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7 Spots For The Best Macarons In New York

Spread across the beautiful and diverse sprawl of New York State are countless unique bakeshops, cafes, and other locales, all offering their own spin on a delicious treat that is rapidly becoming a worldwide favorite: the macaron.

If you’re on the hunt for places you can sample some of the best macarons in New York, then we have got you covered! Read on for our roundup of fantastic macarons available in different regions of the state, and find one close to you!

The Best Macarons in New York City

Best Macarons In New York


Suppose you are looking to try some of the absolute best macarons in New York City with the bonus of a truly authentic experience of French aesthetics and cuisine from start to finish. In that case, you will definitely want to visit LADURÉE!

Rarely will you find elsewhere a more genuine experience of the French patisserie style that makes macarons so unforgettable! From their beautiful pastel color scheme to their methods of pastry preparation, it becomes evident very quickly that LADURÉE knows what they are doing regarding the macaron-making business. Not only do they have an abundance of delicious flavors, including unique macaron creations like black currant violet, rose, and orange blossom, but you can also select from their variety of gift boxes if you would like to share the macaron experience with others!

Though you may find these selections on the expensive side, you certainly get what you pay for; with LADURÉE, that means getting some of the best macarons in New York, possibly within the United States.

2. Macaron Café

Are you looking for a macaron option for retail and wholesale, with various well-known and beloved flavors and some eclectic seasonal and rotating flavors to delight the senses and excite your taste buds? Then drop in and visit Macaron Café in Manhattan!

This café does one thing—making macarons—and they certainly do it well! Their variety of flavor options, from sweet standards like cookies and cream and chocolate to savory pistachio and earl grey, and even their seasonal rotations of pumpkin, gingerbread, and beautiful heart-shaped assortments all make Macaron Café a well-loved and highly reviewed option for folks looking to try some of the best macarons in New York! And if you are a visitor from out of town afraid to fall in love with macarons you can only enjoy once, have no fear. Macaron Café ships gift boxes all around the nation for holidays, other special occasions, or just because you have the hankering. And once you sample their delicious macarons, you will undoubtedly want to have them again and again!

The Best Macarons near Buffalo and Niagara Falls

French pastry boutique "Maison Laduree" famous for its macarons.

3. Fig Tree Patisserie

If you are in the Buffalo area of New York and looking for a highly customizable option for macarons, you are in luck! Fig Tree Patisserie is here to meet all your macaron-making needs for any occasion, holiday, or event.

Not only does this specialty bakeshop have lots of delicious flavors of macarons for you to sample, but they also add one new flavor to their monthly roster. Above and beyond that, Fig Tree Patisserie can cater to any special occasion where you need to have some of the absolute best macarons in New York on hand. You can customize everything from unique colors and flavors to match your event theme to choosing buttercream, ganache, or other filling options for your macarons. Best of all, in addition to having standard gluten-free macarons, Fig Tree Patisserie can make a dairy-free option for those in need.

With so much that you can tweak and tailor to fit your needs, you will surely experience the same wonderful joys of ordering from Fig Tree Patisserie as countless customers have over the years.

4. The Sweet Whisk

Want to enjoy some tasty macarons from a shop owned and operated by women with a delicious rotating roster of affordable sweet treats? Then it’s time to get familiar with The Sweet Whisk!

A popular staple of the Buffalo area, The Sweet Whisk is known for its specialty pastries and delicious chocolates offered at a great price, particularly for such high-quality treats! The Sweet Whisk’s beloved macarons go through a flavor overhaul each month, ranging from sweet to savory. The vast majority of these macarons are gluten-free and contain almonds, giving them an extra pop of unforgettable flavor. If you are invested in trying some of the best macarons in New York and supporting a woman-owned and operated business, stop in at The Sweet Whisk today!

The Best Macarons in Upstate New York

Colorful french macarons

5. Wisk Baking Company – Utica

Folks in the Utica region of Upstate New York who are in the mood for some of the best macarons around will want to pay a visit to Wisk Baking Company!

This local bakery and pastry shop specializes in all sorts of delicacies and delights, from custom cake orders to cupcakes and more. Among their most popular offerings are their macarons, which come in a rotating roster of flavors! Many of the macaron flavors you will find at Wisk Baking Company are not commonly replicated anywhere else; here, you can sample delicious cannoli macarons, salted caramel, and an abundance of other flavors unique to each batch. If you are in the Utica area, pay a visit to Wisk Baking Company and learn for yourself why these are considered to be some of the best macarons in New York!

The Best Macarons in Central New York

macaroons shells

6. Tous Le Jours Syracuse

Are you looking for a place to enjoy some of the best macarons in New York, specifically from the heart of the state? Then Tous Le Jours in Syracuse is calling your name!

The folks in Tous Le Jours certainly know what they are doing when it comes to making all things pastries, bread, and sweets! Their macarons may be on the smaller side, but the narrowed-down selection of flavors has allowed them to maximize their craft truly. With macaron flavors of raspberry, grapefruit, rose, earl grey, chocolate, and blueberry lavender, you can be sure to have a unique and delicious experience no matter which macaron you try. And if you find a flavor or two—or more!—that you can’t get enough of, take advantage of Tous Le Jours’s 12-piece or 6-piece macaron boxes. These boxes are a delightful way to take home some macarons to enjoy later or to share with family and friends!

7. Scratch Bakeshop – Rochester

Wrapping up our list is the infamous and delicious Scratch Bakeshop in the city of Rochester. This staple bakehouse of a beautiful central New York town is known far and wide for its delectable cakes that are as scintillating to the eye as to the tastebuds and its incredible selection of cookies, cupcakes, donuts—and, yes, macarons!

Here at Scratch Bakeshop, macarons are a steady bestseller, with six different flavors available at a time that rotates weekly. Past macaron menus have been an absolute hit among customers weekly, so no matter when you stop in, you can be sure you will find a sweet or savory macaron that you will love! Folks in the Rochester area looking to sample some of the best macarons in New York are fortunate to have some of the most incredible selections in their city.

Wrapping Up The Best Macarons in New York

Are you feeling excited to sample some of the best macarons in New York at one of the bakeries, cafés, and patisseries on our list? The fun doesn’t stop there! Check out the rest of our New York page to find many other foods to try, sights to see, and things to do in New York.