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Things to do in Foley Alabama: Unmissable Attractions & Activities

Nestled in the heart of Baldwin County, the charming town of Foley, Alabama, offers a wide variety of activities and attractions to please visitors and locals alike. From thrilling outdoor adventures to the rich history encapsulated in its museums, there is an abundance of entertainment that awaits. As you plan your visit to this picturesque destination, make sure to keep the following activities and recommendations in mind.

Green Mountain Nature Trail

The natural beauty of the Alabama Gulf Coast plays a significant role in the appeal of Foley. With unique explorations such as Alligator Alley in nearby Summerdale and pristine white-sand beaches just a short drive away in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Foley is a perfect starting point for outdoor adventures. Apart from its beautiful landscapes, the city is also known for its thriving local businesses, such as the popular GlenLakes Golf Club.

In addition to its natural attractions, Foley boasts a rich history that is well-documented in various museums, including the Foley Railroad Museum and Holmes Medical Museum. The town is also home to family-friendly activities like amusement parks and water sports, which are sure to create lasting memories. Whether you’re a history buff, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply looking for a fun-filled vacation, Foley Alabama has it all.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover a variety of attractions, from outdoor adventures to historic museums
  • Enjoy the beautiful white-sand beaches and unique experiences like Alligator Alley
  • Family-friendly activities, local businesses, and community events punctuate the Foley experience

Top Attractions

Graham Creek Nature Preserve

Graham Creek Nature Preserve is a must-see attraction for nature lovers in Foley, Alabama. This 500-acre preserve offers a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, bird watching, and kayaking. The preserve also features an interpretive center, providing visitors with a wealth of knowledge about the local ecosystem and conservation efforts.

Foley Railroad Museum

For history buffs, the Foley Railroad Museum is an excellent destination. This attraction, located in downtown Foley, allows visitors to explore the rich history of the community and its ties to the railroad industry. The museum features a historic depot and an impressive model train exhibit, showcasing the train’s impact on the growth of coastal Alabama.

The Park at OWA

The Park at OWA is a popular entertainment destination in Foley, featuring numerous amusement rides, dining, and shopping options. This exciting attraction is perfect for families and visitors looking for a day of fun on Alabama’s Gulf Shores. With adrenaline-pumping roller coasters and interactive games, there is something for everyone at The Park at OWA.

Tanger Outlets

For shopping enthusiasts, Tanger Outlets is the go-to location in Foley. This sprawling shopping complex offers a wide range of popular brand-name stores, providing shoppers with ample opportunities for retail therapy. Visitors can take advantage of seasonal sales and enjoy a break at one of the many dining options available.

These top attractions in Foley, Alabama, provide visitors with an array of exciting activities, from exploring nature, delving into the region’s history, enjoying thrilling amusement park rides, and shopping at popular retail stores. Be sure to explore these gems during your visit to coastal Alabama.

Outdoor Activities

Foley, Alabama, offers a variety of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. With its close proximity to the Gulf Coast, you can explore beautiful beaches, state parks, and participate in exciting water sports. The area also offers excellent fishing opportunities and various nature preserves.

Gulf Coast Beaches and State Parks

Foley is just a short drive away from the stunning Gulf Coast, offering easy access to beautiful beaches such as Orange Beach. This makes it an ideal destination for beach lovers. Also, Gulf State Park is nearby, boasting over 6,000 acres of protected land and diverse ecosystems to explore. The park offers various outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, and birdwatching.

Fishing and Water Sports

The Gulf Coast is home to abundant fishing opportunities, making it an angler’s paradise. You can choose from a variety of fishing destinations, whether you prefer freshwater or saltwater fishing. Also, you can participate in thrilling water sports like kayaking, paddleboarding, and jet-skiing.

Graham Creek Nature Preserve is another excellent destination for outdoor enthusiasts, covering 484 acres of pristine natural habitats. The preserve offers trails for hiking, biking, and birdwatching, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers.

Historic Sites and Museums

Heritage Park

Heritage Park is a charming outdoor space in Foley, Alabama, featuring historical buildings and lush greenery. It’s an excellent place to learn about the region’s rich history and admire the beautifully preserved architecture. While at Heritage Park, don’t forget to check out the nearby attractions and events, such as the annual Gulf Coast Hot Air Balloon Festival.

Holmes Medical Museum

The Holmes Medical Museum is a unique specialty museum housed in the restored Sibley Holmes Memorial Hospital, which served as Foley’s first hospital from 1936 to 1958. Visitors can explore the original medical rooms, complete with vintage equipment and displays, including a human skeleton. Special exhibits delve into the history of medicine, providing insight into how healthcare has evolved in the area. Educational sites like this offer an engaging and informative experience for all ages.

