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The Best Tattoo Artists in Michigan: Our Top 10 Picks To Give You Ink

Getting a new tattoo is always an exciting adventure – especially since the fun begins before you even go to your appointment! Finding the best tattoo artists in Michigan comes with the invigorating prospect of finding an artist you trust that you can go back to time and time again.

Whether getting your first tattoo or just looking to switch things up, keep reading to learn all about the best Michigan tattoo artists!

A man giving someone an arm tattoo. He's perhaps one of the best tattoo artists in Michigan.

The Best Tattoo Artists in Michigan 2023

When browsing through this list, keep in mind that it’s quite common for tattoo artists to move around to different tattoo shops. To stay up to date on an artist’s current whereabouts, always make sure to check their Instagram or personal website!

1. Kyle Hath

Kyle Hath is one of the best tattoo artists in Michigan for traditional style tattoos. With impressive shading and clean lines, this artist’s work will be the perfect addition to your ink collection!

Kyle is especially great at tattooing larger pieces while still taking care to pay attention to fine details that bring a tattoo to life. Whether you prefer the classic color scheme of traditional tattoos or prefer to keep your ink monochrome, Kyle has got you covered!

2. Josh Figueroa

Josh Figueroa’s outstanding artwork has landed him a spot on our list of the best Michigan tattoo artists. Josh is known for tattooing fine line black and grey pieces with a focus on botanicals, bugs, birds, skeletons, and other spooky ideas.

His attention to detail alongside the perfect blend of gentle and bold shading makes his tattoos really stand out and adds an element of realism that can be hard to find in an artist.

3. Elaine Nerowski

Elaine Nerowski is a co-owner of Lunar Leaf Tattoo in Brownstown Township, Michigan. She is well-known for very impressive large-scale portrait tattoos. Her black and grey portraits often highlight characters from various horror movies, which allows her spectacular creativity to shine!

In addition to horror portraits, Elaine is also known for animal portraits, gothic styles, and she is certainly one of the best tattoo artists in Michigan for botanical pieces. Often incorporating unique geometric patterns into her botanical tattoos, Elaine is a wonderful artist to go to for exclusive designs!

4. Susannah Griggs

For unique, brightly colored botanical tattoos that are sure to get you endless compliments, Susannah Griggs is one of the best tattoo artists in Michigan! Susannah’s style of tattooing is rather different from most artists, and this is what makes her tattoos not just some of the most unique in Michigan, but also in all of the US!

Most of Susannah’s colorful botanical tattoos are not outlined in black ink – a distinct detail that creates the effect that her tattoos appear to be stunning paintings done directly on one’s skin.

Brilliant hues of red, pink, purple, green, blue, yellow, and more are all radiant features of Susannah’s work. Birds, butterflies, and bees are also common additions to her lovely plant tattoos.

5. Kyle Black

If large black and grey gothic tattoos are your thing, Kyle Black is one of the best tattoo artists in Michigan that you definitely won’t want to miss.

This artist’s style involves very deep blackwork with a focus on bold lines and dot-based shading. The unique dot-based shading technique can be a hard feat to pull off, but this artist’s precise skill makes him one of the best tattoo artists in Michigan for this often sought-after style.

Sharp lines and realistic features easily come together to create stunning pieces that are sure to hold up for years to come. Giant spiders, warped skeletons, and eerie eyes are all glorious hallmarks of a Kyle Black tattoo!

6. Loaf

For intricate geometric designs that immediately catch the eye, Loaf is one of the best Michigan tattoo artists. Loaf often tattoos large black and grey pieces that take up large spaces, such as the whole back, chest, or arm.

With such fine lines and particular detail, the large scale of Loaf’s designs really let his work shine and create impressive pieces that are guaranteed to be extraordinary.

In addition to geometric pieces, Loaf also has lots of experience with traditional style tattoos, including both black and grey and colored pieces.

7. Ramsey Turkmani

Ramsey Turkmani has an incredibly wide range of abilities that makes him one of the best tattoo artists in Michigan. Bugs, birds, famous paintings, Greek gods, anime characters – you name it, Ramsey can do it!

From tiny minimalism to dot shading to dark blackwork and larger pieces that scale the arm, there’s no doubt that this artist can create an awesome tattoo for you. Fine line black and grey pieces are truly where this artist’s eccentric style shines!

