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11 Best Things To Do In Brookhaven, New York

Do you need a new, fresh town to visit, or maybe you’ve just moved to the area? Then, let’s look at the best things to do in Brookhaven! You’ll see this town is exceptionally well-kept and downright gorgeous. Brookhaven, New York, is one of the top favored towns in the state, and it’s easy to see why.

You’re in for a joyous time while planning a list of fun things to do in Brookhaven, New York. Whether you wish to stay indoors, explore the great outdoors, or want to know where to grab a bite to eat and enjoy the atmosphere, I know you’ll love any of these locations below!

Best Things To Do In Brookhaven, New York

A Brief History of Brookhaven, New York

Before we dig into these exciting things to do in Brookhaven, it’s important to discuss briefly how this town began. From the very beginning, Brookhaven was founded by the “Setauket” in the middle of the 17th century. However, it’s been told throughout history that in the 19th century, Brookhaven grew into a central hub for shipbuilding.

In today’s times, it can be pretty pricey to live here, but Brookhaven is labeled as the safest, cleanest, and best place to be and live in New York compared to nearby cities. When you visit, I know you’ll love the stunning beaches, beautiful parks, and exciting things to do in Brookhaven. I think you’ll also like its inviting townspeople who enjoy calling this beautiful city home!

A Few Exciting Things to Do in Brookhaven Indoors

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1. Longwood Estate

Smith Road- Brookhaven, New York

Let’s begin this list of amazing things to do in Brookhaven with a bit of history, shall we? First, bring your family and enjoy Longwood Estate! This historic home, once owned by the Smith family, is well-loved and now owned by the town of Brookhaven! It’s also listed and registered on the official list of historic houses.

As of today, Longwood Estate is home to many enjoyable activities for locals and tourists. For example, this former Smith farm is the official host of the town’s annual Longwood Fair.

2. Mama Farm B&B

Long Island- Suffolk County, New York

Please allow time to visit Mama Farm B&B; this is one of the neatest things to do in Brookhaven! Suppose you’d like to spend the night? In that case, Mama Farm’s Bed and Breakfast accommodates up to nine people, has farm-fresh breakfast ready for you in the morning, and is the coziest place to rest your head.

Participate in the farm’s fabulous community-ticketed events when planning a summer visit. Mama Farm is also so convenient and easy to find. Things to do in Brookhaven surrounding Mama Farm are the local beaches, visits to nearby nature preserves, walking around the village, shopping, and enjoying the town’s local restaurants.

Best Restaurants To Visit While Exploring Things To Do in Brookhaven

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3. Painters’ Restaurant

South Country Road- Brookhaven, New York

Here’s a restaurant that provides unique dishes and doubles as exciting things to do in Brookhaven if you want to attend a few events. When planning a visit to Painters’ Restaurant, you’ll enjoy a meal, view the floor-to-ceiling eclectic arts, and participate in stimulating music by featured DJs and live bands on the weekends.

Painters’ menu includes delicious entrees such as brunch, lunch, dinner, fancy specials, and even desserts. People with kids are also welcome; children will even have their very own menus!

4. Varney’s Restaurant

Montauk Highway- Brookhaven, New York

If you love fresh seafood, bring your family and friends and try some tasty entrees at Varney’s Restaurant!

Choose from their variety of delicious starters like shrimp, clams, and mussels, or grab a sandwich such as their lobster roll, fish sandwiches, salads, and soups. You won’t be disappointed! Also, ask about their plentiful catering options if you’re feeding a crew or planning an event!

5. Jim’s Deli

Montauk Highway- Brookhaven, New York

So you make it through this list of fun things to do in Brookhaven all in one visit; grab a quick bite to eat at Jim’s Deli!

Some of the various tasty foods offered here at Jim’s Deli are their hot daily specials, savory sides, and brunch choices such as breakfast sandwiches, omelets, and pancakes. Also, choose from Boar’s Head deli sandwiches, wraps, heroes, and paninis for excellent fast and fresh lunches.

6. Ground Round Bar and Grill

Montauk Highway, Brookhaven, New York

Ground Round Bar and Grill has a well-rounded menu for sure! Here’s a great family-friendly restaurant where everyone will be able to order something they like, guaranteed! Ground Round Grill is also the place to go if you need a great kid’s menu, comfort food, or extensive selections of snacks.

Check out their delicious starters, soups, sandwiches, classic burgers, and salads. Ground Round Bar and Grill also has a hardier selection of chicken, ribs, plates of pasta, different kinds of seafood, tex mex, and even steaks.

Best Outdoor Things To Do In Brookhaven

Fire Island, New York

7. Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge

Smith Road- Suffolk County, New York

Here are a few exciting things to do in Brookhaven for adventurous folks! First, plan a hike along the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge trails. You will find the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge located along the south shore of Long Island within the undeveloped estuary systems.

Enjoy exhilarating views of local wildlife, go fishing, hike the trails, and learn more about the gorgeous area. Don’t forget to ask about their seasonal special events and outdoor experiences.

8. Long Island Jet Ski Rentals

South Country Road- Brookhaven, New York

If you’re looking for exciting water sports ideas for your list of things to do in Brookhaven, look no further than the Long Island Jet Ski Rentals. Long Island Rentals has the utmost quality and cleanest jet skis in New York.

Bring your family and friends for thrilling water fun! Come and ride some wave runners along the safe, clean, and Intracoastal waters. Thanks to the one hundred square miles of water, you’ll have plenty of space to ride along the bay.

9. Brookhaven State Park

William Floyd Parkway- Ridge, New York

For another idea of exciting things to do in Brookhaven, spend the day at the gorgeous Brookhaven State Park! Then, take “The Brookhaven Trail” to “Paumanok Path.”

Explore the outdoor activities along the beautiful state park’s trails and view all the gorgeous oak-pine habitats, coastal plain ponds, and wetlands. Brookhaven Park has fantastic paths for biking, taking hikes, and even enjoying horseback riding.

10. Robinson Duck Farm Dog Park

Suffolk County- Brookhaven, New York

There’s a new attraction in town! What was formally the Robinson Duck Farm has recently transformed into the Robinson Duck Farm Dog Park (say that ten times fast!)

This spacious dog park is perfect for letting your furry family members run free! Meet new dog friends and get to know fellow “fur baby” parents! The park is located across the north-central regions of several acres of large, fenced land that also feature a small parking lot and double gate.

11. Southaven County Park

Victory Avenue- Brookhaven, New York

Lastly, for another great park to add to your “things to do in Brookhaven” list, you’ll love the beauty found within Southhaven County Park!

Plan some exciting adventures such as camping, hiking the trails, hunting, canoeing, fishing, row boating, and exploring the bridle paths. Don’t forget to ask the visitors center about seeing the Long Island Live Steamers!

Only around October can you plan to experience “Campers Pike,” a haunted drive-thru trail that runs throughout Southhaven County Park. So if you love haunted houses, you’ll need to add this to your list of things to do in Brookhaven this upcoming Fall season!

Wrapping Up The Best Things To Do in Brookhaven, New York

You’ll surely love all these fun, exciting things to do in Brookhaven just waiting for you to visit! Don’t forget to plan a tasty lunch or dinner at any of these delicious local restaurants during your stay. What’s on your list to try first when you visit the beautiful town of Brookhaven?

If you love these great suggestions for the best things to do in Brookhaven, New York, I encourage you to visit this guide on the best time to visit New York. As always, thanks for stopping by, Life in the USA!