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Help Wanted Advertisements

A Major Employment Source. Help wanted advertisements are easy to find in major newspapers in any community and also on Internet employment sites. Not only do these advertisements give you leads as to where to find employment and in what fields, they also can give you a sense of the strength of the local economy.

Read Between the Lines. Since classified newspaper advertisements charge by the word or line, often the information is abbreviated or sketchy. Many advertisements are placed by employment agencies. As with an advertisement for an apartment or any other product, you might discover that the job really doesn’t exist. The agency just wanted to get you into their office.

Reply Appropriately. The advertisements are usually very specific as to how you should reply. If the advertiser writes “send a resume and don’t call,” then send a resume and don’t call. The advertisers have to deal with hundreds of replies. Don’t annoy them. A resume with a short covering letter describing your general qualities in five or six sentences will be enough. You may be tempted to squeeze as much information about yourself in the letter and resume as you can. Don’t. Someone who has to read hundreds of these resumes and letters will not want to read your autobiography. Save all that for the interview. And save your energy for applying for more jobs. Never put too much faith in any one position until you actually have an offer.

Make Your Reply Perfect. All correspondence you send by regular mail should be perfectly printed. Whether you send by regular mail or through the Internet, triple check for errors. Note that even if you send by e-mail, you are more likely to find errors if you print out a copy for your own use; it is more difficult to spot errors on a computer monitor. Both resume and cover letter should show your telephone number and e-mail address.

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