8. Dylan – Fat Kid Tattoos

Dylan, also known as Fat Kid Tattoos, is one of the best tattoo artists in Michigan for colorful animated tattoos. Fat Kid Tattoos specializes in anime designs but is also well-known for creating impressive Pokemon and video game character tattoos.

Dylan’s use of vibrant colors in his tattooing really helps bring his characters to life. His handle of multicolor shading really makes the characters seem like they’re ready to hop right off the skin and jump into action!

9. Trent Thompson

No matter what kind of tattoo you’re looking to get, Trent Thompson is certainly one of the best tattoo artists in Michigan when it comes to range.

Trent works with both color and black and grey tattoos, and can succeed in just about every type of tattoo style out there. From traditional style to fine line botanicals, geometric patterns to animal portraits, and gothic designs to watercolor tattoos – there is truly nothing Trent Thompson can’t do!

10. Kelsey Schatzer

For dainty, fine line botanicals – Kelsey Schatzer is your girl. One of the best tattoo artists in Michigan, Kelsey is great with plants, bugs, dot shading, and extravagant fine line pieces that flourish with impressive detail.

Kelsey works with both black and grey tattoos as well as color, making her a great tattoo artist to visit the next time you’re in Michigan!

Things to Consider When Choosing an Artist


When it comes to the cost of the tattoo, your price will vary heavily depending on the artist. Some tattoo artists charge by the hour, while some set a flat rate price. An important thing to note is that small tattoos don’t necessarily equal a small price.

Flat rates for small tattoos often range between $50-$100, but it’s possible that this number could be higher or lower. Factors such as size, the intricacy of the design, and adding color can all affect the price of a tattoo!

When hearing the cost, it’s helpful to consider everything that goes into the tattoo. Artists have to create a design, organize a bunch of expensive equipment, take time sterilizing, and more! Ultimately, deciding what you’re comfortable with paying is up to you. The best way to learn a price is to just ask!

Tipping your artist is also an appreciated gesture that should be considered, so don’t forget to factor this additional element into the cost of your tattoo.


Finding a tattoo artist that excites you is always an amazing feeling. The beauty of the internet is that it can be easy to connect with people from all over. However, when searching for artists, it may be beneficial to look for tattooers in your area first before broadening your horizons.

If you’re willing to travel for a tattoo, awesome! Having the ability to broaden your horizons always makes it easier to find what you want. Regardless, keep in mind that choosing an artist far away means that you will have to leave significantly early to be on time for your appointment.

Make sure that you’re okay with traveling the distance before committing to an artist!


When deciding on a new tattoo, it’s likely that you’ll already have a specific idea of how you’d like it to look. Most artists have a particular style that they prefer to tattoo, so it’s beneficial for both you and the artist if you choose them based on their preference.

Not only does it make the design process easier, but it also allows the artist to express their creativity a bit more easily, which always makes for an extra cool tattoo!

Man with black gloves wrapping a tattoo on a person's arm.


When choosing a new tattoo artist, don’t forget to check out what people are saying about them. Reviews are generally a great way to gauge the range of experiences people have had with an artist.

Knowing both the positive and negative aspects people have experienced with certain tattooers can help eliminate running into any surprises during the tattoo process.


When choosing a tattoo artist, consider their experience. Someone who has been tattooing for multiple years may be able to take on more intricate designs, as well as give you a more well-rounded tattoo experience.

However, that’s not to say that someone with less experience won’t do a great job! Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you’re comfortable with less experience, many new tattoo artists charge less than tattoo artists who have been around for quite some time.

Booking an Appointment

Knowing how to book your tattoo appointment makes for a stress-free experience. Some artists require a consultation appointment beforehand, where others just let you book a date for the tattoo. In some cases, you can even walk-in for your tattoo, although this option is typically reserved for very basic designs.

Finding the Best Tattoo Artists in Michigan

No matter what style you’re looking for, the best tattoo artists in Michigan have got you covered. With so many talented artists to choose from, you can’t go wrong!

Since you’re already in Michigan for a tattoo, you might as well discover other lovely things to do in this state. Check out our other Michigan content for great destination posts, activity recommendations, and more!