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Things to Do in Center Point Alabama: Top Attractions & Activities

Nestled in the heart of Alabama, Center Point offers an array of activities and attractions for visitors and locals alike. With its charming blend of natural beauty and cultural appeal, this hidden gem boasts a variety of experiences that cater to a wide range of interests. From outdoor enthusiasts to history buffs and foodies, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this quaint town.

U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Outdoor adventurers will be delighted by the endless possibilities for exploration at locations such as Turkey Creek Nature Preserve, while those seeking a more laid-back experience can unwind at the various relaxation retreats in the area. For visitors keen on immersing themselves in local history and culture, Center Point’s museums and venues offer engaging displays of the region’s rich heritage. And if that weren’t enough, the town’s vibrant dining scene promises a delicious gastronomic adventure, showcasing the best of Alabama’s flavors.

Key Takeaways

  • Center Point offers a mix of outdoor activities, cultural attractions, and delectable local cuisine.
  • Nearby Turkey Creek Nature Preserve provides ample opportunities for outdoor exploration and adventure.
  • Visitors can appreciate Center Point’s rich history and distinctive culture through its museums and events.

Locations Near Center Point

Center Point is a charming destination, but the surrounding areas of Alabama also offer a myriad of attractions and activities.

Birmingham, just a short drive from Center Point, is Alabama’s largest city. It is packed with cultural and historical sites, such as the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and Sloss Furnaces. The city is also known for its vibrant culinary scene, with delicious options like La Calle Tacos & Snacks.

Further south, Mobile is a coastal city with rich history and beautiful architecture. If you’re looking for outdoor adventures, the nearby Gulf Coast beckons with pristine beaches in both Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. These locations offer excellent opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, and watersports.

For shopping enthusiasts, Foley is home to a popular outlet mall, where you can spend an afternoon browsing through discounted designer items. Nature lovers will also feel at home in this region with its lush wetlands and impressive wildlife.

Take a trip to Bayou La Batre to experience a traditional Southern fishing village steeped in history and culture. It provides authentic insights into Alabama’s maritime heritage and the bounty of the Gulf Coast.

Outdoor Activities

Parks and Nature

Center Point, Alabama has a variety of parks and nature spots to enjoy outdoor activities. The Center Point Parks & Recreation aims to enrich the quality of life for residents and visitors through their park and recreation system. One of the popular parks in the area is the picturesque recreational area located a few miles north of Center Point. This 20-acre park features a playground, walking trails, disc golf, and an amphitheater, providing ample opportunities for both relaxation and exercise.

For those looking to beat the summer heat, there is a Splash Pad for the kids complete with several super soakers and fountains. Beyond Center Point, Alabama offers a range of outdoor experiences like its 22 state parks, eight national parks, and numerous nature preserves for activities like hiking, camping, and canoeing.

Fishing Spots

Alabama is known for its abundant fishing spots, and Center Point is no exception. While specific fishing locations within Center Point may be limited, the surrounding areas offer plenty of opportunities for anglers. Be sure to check out the nearby water sources, like streams and ponds, for some local fishing action. For a more expansive fishing experience, consider exploring the various fishing spots throughout the state of Alabama. With the state’s vast network of lakes, rivers, and reservoirs, you’ll find great opportunities to catch various fish species like bass, catfish, and crappie.

Cultural Attractions

Center Point, Alabama, offers a variety of cultural attractions for visitors to explore and enjoy. While the city itself may not be home to a large number of museums, there are several notable options within a short driving distance, allowing visitors to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the region’s history and culture.


U.S. Space & Rocket Center: Located in Huntsville, which is accessible by car from Center Point, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center is a must-visit for any space enthusiast. This unique museum showcases the history of the United States’ space program through informative exhibits and fascinating artifacts. It is also home to the world’s largest collection of rockets and space memorabilia, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute: A short drive from Center Point, the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is a living testament to the civil rights movement. The museum features interactive exhibits and powerful stories that shed light on Birmingham’s role in the struggle for racial equality. A visit to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is an eye-opening and unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages.

Southern Museum of Flight: Located nearby in Birmingham, the Southern Museum of Flight is dedicated to preserving and promoting the rich aviation history of the region. The museum boasts over 100 aircraft, various engines, models, and artifacts that span the history of flight. Additionally, the museum offers a range of educational programs for visitors of all ages, making it an engaging destination for families and flight enthusiasts alike.

