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Public Agencies

When you live in an American community, you may have occasion to deal with a variety of public agencies. These can vary widely, depending on whether you are dealing with a local, state or federal agency.

As an example, if you wish to make improvements on your home, many communities require that you file an application with the local zoning board, the agency responsible for setting standards for property use. You may need to deal with a public agency that helps people find employment, or another that advises people who wish to start businesses. Health care issues, your own or those of your family, may call for you to deal with a variety of public agencies. Some agencies provide free legal advice, while others give counseling on problems with consumer goods or how to deal with merchants. The list is endless.

Some agencies make themselves very easy to deal with, while some are very difficult. If you have to deal with a municipal or state agency for a problem on housing, health, childcare, employment, education or anything else, get all the information on that agency you can. Try to understand how the agency operates, and who is really in charge. If you do some basic research, you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration. Keep in mind also that governments and private charities, religious organizations for example, may themselves have specialists who can help you deal with a wide variety of public agencies.

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