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Life in the USA
Making a Living

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Full Chapter Outline:
Finding a Job
---Americanizing Your Résumé
---Employment Applications
---Help Wanted Ads
---Internet Job Search
---Employment Agencies


Temporary Work

The Gender Gap

Workplace Culture

Office Politics

Job Benefits

Career Planning

Social Security and Withholding


The Underground Economy


The United States is a big country. Although national, state and local governments regulate business to the extent they are able, and some large corporations wield immense power in the economy, for the most part the American economy operates on a free market basis. The flexibility of the free market brings opportunity even in difficult economic times.

Opportunity is not always easy to translate into making a living, a task that can be challenging in the United States. Finding employment is a job in itself even during the best of times, especially for a newcomer who does not have English as a native language, or who does not fully understand American culture and customs.

Finding a job is just the first step, of course. The next step is to keep the job. A newcomer needs to assimilate into American workplace culture, and learn how to interact with co-workers in the process.

The goal is to turn what starts as “just a job” into a satisfying career. The sections that follow cover some of the basic issues of employment in the United States: how to find a job, keep a job, and thrive on the job.

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