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Best Realtors in Alabama: Your Guide to Top-Notch Agents

Alabama’s real estate market has been experiencing significant growth and change in recent years. An increasing number of people are looking for homes and investment properties in this beautiful southern state. As a result, finding the best realtor to guide you through the process has never been more important. With thousands of real estate agents available throughout Alabama, it’s essential to choose a professional who has the expertise and local knowledge to assist you in finding the perfect property.

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Top realtors in Alabama are committed to delivering high-quality service and demonstrating their value in a competitive market. To navigate this dynamic marketplace, it is crucial to identify the best realtors in the state, focusing on those with extensive experience in the major cities, including Birmingham, Huntsville, and Montgomery. Additionally, prospective buyers and sellers should consider factors such as the realtor’s specialization, community involvement, and a proven track record when selecting the right agent.

Key Takeaways

  • Top Alabama realtors offer expertise and local knowledge to guide clients in a competitive market
  • Major cities like Birmingham, Huntsville, and Montgomery are key areas for finding top real estate agents
  • Consider the agent’s specialization, experience, and community involvement when making a decision.

Top Realtor Firms

Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams Realty is a well-known real estate agency with a strong presence in Alabama. In major cities like Birmingham and Mobile, their experienced agents are knowledgeable about the local market trends and have effective marketing strategies to help both buyers and sellers. In 2023, Keller Williams continues to maintain its reputation as a reliable and professional real estate firm.

Exp Realty

Exp Realty is a growing real estate firm in Alabama, with many skilled realtors ready to provide quality service. Their agents leverage advanced technology tools and unique marketing approaches, ensuring they stay updated with the latest market trends. Exp Realty has earned a solid reputation, offering exceptional support to clients in cities like Birmingham and Mobile in 2023.

Re/Max Preferred

Re/Max Preferred has established itself as a leading real estate firm in Alabama, known for its experienced and knowledgeable agents. They have offices in major cities across the state, including Birmingham and Mobile, and strive to provide the best experience for their clients in 2023. Known for their excellent marketing tactics and professionalism, Re/Max Preferred remains a popular choice for clients seeking real estate services.

Coldwell Banker of the Valley

Coldwell Banker of the Valley has been a trusted real estate firm in Alabama for years. Their realtors have extensive local knowledge and experience in cities like Birmingham and Mobile, ensuring they can provide valuable insights to clients. The firm’s agents have a reputation for clear communication, along with effective marketing strategies, making Coldwell Banker of the Valley a top choice for clients in 2023.

Best Realtors in Major Cities

Birmingham Realtors

In Birmingham, Gusty Gulas from eXp Realty is a top-ranked agent with 17 years of experience and 1360 sales in the last 3 years1. Another notable realtor is Clarence G who is also affiliated with eXp Realty and has sold properties ranging from $167,988 to $279,9802. Lisa P from Keller Williams Vestavia is another prominent agent with numerous successful transactions in this area2.

Mobile Realtors

For those in the Mobile area, more information on top agents can be found through the major real estate platforms. They can provide comprehensive listings and agent rankings based on their local knowledge, expertise, and proven track records.

Huntsville Realtors

Huntsville’s real estate market features skilled professionals such as Darrin Hasley & Team Capstone Realty. Boasting 18 years of experience, this team has recorded 292 sales in Huntsville in the last 3 years1. Another esteemed realtor is Amanda Howard, a relocation specialist with 24+ years of experience and a perfect 5.0 rating from 553 reviews3.

Montgomery Realtors

In Montgomery, real estate agents can be found with impressive credentials. Research and explore major real estate listings to find the best realtors for your needs. Make sure to look for factors such as experience, reviews, and knowledge in the Montgomery area to make an informed decision.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Realtor

Local Market Expertise

One of the most important factors when choosing a realtor is their knowledge of the local real estate market. Experienced agents possess a deep understanding of the neighborhoods, home prices, and trends in Alabama, giving potential home buyers and sellers an advantage. Look for an agent who has a solid track record in the area and can provide specific insights relevant to your needs.

Negotiation Skills

The ability to effectively negotiate is crucial in the real estate market. Strong negotiation skills can make a significant difference in the final selling or purchase price of a property. Choose an agent who has proven experience in closing deals that favor their clients, whether they’re buyers or sellers. Don’t be afraid to ask for examples of past transactions where they effectively negotiated on behalf of their clients.

