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Personal Safety

Personal safety is of special concern for the elderly since they are often quite vulnerable. Any workable retirement plan should include consideration of personal safety factors. For many elderly people in America, especially those who cannot afford to move out of high crime urban areas, crime, and the fear of crime, are constant realities.

Creating an Anti-Crime Strategy. Planned retirement communities often have security patrols that largely remove one of the great uncertainties about growing older in the United States. Retired people under other circumstances have to take steps on their own to help each other deal with crime. Social service organizations help elderly people with transportation, monitoring, awareness training and other activities in an effort to insulate them from crime. Ultimately, however, it is up to the individual to take the care necessary to reduce the possibility of becoming the victim of a crime. The specific nature of the community will always come into play.

A sensible personal safety strategy will call for good home security features, an awareness of risks, and appropriate lifestyle habits (such as shopping, visiting or engaging in outside activities during the safest parts of the day). It is also wise to know what to do in case you become the victim of a crime, how the police operate, where they are located, and other key details.

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