Local Cuisine

Center Point, Alabama, offers a variety of delicious local cuisine options to satisfy your taste buds. From traditional Southern fare to unique dishes inspired by the region, this town is bound to have something for everyone. In this section, we will explore some popular restaurants and delightful dishes that you must try while in Center Point.

Popular Restaurants

  1. Cajun Bistro: This restaurant is known for serving the best Cajun cuisine in town. It was formerly known as Redeaux’s Bistreaux and continues to offer a range of flavorful Cajun and Creole dishes as well as seafood options.

  2. Ken’s Hickory Pit Barbecue: Located in nearby Pinson, Ken’s is a local favorite for American-style barbecue. The restaurant features slow-cooked, tender ribs and is also praised for its delicious breakfast offerings.

  3. Red Lobster: Providing a seafood dining experience, the Red Lobster in Birmingham is an excellent choice for those craving a taste of the ocean. This popular chain restaurant offers priority seating in order to minimize wait times so you can spend more time enjoying your meal and the surrounding area.

  4. Green Acres Cafe Centerpoint: This casual eatery serves up Southern Food and comfort food classics, perfect for a satisfying and hearty meal.

Delightful Dishes

When dining in Center Point, there are a few dishes that you simply must try. Some of these standout dishes include:

  • Cajun Catfish: At Cajun Bistro, this mouthwatering dish features perfectly-seasoned catfish with a flavorful kick. Paired with traditional southern sides, it is a must-try for any seafood lover.

  • BBQ Ribs: Ken’s Hickory Pit Barbecue offers succulent, slow-cooked ribs that are fall-off-the-bone tender and coated in a rich, smoky sauce. Pair your ribs with some classic southern sides like mac and cheese or collard greens for an extra satisfying experience.

  • Fried Chicken: Green Acres Cafe Centerpoint is known for its juicy and crispy fried chicken, making it an essential dish to try while in town.

  • Delivery Options: Center Point offers delivery services for many of its local restaurants, making it convenient for residents and visitors to enjoy their favorite dishes from the comfort of their own homes.

When it comes to local cuisine in Center Point, you won’t be disappointed with the variety of delicious options available. Whether you are in the mood for Southern comfort food, Cajun flavors, or some classic American barbecue, Center Point has a little something for everyone’s taste buds.

Group Activities

Center Point, Alabama offers several enjoyable group activities catered to families and adventure seekers alike.

For those who love nature, visiting the Reed-Harvey Park is a must. This picturesque recreational area spans 20 acres and features a playground, walking trails, disc golf, and an amphitheater. Families with children will especially appreciate the Splash Pad, which provides hours of fun on hot summer days.

Another family-friendly activity can be found at Railroad Park Foundation in nearby Birmingham. They offer various events throughout the year such as The Great Whiskey Run, which includes whiskey tours and tastings. They also organize scavenger hunts and other couple’s date nights to keep the whole family entertained.

For a more laid-back and educational experience, consider visiting the Southern Museum of Flight. With an impressive collection of aircraft and aviation history exhibits, it is a must-see destination for all ages.

Adventurous groups can explore the area with the Birmingham City LOVE Scavenger Hunt. This fun-filled activity guides participants through the city, discovering hidden gems and completing challenges, perfect for creating unforgettable memories.

Finally, make sure to visit Green Acres Cafe Centerpoint for a taste of Southern comfort food. The cozy atmosphere, coupled with delectable dishes, will recharge your spirits after a day of exciting group activities in Center Point.

Center Point, Alabama truly has something for every group to enjoy — from nature lovers to history buffs, to adventure enthusiasts. No exaggeration required; the options are seemingly endless and cater to a variety of interests, ensuring a memorable experience for all.

Relaxation Retreats

Center Point, Alabama, offers a tranquil environment for those seeking relaxation and respite from daily life. One notable place to unwind is the Turkey Creek Nature Preserve. This 466-acre sanctuary boasts gushing waterfalls and scenic hiking trails where you can reconnect with nature and enjoy moments of tranquility. You can spend time swimming in the blue hole or simply floating along the river on a tube, allowing the peaceful surroundings to help you de-stress.

