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Succeeding in College

Be Organized. To succeed at an American college, a student must be organized. The college will have a counseling department with advisers who can help the student structure the best program. It is then up to the student to handle four or more courses at once, write and hand in term papers on time, and prepare for examinations.

Pay Attention to People Differences. Variety once again is the word to remember when dealing with professors and their requirements. They’ll all be different. It pays to have a good knowledge of what the individual professors are looking for, which professors are difficult or have personality problems, which professors are well loved or generate a lot of loyalty among the students. The more experienced students can be helpful sources for this information.

Respect the Rules. Throughout a college student’s school career, he or she must pay careful attention to deadlines, school regulations and the paperwork the school bureaucracy requires. Fees should be paid on time. Lack of attention to paperwork and deadlines can cause tremendous problems, especially for foreign students.

Choose Courses with Care. Another part of college success involves the choice of a “major” subject. It should be an area the student is happy with. It is important to consider the employment situation after college, or whether or not graduate study is planned. Advance planning will give the college student a good career foundation.

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