Online Presence

In today’s tech-savvy world, having a strong online presence is essential for marketing properties and finding the best deals. Top agents use various online platforms to showcase their listings, attract potential buyers and sellers, and stay connected with clients. When selecting a realtor, consider their use of technology, including their website, social media channels, and online reviews.

  • Website: A user-friendly, well-designed website with updated listings and valuable information.
  • Social Media: Active social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, where they share relevant content and engage with followers.
  • Reviews: Positive reviews from past clients on websites like Google, Yelp, and Zillow demonstrate customer satisfaction and trustworthiness.

Customer Service

Lastly, excellent customer service should be a top priority for any real estate agent. Communication, responsiveness, and attentiveness separate the best agents from the rest. Choose a realtor who is easy to reach, listens to your needs, and keeps you informed throughout the process. Remember to read reviews from previous clients to gauge their level of customer service and overall satisfaction.

By considering these factors, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect realtor to help you navigate the Alabama real estate market with confidence and success.

Alternative Realtor Options

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Alabama, you may consider alternative options to traditional real estate agents. These options can potentially save you money on commission fees, while still providing the professional guidance you need. In this section, we will discuss two alternative realtor options: Discount Real Estate Brokers and Flat Fee Listings.

Discount Real Estate Brokers

Discount real estate brokers offer the same services as traditional Realtors but at reduced commission rates. Instead of the standard 6% commission, they charge a lower percentage or a fixed fee. This can save both homebuyers and sellers thousands of dollars in agent fees. These brokers work predominantly online, and their services are often more streamlined than those of their traditional counterparts.

Keep in mind that the level of service may vary among discount brokers. Some may offer full-service representation, while others could provide limited support. It’s essential to research different discount real estate brokers and compare their offerings to ensure they align with your specific needs.

Flat Fee Listing

Another alternative option to consider is a flat fee listing service. With this approach, homeowners pay a one-time, fixed fee to list their property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). This makes the property visible to all agents and potential buyers. Instead of paying a listing agent commission, the seller only needs to pay the buyer’s agent commission, which is typically 3% of the sale price.

Although a flat fee listing can save sellers money, it’s important to remember that they may still need to handle some aspects of the selling process themselves. This may include marketing the property, coordinating showings, and negotiating offers. Additionally, some flat fee listing services may charge extra fees for additional services such as professional photography or contract review.

When exploring alternative realtor options in Alabama, it’s crucial to consider your budget, time, and willingness to take on aspects of the selling or buying process. Both discount real estate brokers and flat fee listing services can offer cost-effective alternatives to traditional Realtors, but it’s essential to research and select the approach that best fits your unique needs.

Alabama Real Estate Market Trends


The Alabama real estate market offers a variety of affordable homes, attracting new residents to the state. With a median home price of $295,900 and an average price per square foot of $159, homes in Alabama are often more budget-friendly compared to other states1. Many Alabama realtors work with clients to find the perfect property that fits their financial needs. Furthermore, partnering with a skilled real estate agent can help buyers navigate the competitive market and secure their dream home.


Property values in Alabama have been steadily increasing, reflecting the overall market’s growth. This appreciation trend is beneficial for both homeowners and real estate agents as it indicates a healthy local economy. People buying homes today can expect their investments to appreciate over time, providing long-term financial benefits. Real estate agents also benefit from a growing market, as increased property values often result in higher commissions.


Investing in Alabama real estate is an attractive option for investors due to the state’s affordable housing options, population growth, and expanding economy. Foreclosures can offer investors excellent opportunities to acquire properties at discounted prices, although it’s vital to work with knowledgeable real estate agents who can provide expert advice and guidance.

The National Association of Realtors advises investors to research the local market and enlist the expertise of experienced real estate agents to ensure positive returns. Many Alabama realtors specialize in working with investors and can offer valuable insights into the most profitable investments in the area.

Additional Resources and Tools

In this section, we will explore various resources and tools available for homebuyers, sellers, and investors in the Alabama real estate market. Each sub-section will provide helpful information tailored to specific aspects of the real estate process.


Houzeo is a valuable platform for homebuyers and sellers looking for an efficient and affordable approach to finding top realtors in Alabama. This user-friendly platform offers a range of options such as up-to-date MLS listings and detailed reviews of realtors, allowing users to make informed decisions with confidence.

