing. During the summer months, visitors can enjoy an array of water activities, including swimming and waterskiing.

Hiking and Trails: The Cadillac region boasts an extensive network of hiking and biking trails. The Huron-Manistee National Forest, with over one million acres of land, is a premier destination for nature enthusiasts seeking serene routes through lush wilderness. Explore challenging or leisurely trails, and observe the unique wildlife that calls northern Michigan home.

Camping: For those who enjoy immersing themselves in nature, camping options are aplenty in Cadillac. William Mitchell State Park, situated between Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell, offers 334 acres of space, perfect for pitching a tent or parking an RV. Experience the beauty of northern Michigan forests and wildlife during your stay.

Winter Activities: Winter in Cadillac doesn’t slow down the outdoor fun. Ski and snowboard areas, like Caberfae Peaks, offer thrilling slopes for enthusiasts of all skill levels. Additionally, the area’s extensive trail system transforms into ideal routes for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling.

Whether you’re seeking adventure by boat, foot, or bike, the Cadillac area has you covered. Take advantage of northern Michigan’s natural splendor by exploring trails, lakes, and forests in all seasons. No matter your preference, a memorable outdoor experience awaits in Cadillac, Michigan.

Parks and Nature

Mitchell State Park is a 334-acre park located between Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell, connected by the Clam Lake Canal. This picturesque park offers an abundance of outdoor activities year-round, such as fishing, boating, hiking, and camping. The park also includes a nature center for environmental education.

White Pine Trail is a multi-use recreational trail stretching for 93 miles through the heart of Michigan. The trail passes through Cadillac, providing an excellent opportunity for biking, hiking, and running. During the winter, the trail is also available for snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

Kenwood Heritage Park is a historical park located along Lake Cadillac’s shoreline. The park offers several picnic areas, a boat launch, and a playground for families to enjoy. This location was once a popular resort area, providing visitors a chance to take a step back in time.

Huron-Manistee National Forests cover nearly one million acres of public lands that offer a plethora of outdoor recreational activities. Close to Cadillac, the forest provides chances for hiking, camping, fishing, and wildlife watching. The diverse ecosystem within the forests creates a unique experience for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Cadillac, Michigan is home to the Caberfae Peaks Ski & Golf Resort, offering excellent options for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Surrounded by the beautiful Huron-Manistee National Forest and easily accessible, it’s no wonder this resort is a popular destination for winter sports.

At Caberfae Peaks, visitors can enjoy their time on the slopes across a diverse terrain which caters to both beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders. The resort offers a variety of trails with varying levels of difficulty that make the experience memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

For those new to skiing or snowboarding, the resort provides ski lessons taught by friendly and experienced instructors. They ensure that learners have a fun and safe experience while mastering the basics and gaining confidence on the slopes.

During the winter season, Cadillac’s abundant snowfall creates the perfect environment for skiing and snowboarding. Along with the well-maintained slopes, the resort incorporates modern snowmaking technology to provide optimal snow conditions for an unforgettable adventure.


Cadillac, Michigan offers a variety of great golf courses for enthusiasts to enjoy. With 8 different courses and over 150 holes to play, golfers can experience the true “Up North” golf destination.

Emerald Vale Golf Club is one of the popular options in the area. It features an 18-hole course that stretches over 6,785 yards with a par of 72. The course offers a scenic view of the rolling hills and is open to the public.

Another great course to consider is Eldorado Golf Course. Highly regarded for its excellent customer service and well-maintained terrain, Eldorado provides a beautiful and enjoyable golfing experience. Golfers have commended the course for its challenging layout and pristine conditions.

For golfers looking for a more serene outing, Antioch Hills Golf Club is situated amongst the gently rolling hills of Antioch township. The club offers a relaxing getaway for both 9 and 18-hole rounds of golf, allowing players to enjoy the picturesque landscape of Northern Michigan as they play.

With each course offering a unique golfing experience, Cadillac, Michigan is an ideal destination for golfers looking to explore a variety of terrains and challenges. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, the Cadillac area has a golf course that will suit your skill level and provide an enjoyable day on the greens.

Downtown Cadillac

Shopping and Dining

Downtown Cadillac offers a variety of shopping and dining experiences to visitors and locals alike. In this area, you can find restaurants serving a range of delicious cuisines, from American comfort food to international dishes. Additionally, if you’re looking for a place to unwind, the city has a good selection of bars where you can socialize and enjoy a drink with friends.

For those seeking retail therapy, the lively downtown district is home to antique stores, boutique shops, and art galleries. While exploring this charming area, be sure to visit Old School, a unique store that offers a mixture of antique and vintage items.

