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The term “Soccer Mom” is used quite commonly in the United States. It has a range of meanings, some positive, some slightly negative.

Though the term has some flexibility, it generally connotes an aware, modern woman in an upscale single-income household. The soccer mom’s primary concern is her children; she juggles many responsibilities, often symbolized by the frequent act of taking her children to youth soccer events and supporting their efforts in these competitions. The soccer mom would generally be active in the community, particularly in areas that affect her children’s education and well-being.

As a stereotype, the soccer mom would drive an upscale yet practical vehicle like a mini-van, SUV or a Volvo or Subaru station wagon. She would coordinate her efforts, with quasi-military precision, on a cellular telephone. Often she might over-schedule her children’s activities or push them beyond the limit of endurance.

This stereotype tends to connote a certain crass materialism and the notion that a woman who ought to be liberated and independent has chosen to be a homemaker (and yet is more aggressive about the lifestyle choice than women of previous generations.) In actual fact, many women of all types are proud to call themselves soccer moms in that the term signifies a true dedication to their children. The term, which first gained wide currency in the 1990s, will undoubtedly evolve over time and take on further, often contradictory, shades of meaning.

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