For a more structured experience, consider attending facilitated retreats in the area. These events often focus on personal growth, wellness, and relaxation. Keep an eye on Eventbrite listings for Center Point to find retreats that cater to your specific interests and relaxation preferences.

Another option is to explore wellness retreats available in Alabama more broadly. Although there might not be a retreat located directly within Center Point, neighboring areas might offer rejuvenating experiences that include yoga, meditation, and various forms of self-care. You can find these retreats through platforms like, which also provides information on pricing, packages, and available dates.

Lastly, make sure to visit some local attractions to enhance your relaxation experience even further. The Southern Museum of Flight is an interesting spot for those looking to immerse themselves in aviation history while taking a break from their routine. Additionally, don’t miss out on a comforting meal at Green Acres Cafe Centerpoint, offering delicious Southern food and comfort cuisine to enhance your relaxation retreat.

Music and Events

Center Point, Alabama, offers a variety of music and events to entertain both locals and visitors. Music enthusiasts can enjoy live performances, while event-goers can participate in various activities, making for a memorable experience.

One popular event in Center Point is the Rev. Warren H. Dolphus Gospel Music Extravaganza, which takes place at the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel. This event showcases talented gospel musicians and singers, celebrating the rich tradition of gospel music in the region.

For those looking for a good laugh, the Charleston White & Friends Comedy Show is a must-attend event. Held at 1130 9th Ave SW, this live comedy event promises an evening filled with laughter as talented comedians take the stage.

Couples in the area will enjoy Birmingham City LOVE Scavenger Hunt for Couples Date Night. This fun and romantic event is held multiple times throughout the year, offering couples the opportunity to explore the city, complete challenges, and create lasting memories together.

In terms of music venues, The Roses Tours is a popular local spot that hosts live music events. Fans of Taylor Swift can also enjoy the Silent Disco: Taylor Swift Night + Friends & Foes event at Hi-Wire Brewing in Birmingham. This unique event offers guests the opportunity to dance to their favorite Taylor Swift tunes while wearing headphones, creating a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Center Point’s proximity to Birmingham also provides access to music events at the historic Alabama Theatre and the Baldwin outdoor amphitheater in nearby Pelham. These venues host a diverse array of concerts, ranging from popular acts to up-and-coming local talent.

No matter the preference, whether it’s music, comedy, or romantic activities, Center Point, Alabama, has something to offer for everyone. Don’t hesitate to explore these unique events and experiences that make this region so enjoyable.

Exploring Gulf Shores and Point Clear

Gulf Shores and Point Clear are two picturesque locations in Alabama situated along the beautiful Gulf Coast. Both offer a variety of enjoyable activities for visitors to experience, from historical sites to outdoor activities, and charming local attractions.

In Point Clear, a must-see destination is the Confederate Rest Cemetery, a significant historical landmark. Established in 1863, it contains the resting place of many soldiers from the Battle of Vicksburg. For those who appreciate history and culture, visiting this peaceful cemetery is truly an enriching experience.

Another attraction in Point Clear worth checking out is Ye Olde Post Office and Antiques and Militaria. This unique store offers an eclectic mix of antiques, military memorabilia, and an opportunity to delve deeper into history through fascinating artifacts.

For accommodations in Point Clear, consider staying at the Grand Hotel Marriott Resort, Golf Club & Spa, particularly if you’re up for a bit of a splurge. This premier destination offers not only luxurious rooms and spa facilities but also a golf course and other sports amenities.

Traveling just a short distance to Gulf Shores, visitors are greeted by the stunning Gulf State Park. Spread across 6,500 acres, the park boasts beautiful beaches, miles of hiking trails, and various recreational facilities perfect for a day outdoors. It’s an ideal location to engage in activities like swimming, fishing, or even picnicking with family and friends.

The Gulf Shores Welcome Center is another essential stop for tourists. Here, you can gather valuable information on local events, restaurants, nature trails, and other available entertainment options in the area.

Finally, add Perdido Beach to your list of places to visit. This small coastal town offers gorgeous beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a fantastic spot for fishing at Alabama Point. It’s an alluring location for those seeking some relaxation or adventures on the water.