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Furnished Rooms

Furnished rooms are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis from residence hotels and in private homes. The landlord-tenant relationship does not apply, but the rules of innkeepers and hotel operators often do. Most furnished rooms are not rented with a lease, though perhaps a short agreement may be signed. If you are living in commercial residence hotel, public agencies may be able to help you if you have a problem. If you rent a room in a private home you don’t have much of a choice if problems come up except to leave and find another place to live.

Rooming houses exist in many communities, often in ethnic communities. You might contract for “room and board” which includes meals. If you do live in a furnished room or a rooming house, which can often be part of someone’s permanent home, you will have to be careful to familiarize yourself with the customs and manners of the people you rent from and the other residents of the house. It is best to be at least as clean (if not cleaner) than the others, at least as quiet, and in general to try to get along and make friends with the other people.

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