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Rosacea and Stress

This material is courtesy of Daria Wilczynska-White.

Did you know that 14 Million Americans suffer from rosacea? Studies show that over 78 percent of them don’t even know they are suffering from this condition and would not  know what to do about it. Rosacea is a skin condition which affects the face and while it is not known what really causes it, there are many factors which contribute to it’s  severity.  Rosacea is characterised by redness of cheeks, nose, chin or forehead however, in some severe cases it can also affect the eyes.

Lifestyle has a major influence on rosacea and stress is one of the main parts of todays’ way of life for many people. As we all find ourselves in difficult or stressful situations while at work, buying a new home or even planning a wedding, move to another country can be an even bigger trigger for stress.  Not only do you have to leave your job,  home and friends behind but you have to start over in a new country learning everything again.

Starting a new job could be a very daunting experience.  While you may know how to do the job already, different countries have different customs and traditions and the way  people conduct themselves at work.  How do you cope with social situations while you are also new to the country? Everything can be strange or different. It can all be a lot  to take in and if you suffer from rosacea it may lead to lack of confidence and embarassement as many sufferrers get rosacea flare ups.

Flare ups can often happen during stressful situations however, there are techniques to cope with it. According to the National Rosacea Society there are several ways of  stress management techniques.  One of them is maintaining a healthy diet, cutting out caffeine and getting enough sleep.  Another way is to do a deep – breathing excercise: you inhale and count to ten, exhale and count to ten again. This should be repeated several times.  You can also use a visualisation technique. To do this, sit in  a quiet place, close your eyes and try to imagine somewhere beautiful or maybe your favorite holiday spot or anything which gives you pleasure.  Try to hold that image in  your head for several mintues to feel the peacefulness.

While managing stress is one of the components of rosacea treatment, it is also important to remember that diet, skincare regime and weather have big impact too.  You  should try to avoid spicy foods and alcohol.  Make sure you always wear a sunscreen and try to stay in air-conditioned environment during hot and humid days.  Use a moisturizer but avoid anything with alcohol, menthol, eucalyptus and fragrance and generally anything which may cause redness. Above all, if you think you have rosacea,  your doctor should help you find the right treatment.  You should not try any medication by yourself as it may aggravate the condition.

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