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The Typical American Home – Room by Room

American decorating styles vary widely. The population of this country is a melting pot of different cultures, and you can often see the individual history of a person’s family just by inspecting the decorative nature of their home.

American homes are generally decorated in either a traditional European style, or in a modern contemporary style.

European styles include regional and time based decorating trends. Some examples include Louis XV style from France and the Victorian style from England. These trends are marked by similar furnishings, colors, and textures.

Traditional European styles tend to be relatively plain. Rather than using striking contrasts their colors tend to melt seamlessly into one another. Rooms are often symmetrical, and wall space is more prevalent than window space. In contrast, furnishings from these eras tend to be very intricate, and contain complex and detailed work.

Contemporary styles have fewer rules, but generally they feature heavy contrasting themes. In these styles brick walls will be placed side by side with silk tapestries, wrought iron will be grouped with antiqued hardwood.

Living Room

The centerpiece of most living rooms in America is the television. The TV is often grouped together with other related electronics such as DVD players, video games, and stereo systems. This is because many of the recreational activities participated in by family members, together or separately, involve these media pieces.

Living rooms also traditionally contain one sofa, one love seat, and occasionally a recliner or a small single chair.


Most American bedrooms also contain a television, although some people take exception to a TV as being intrusive.

American beds tend to have a lot of gizmos. Some beds are adjustable, allowing you to sit up like in a couch; others have a button that lets you make either side more or less firm. There are also water beds, air beds that inflate themselves, sofa couches, and futons.


Most American kitchens will contain an oven, a sink, and a refrigerator when you first move in. You may also have a microwave oven, a dishwasher, and or a garbage disposal.

When decorating the kitchen, generally people tend to focus on the walls, hanging pictures, wreaths, or pots and pans. Wicker decorations are also very popular.

Some people try to purchase all of their kitchen machines and utensils in a particular finish such as stainless steel. This can be considered a sign of sophistication and wealth.

Dining Rooms

In larger houses you will find a dining room where people gather for dinner and other meals. It generally contains a large dining table and chairs, and may also have a china cabinet, buffet, and or a liquor cabinet.

In smaller houses, and in apartments, dining is generally done in a small nook, created using a bistro table and chairs. Many people also purchase small kitchen tables to allow them to eat right in the kitchen. Other Americans just use TV trays and dine in front of the TV.

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