Alabama Gulf Coast Music Hall

For music lovers, the Alabama Gulf Coast Music Hall is a must-visit destination. This lively venue hosts a variety of concerts, events, and even dinner shows, showcasing both local talent and nationally recognized artists. From country to rock, the Music Hall provides an entertaining experience for everyone. Keep an eye on their event calendar to catch your favorite acts and discover new ones.

Wilbourne Antique Rose Trail

Last but not least, the Wilbourne Antique Rose Trail is a picturesque gem nestled in Foley, Alabama. This enchanting trail features over 500 varieties of antique roses, displaying vibrant colors and delightful fragrances throughout the seasons. Stroll along the path, take in the beauty of the roses, and enjoy the serene atmosphere of the trail. The Wilbourne Antique Rose Trail is a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts and an ideal spot for a romantic walk, located near the tranquil Mobile Bay.

Food and Entertainment

Foley, Alabama, offers a variety of food and entertainment options for locals and visitors. From seafood restaurants to live music and local events, there’s something for everyone in this Baldwin County city. Whether you’re on vacation or planning a family-friendly trip, you’re sure to find fun and memorable experiences here.

Seafood Restaurants

Foley’s location along the Gulf Coast allows for easy access to fresh seafood. Numerous local restaurants offer a variety of seafood dishes, and some even provide a catch-and-cook experience for those who enjoy fishing. You can indulge in delicious shrimp, oysters, fish, and even crab dishes, all served with a side of Southern hospitality.

Live Music and Performances

The city of Foley is known for its vibrant live music and entertainment scene. From local festivals to outdoor concerts and performances in venues like the Wharf Amphitheater, there’s always something exciting happening around the city. In addition, several establishments host live music nights regularly, giving you a chance to experience the talents of your favorite local artists.

Local Artists and Events

Foley is home to renowned local artists who showcase their talents through various mediums such as painting, sculpture, and pottery. You can find their work at shops and galleries throughout the city, offering a unique opportunity to bring a piece of Foley back home with you. Moreover, the city hosts numerous events throughout the year, including art markets, farmers’ markets, and cultural festivals, providing a fun and enlightening experience for visitors and residents alike.

Family-Friendly Activities

GlenLakes Golf Club

GlenLakes Golf Club, located at 9530 Clubhouse Dr, Foley, AL, is a perfect place for a family outing. The club offers various outdoor activities and sports options suitable for children and adults. The beautiful surroundings will ensure a relaxing and enjoyable experience for the entire family during your vacation.

The Gulf Bowl

For families who love indoor entertainment, The Gulf Bowl is an excellent choice. This bowling center offers a fun and exciting way to spend quality time with your loved ones. Bowling is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, making it an ideal addition to any family vacation itinerary.

Shopping and Arcade Fun

Tanger Outlets Foley is a popular shopping destination in the area, featuring numerous brand-name stores and providing an enjoyable shopping experience for the whole family. After exploring the mall, visit the arcade for some additional family fun. Kids will love playing various games, while parents will appreciate the opportunity to unwind.

In addition to these exciting options, there are other family-friendly activities worth considering when planning your visit to Foley:

  • Enjoy the Holmes Medical Museum, which showcases interesting and rare outdated exhibits.
  • Check out the Foley Railroad Museum, where children can marvel at the model train exhibit.
  • Participate in various outdoor activities like water sports or hiking, offered in several nearby parks and nature reserves.

Visiting Foley, Alabama, with your family can provide a memorable sports tourism experience. By including these attractions in your trip, you’ll ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Local Business and Community Events

Foley, Alabama has a variety of activities and events for residents and visitors to enjoy. In this section, we will focus on local business and community events, including festivals and seasonal events, as well as farmers markets and local crafts.

Festivals and Seasonal Events

Foley offers a diverse range of events throughout the year. Some popular events include the annual Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival, which showcases local artists’ work and draws visitors from across the region. Another notable event is the Elberta Sausage Festival, where you can sample delicious sausages and other local food items. Additionally, the city park hosts occasional recreational events and picnics, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy the beautiful outdoor spaces in the area.

Farmers Markets and Local Crafts

Foley’s Farmers Market and the Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fishermen’s Market are great places to find fresh produce, honey, baked goods, and more. These markets run on weekends and provide an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to shop for quality products while supporting local businesses.

  • Foley’s Farmers Market: This market is open on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 20733 Miflin Rd, Foley, AL 36535. Items available include fresh vegetables, honey, baked goods, and more.
  • Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fishermen’s Market: Located in nearby Gulf Shores, this market runs on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. It offers a variety of seafood, produce, and handcrafted items.

Aside from the markets, Foley is home to several local businesses that sell unique crafts and artisan goods. During the holiday season, you can find handcrafted decorations and gifts at the Trim-A-Tree event. Throughout the year, local artists and artisans showcase their jewelry, handmade soaps, and other creations at various shops and pop-up events. Travelers can take home a piece of Foley’s local culture while supporting the vibrant community of creators in the process.