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College Application Forms

College application forms require a lot of thinking and planning. Get to know the application form well before doing anything. Fill out the application form carefully and neatly. Hire a typist if necessary. It pays to ask for an extra blank copy or to make a photocopy of the blank form to practice on. In all cases, photocopy the completed form to keep for your own records.

In addition to basic data like date of birth, schools attended and places worked, most college applications require you to write one or more essays so they can get an idea of your goals, personality and writing skills. Write the essays carefully, and whether or not your native language is English, get someone who really knows English grammar, punctuation and spelling to go over the essay before you send it in. Do not ask someone else to write the essay for you, however. It needs to be in your own words.

All college application forms must be accompanied by an application fee. Take careful note of the manner in which the college wants the money: check, or credit card information. If using a check, make sure it is denominated in US dollars and drawn to an American bank.

Do not forget to sign the form in the appropriate place. You might have to do this in more than one place.

Pay attention to the application deadline date, and send your properly completed form in well before that date.

This final point may seem obvious, but it pays to request the blank form from the college as early as you can. A request may take weeks to process.

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