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13 Best Haunted Houses In Indiana

Do you like getting scared? Indiana has several spooky haunted houses, from mildly scary to horrifying. There are even some family-friendly options to bring the kids along. With so many great haunted houses to choose from, you’re sure to find something to both terrify and delight you this Halloween. Keep reading to find the best haunted house in Indiana, and prepare to be scared!

Best Haunted House in Indiana – Northern Indiana

Best Haunted House in Indiana

1. Haunted Hills Hospital

Crown Point

Haunted Hills Hospital is an entirely outdoor haunted experience with several scary-fun attractions to enjoy- if you don’t run away screaming first. Before going through the terrifying Hill Hollow and Haunted Hills, try your hand at ax throwing and the guillotine head toss. Or test your aim in pumpkin chunkin and try to hit a tombstone or escape from a coffin before being buried alive in a mini escape game.

Visit the midway to get a snack from the food trucks and browse souvenir vendors. Tickets are available online in advance, or they take both cash and credit cards at the ticket booth.

2. Hysterium Haunted Asylum

Fort Wayne

The Hysterium Haunted Asylum is the best haunted house in Indiana if you enjoy an interactive experience. The actors and other staff take great care of all visitors for an immersive experience that will make you jump. You’ll move through several creepy rooms with scares and actors that will make you scream.

Timed tickets are available online in advance for less time waiting in line and save a few dollars. Tickets are available the same day at the haunted house, but you may have to wait longer for an available entry time.

3. Fort Wayne Haunted Castle & Black Forest

Fort Wayne

The Fort Wayne Haunted Castle and the Black Forest have two separate haunted attractions. The two-story haunted castle is an indoor attraction with several scary scenes and two slides, and the Black Forest is an outdoor haunted forest.

Each attraction takes about thirty minutes to complete. You can visit just one attraction or purchase a combo ticket to see both.

If you need a break to let your heart rate come down between attractions, stop by the midway and get a snack from the concession stand or find a souvenir or Halloween merchandise in the Goblin shop. Tickets can be purchased online in advance or at the door.

4. Grissom Maze of Terror


Grissom Maze of Terror will keep you gasping and screaming as you try to find your way through. The maze is fully indoor, including the line. Parking is close to the entrance making this arguably the best haunted house in Indiana to visit in bad weather.

The props and special effects are fantastic. You’ll be scared the whole time if you can make it through without running away in fear.

5. Stillwell Manor

Stillwell Manor is a haunted mansion with an authentic look and feel. While some haunted houses look contrived, Stilwell Manor is the perfect place for ghosts to reside. There are three haunted attractions at the manor with various scares to make you jump and cry.

Tickets are available online in advance or at the door.

Best Haunted House in Indiana – Central Indiana

Zombies are walking through the woods

6. Nightmare on Edgewood


If you’re looking for a truly terrifying haunted house, check out Nightmare on Edgewood. It’s the best haunted house in Indiana for a nightmare experience you won’t soon forget.

Unlike most haunted houses, this is a full-contact attraction meaning the actors will touch you. You don’t just walk through this haunted house and experience the terrors firsthand.

Once you purchase your ticket from the ticket booth out front, the attraction is entirely indoors, including the line to go in. If the line is very long, you may have to wait outdoors. Some snacks are available, including hot chocolate to warm you up on a cold night.

7. Haunted Angelus House


The Haunted Angelus House is the best haunted house in Indiana if you want to support a good cause while you’re being scared. Proceeds from the haunted house go to support a group home called the Angelus for people with cerebral palsy who cannot care for themselves.

The price is affordable, and the haunted house is family-friendly so bring the whole family for some Halloween fun. It’s still pretty scary and not recommended for young children, so use your discretion when bringing kids.

8. The Thirteenth Hour


If you’re looking for a large, immersive haunted house to get lost in, the Thirteenth Hour is the best haunted house in Indiana for you. The attraction has three separate haunted houses that are part of one scary story.

The scenes and props are very well done, making you feel like you’ve entirely traveled to a different place.

The haunted house is recommended for ages ten and up; children under age seven are not allowed to enter.

9. The Barn of Terror


Prepare to be scared when you enter the Barn of Terror. Frightening scenes and creepy characters will come at you from every direction. They’ll go easy on kids at the parents’ request, but no such allowances are made for adults.

There is no age limit to attend, but children cannot be carried through the attraction; they must be able to walk through on their own.

Before or after the haunted barn, check out Zombie Paintball, where visitors shoot at targets and live zombies as they try to make it out alive. You can do Zombie Paintball with or without the Barn of Terror.

Best Haunted House in Indiana – Southern Indiana

Terrified Woman Screaming in a Corn Field

10. Forbidden Hollows Haunted Farm


Forbidden Hollows Haunted Farm is the best haunted house in Indiana if you want to get scared but not too scared. The Farm is a family-friendly haunted house and corn maze attraction.

Take a hayride out to the cornfield, then find your way through the maze as creepy creatures follow you and jump out at you. Pose for pictures with the evil clown and other characters before you leave.

There is no age limit for the haunted house or corn maze. All the staff and actors are friendly and ensure everyone has a good time. Tickets are only available at the door, and they take cash, credit, and debit cards.

11. Fear Fair


Some say Fear Fair is the best haunted house in Indiana for an excellent scare. This well-known haunted house is intense. Here the monsters are allowed to touch you-yikes! You’ll walk through the haunted house’s four themed areas as you experience scary special effects, evil creatures, and animatronics.

If you can’t wait until Halloween, Fear Fair is open for select days during special events throughout the year.

Fear Fair is one of the more scary haunted houses in Indiana. It’s recommended for ages thirteen and up.

12. Whispers Estate


Whispers Estate is the best haunted house in Indiana if you’re on the hunt for real ghosts. This attraction is not for the faint of heart. The estate gets its name from the many reports of people hearing ghosts whispering while in the house.

You won’t find actors in costumes here; you’ll experience actual paranormal activity. Many stories of people died in the house, including several children. Allegedly their ghosts still haunt the historic home, and you may experience this ghostly activity when you visit.

Visitors must be at least eighteen years old to enter. Currently, the house is only open for overnight stays. If you’re brave enough, spend a night with the ghosts and see if you can make it ’til morning.

13. Hell on the Hill


If you’re looking for some affordable Halloween fun, Hell on the Hill is the best haunted house in Indiana for you. The haunted woods is entirely free, but that doesn’t mean the haunted house is less impressive. The quality of the decorations, effects, and actors is just as good as some of the more expensive haunted houses in Indiana.

This family family-friendly haunted attraction is recommended for ages six and up. You’ll have a great time getting scared in the woods before taking a break with some live music. If you have a good time, show your appreciation by leaving a donation to help the owners keep the haunted house going and free for everyone.

Time to Plan your Visit to the Best Haunted House in Indiana

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