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Vocational and Correspondence Schools

People wanting to learn a new job skill can attend one of the private schools that operate on a for-profit basis teaching subjects in demand. Trade schools teach practical subjects like computer repair, electronics, auto repair and refrigeration technology. Business schools (not to be confused with academic schools of business administration) teach bookkeeping, typing, stenography and word processing. Other specialized schools train people to enter the beauty industry (hairdressing and makeup), the travel industry, and anything else from dog grooming to truck driving to bartending.

Correspondence Schools. Many of these same skills can be learned through correspondence schools, entirely by mail or on the Internet. In either case, keep in mind that these schools are businesses, often with high fees. If you enrol and later decide to drop out, you might lose all the money you paid, or be liable for further payments because you signed a contract. If you are planning to go to one of these schools, either in person or by correspondence, check with the local consumer protection bureau to make sure the school is reputable.

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