Historical Sites

While strolling through the downtown area, don’t miss the historical attractions that Cadillac has to offer. The Wexford County Historical Museum is a must-visit location for history enthusiasts. Housed in an old Carnegie Library, the museum showcases exhibits on the area’s history, including Native American artifacts, antique tools, and early automobile displays.

These attractions, along with the vibrant atmosphere of Downtown Cadillac, provide an engaging and enjoyable experience for visitors.

Art and Culture

Cadillac, Michigan is a hub for art and culture lovers, boasting a variety of attractions and activities that are sure to pique your interest. A must-visit event in the area is the Cadillac Festival of the Arts, a two-day celebration showcasing the city’s rich artistic heritage. The festival features an artisan market where crafters display their unique gifts and accessories, as well as the Phyllis Olson Juried Art Fair, established in 1968.

In addition to the festival, art enthusiasts can explore galleries and shops specializing in art, craft, gifts, and accessories. One such place to find serendipity is at Serendipity, a charming boutique that offers a wide selection of handmade gifts and accessories. Here, you can find everything from jewelry and clothing to home décor and artwork, all created by talented local artisans.

When visiting Cadillac, don’t miss out on the chance to immerse yourself in local art not only through festivals and shops but also by appreciating public art installations scattered around the city. From striking murals to intricate sculptures, these pieces serve as a testament to the thriving art scene in the area.

Events and Entertainment

Cadillac, Michigan, offers a variety of events and entertainment options to please visitors and locals alike. The city is known for its vibrant live music scene, with numerous venues hosting bands and solo acts throughout the year. Venues like The Wex, a popular multi-use facility, regularly feature concerts, theatrical performances, and community events.

Additionally, the city hosts several annual festivals and special events, including art fairs and vintage car shows, that cater to diverse interests. These community gatherings provide an opportunity for residents and tourists to connect while enjoying fun activities and exploring the local culture.

For those who enjoy the nightlife, Cadillac’s clubs and bars offer an exciting evening out. With an array of options, from laid-back pubs to energetic dance clubs, there is something for everyone. Many of these spots also feature live music, showcasing local and visiting artists.

Moreover, Cadillac’s beautiful rivers and lakes play a significant role in local events and entertainment. One notable example is the Ladies On The Lake, a fun-filled event that takes place on Lake Cadillac. This outdoor gathering invites attendees to enjoy water sports, live music, and other entertainment right by the water’s edge.


When visiting Cadillac, Michigan, you’ll find a variety of lodging options to suit your preferences and budget. From hotels and motels to campgrounds, there’s something for everyone.

Hotels and motels in the area offer comfortable and convenient accommodations for travelers. Some of these establishments feature amenities such as swimming pools, onsite dining, and cozy rooms. For example, the Evergreen Resort provides a charming and modern atmosphere with prices starting at $104 per night.

For those who prefer a more rustic experience, campgrounds in Cadillac offer the opportunity to connect with nature while enjoying the area’s scenic beauty. William Mitchell State Park is one such location, encompassing 334 acres of outdoor adventure, situated between Lake Cadillac and Lake Mitchell. This park provides visitors with a picturesque backdrop for their camping experience.

When planning your visit to Cadillac, Michigan, consider the following lodging options:

  • Hotels and Motels

    • Evergreen Resort: from $104/night
    • [Other local hotels and motels to choose from]
  • Campgrounds

    • William Mitchell State Park
    • [Additional campgrounds to explore]

Remember to check availability and rates for your stay and ensure that the lodging option you choose meets your needs and expectations.

Family Activities

Cadillac, Michigan, offers a variety of fun and engaging family activities for all ages. There are plenty of options to keep your family entertained, whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor activities.

One of the top attractions in Cadillac is Adventure Island. This amusement park features several exciting rides, including go-karts, mini-golf, and bumper boats. With something for everyone, it’s a great destination for a memorable family outing.

For an educational and entertaining experience, consider visiting Toy Town of Cadillac. This local toy store not only offers an impressive selection of toys and games, but also hosts regular events, workshops, and demonstrations for kids. From LEGO building sessions to crafting workshops, Toy Town provides a unique and engaging experience for children of all ages.

If your family enjoys staying active, the Cadillac Area YMCA is the perfect place to spend a day. With a wide range of programs and facilities, including swimming pools, sports courts, and fitness classes, there’s something for everyone at the YMCA. Plus, they often host family events, such as pool parties and holiday-themed activities.

Some other suggestions for family-friendly activities in Cadillac include:

  • Visiting the William Mitchell State Park for a day of outdoor adventure, including hiking, fishing, and picnicking.

  • Going swimming at your hotel’s pool or enjoying water activities at local beaches and lakes.

  • Hitting the lanes for a fun bowling experience at The Pines Sports Bar & Bowling Alley or Parkview Lanes.

  • Catching a movie at the Cadillac 4 theater for a relaxing evening after a day of exploring the town.