MLS Listing Packages

To cater to different preferences and budgets, Alabama real estate agents provide MLS Listing Packages which can be customized to your needs. Flat fee MLS Alabama allows for a streamlined approach to listing properties and helps find the best match of buyers and sellers. Some benefits of using MLS Listing Packages include:

  • Professional guidance by real estate experts
  • Increased exposure to potential buyers
  • Time-saving benefits compared to traditional listings

Real Estate Investing

Investing in Alabama’s real estate market can be a rewarding endeavor for both residents and individuals looking to relocate. Considering factors such as affordability, property availability, and potential for growth, Alabama is an attractive destination for investors. The following tools can aid in optimizing real estate investments:

  1. National Association of Realtors (NAR): As the largest association of real estate professionals, NAR offers reliable resources for investors and agents, such as market trends, analysis, and regulatory updates.
  2. Investment Property Resources: Platforms such as Zillow and Trulia offer accessible tools to compare properties and analyze investment potentials.
  3. Local Market Knowledge: Engaging with experienced Alabama realtors, participating in local events, and reading local news can provide invaluable insights into investing in the state’s real estate market.

Real Estate for Military and Veterans

The real estate market can be challenging for military personnel and veterans, as their housing needs are often unique. Military-friendly real estate agents in Alabama, and other areas like New Jersey, North Carolina, and Nashville, understand these specific needs and are equipped to help military clients find the right home.

Military Relocation

Military relocation professionals play a vital role in helping military families and veterans find suitable housing. These professionals, like Derek Brown – a Marine Corps Veteran and a real estate agent in Alabama, are knowledgeable about the military lifestyle and are prepared to assist their clients in making a smooth transition into a new home.

It is crucial for military-friendly realtors to have a deep understanding of the available benefits and support for U.S. servicemembers and their families. The Military Relocation Professional (MRP) certification program educates REALTORS® on how to best serve military clients, ensuring they find housing solutions that suit their needs.

For veterans, it’s essential to work with a military-friendly real estate agent who is familiar with VA loans. Twila Lukavich is a realtor specializing in helping buyers use VA loans. She works with Russell Real Estate Services in Cleveland and focuses on ensuring veterans find housing that meets their requirements.

To find a military-friendly real estate agent in your area, you can contact Veterans United Realty at 1-833-252-8030. They will connect you with a local agent who is experienced in working with military clients.

When searching for a military-friendly REALTOR®, you can also use resources like Military Town Advisor, which provides a directory of agents who understand the unique needs of military families. They can help you navigate the housing market, taking into consideration factors like frequent relocation, tight timelines, and specific financing options.

Profiles of Successful Alabama Realtors

Amanda Howard

Amanda Howard is a leading real estate professional in Alabama known for her dedication and emphasis on maximum exposure for her clients’ properties. With years of experience, Amanda has managed to develop a strong reputation as an exceptional agent in the region.

Steven Dillard

Steven Dillard has made a name for himself through the utilization of innovative technologies, such as mobile apps, to enhance customer support and services. As a knowledgeable and reliable agent, Steven is focused on delivering the best results for his clients, ensuring they achieve their real estate goals.

Blake Cantrell

Blake Cantrell is a respected local agent, known for providing comprehensive MLS listing packages and tailored services to his clients. His expertise and understanding of the local market have helped countless clients navigate the complexities of buying and selling properties in Alabama.

Stephanie Schulte

Stephanie Schulte is a talented realtor specializing in military relocation services. Her dedication and understanding of the unique needs of military families have made her an indispensable resource for those moving to and from the area. Stephanie takes great care to provide her clients with unparalleled support and guidance throughout their real estate transactions.

Hugh Morrow

Hugh Morrow, a seasoned real estate agent in Alabama, has made a significant impact on the industry in the United States. His dedication to providing outstanding results for his clients has earned him an excellent reputation and a strong clientele base.

David Mackle

David Mackle is part of the RE/MAX Preferred team and is a highly-regarded agent in the Alabama real estate market. His commitment to understanding client needs and providing tailored solutions has earned him a dedicated following of satisfied clients.

Allison Burleson

Allison Burleson is an accomplished real estate professional affiliated with Coldwell Banker of the Valley. Allison’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer support and expertise within the local market has cemented her position as a trusted and reliable agent.

Ben Tamburello

Ben Tamburello is a well-respected Alabama realtor known for his ability to guide clients through complex transactions with ease. With years of experience, Ben expertly navigates the process, using his extensive knowledge of local agents, markets, and resources to provide his clients with the best possible outcomes.


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