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12 Minnesota T-Shirts that Sum Up Life in the North Star State

Looking for a way to incorporate your love for Minnesota into your daily life? Then look no further! We’ve got some top-notch Minnesota t-shirts for you. Whether you’re Minnesota born and bred or are just looking for a gift for a Minnesotan friend or family member, we have you covered.

Keep reading for our round-up of 12 awesome shirts that you’ll love as a fan of the North Star State.

minnesota t-shirts

Minnesota Nicknames

These Minnesota t-shirts all include ways to refer to your favorite state with a fun and fresh nickname!

1. City of Lakes Tee

Unisex City of Lakes Tee

Minnesota is famously known as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, and this Minneapolis-themed t-shirt is a delightful twist on that theme!

This soft, heather blue t-shirt prominently features the words “City of Lakes MPLS” in a gray, cursive font. As an added bonus, this tee was printed and designed in Minnesota, so you can feel good about supporting a local business close to home.

2. Saintly City Tee

Unisex Saintly City Tee

If you’re more of a St. Paul fan, then we have the perfect Minnesota t-shirt just for you! Designed by the local Sota Clothing Co, this shirt is great for the fashionable St. Paul resident in your life.

The Saintly City Tee has a clean and simple design that’s fairly similar to the City of Lakes Tee. With a heather green base and cream cursive writing, this is one of those Minnesota t-shirts that will go well with any outfit.

3. “Sota” Tee

Timber Unisex Tee

Sota Clothing Co’s signature “Sota” t-shirt features a short and sweet nickname for everyone’s favorite state. This tee comes in warm antique gold with distressed navy text that looks relaxed but not sloppy.

In addition, if you’re looking for a slimmer fit, you’re in luck! This specific Minnesota t-shirt comes in a women’s cut in addition to the standard unisex cut.

4. Minnesota Periodic Table T-Shirt

Minnesota Shirt Periodic Table North Star State T-Shirt

For the science nerds and Minnesota lovers out there, we’ve got a Minnesota t-shirt that is right up your alley! This tee is a fun play on the periodic table. If you’ve ever wondered what Minnesota might look like as a scientific element, now you know!

This Minnesota t-shirt is not only fashionable, it’s also educational. This tee is chock full of Minnesota fun facts, including its statehood date, population, area, and nickname.

This shirt comes in five different colors, so whether your favorite color is green or you only wear pink, there’s definitely a Minnesota Periodic Table T-Shirt for you! It’s also available in men’s, women’s, and youth’s sizes.

Home Sweet Home

If you’re away from your home state, whether for vacation or because you’ve moved, these Minnesota t-shirts are a sweet way to show others that your heart is in Minnesota.

5. Cursive Minnesota Home T-Shirt

Minnesota Home MN State Map Native Minnesotan T-Shirt

This next Minnesota t-shirt is for anyone with a flair for the creative! At the center of this artsy tee is an outline of the North Star State with the word “Home” written in cursive at the bottom of the outline.

It’s a simple T-shirt, but that doesn’t detract from its cuteness! The Cursive Minnesota Home T-Shirt is perfect for someone who wants to communicate their love of Minnesota clearly and in style.

With three different fits and five colors, this Minnesota t-shirt is an option for everyone.

6. Minnesota Home State Pride T-Shirt

Minnesota Home Tshirt MN State Pride

For this Minnesota t-shirt, Minnesota is literally part of your home! It’s the perfect gift for the Minnesotan who feels like they could never live anywhere else.

The Minnesota Home State Pride T-Shirt features the word “Home” in distressed block letters but with a fun twist. In this t-shirt design, the “o” in “Home” is replaced by the state of Minnesota!

As with many of the t-shirts in this round-up, this particular Minnesota t-shirt also comes in different cuts and sizes for children, women, and men. In addition, this shirt mainly comes in darker colors, from cranberry red to dark heather gray.

The Great Outdoors

One of the best parts about Minnesota is all the amazing nature that Minnesotans can enjoy, whether it’s the rock formations of Sugar Loaf Bluff or the lakes of the Boundary Waters. These Minnesota t-shirts are a nod to the natural wonders of the North Star State.

7. Pinewood Tee

Pinewood Unisex Tee

Camping in Minnesota is an experience like no other, and this Minnesota t-shirt will help you remember all the good times you’ve had camping in the Minnesota great outdoors!

Sota Clothing Co’s Pinewood Tee is a forest green t-shirt that features a light-green Minnesota state graphic. However, it’s what’s inside this graphic that makes the shirt so unique!

In the middle of the graphic, there’s a beautiful camping scene of a tent set up among some trees with a canoe sitting in the water in front of the tent. If you look at it long enough, you can almost imagine yourself somewhere in the Boundary Waters at that campsite!

While this specific t-shirt only comes in one cut, it has an extensive size range that will fit most t-shirt wearers.

8. Minnesota Vintage State Map T-Shirt

Minnesota Vintage State Map Mountains Hiking Pride Gift T-Shirt

This Minnesota t-shirt is a bit of a throwback, and vintage lovers are sure to love its retro design. The Minnesota Vintage State Map T-Shirt starts with an outline of Minnesota and fills it with a colorful, vintage pattern. With a nod to the outdoors, the shirt includes abstract graphics of the sun, some mountains, and a rainbow design.

The Minnesota Vintage State Map T-Shirt is available in a wide array of sizes, from youth to men’s big and tall. You can also purchase it in a number of different neutral colors!

9. Midnight Tee

Midnight Tee

Paddlers who love canoeing in Minnesota’s many lakes and rivers will be huge fans of this next Minnesota t-shirt! The focal point of the Midnight Tee is a pair of crossed paddles.

However, a few smaller graphics appear on the shirt as nods to other Minnesota fun facts. These graphics include the state abbreviation (MN), a small outline of the state itself, and the number 32, which represents Minnesota’s place as the 32nd state in the Union.

Although this shirt only comes in one color, charcoal with green graphics, it’s a classic color combination that will definitely look good on everyone.

Inside Jokes

Want something a little more clever to express your Minnesota pride? This batch of Minnesota t-shirts features some inside jokes that only true Minnesotans will understand.

10. Minnesota and Wisconsin “I’m with Stupid” T-Shirt

I'm With Stupid Minnesota Wisconsin Funny MN Gift T-Shirt

There’s nothing better than a little healthy Midwestern competition! While this Minnesota t-shirt brings in another Midwestern state, Minnesota definitely comes out on top. It’s the perfect shirt to wear next time you’re visiting your friends or family in Wisconsin.

The Minnesota and Wisconsin “I’m with Stupid” T-Shirt is a light-hearted play on a classic t-shirt genre.

This shirt contains outlines of Minnesota and Wisconsin next to each other. While Wisconsin is outlined in green, Minnesota is filled in with purple and features the words “I’m with stupid” with an arrow pointing towards Wisconsin.

This tee comes in a few different shades of white and gray and is available in the typical size range of men’s, women’s, and youth’s sizes.

11. Duck Duck Gray Duck Minnesota T-Shirt

Duck Duck Gray Duck Minnesota T-Shirt

Only true Minnesotans know that all other states have the wrong name for the game duck, duck, gray duck (also incorrectly known as duck, duck, goose)! The next Minnesota t-shirt in our line-up affirms this fact.

What makes this shirt the ultimate Minnesota inside joke is that it doesn’t even say “duck, duck, gray duck” on it! The only graphics that appear on these tees are drawings of two yellow ducks and one gray duck, with the caption “It’s a Minnesota thing…” over it.

Although you might expect this shirt to only come in gray, there are tons to choose from! You can purchase this hilarious t-shirt in pretty much any color you like.

12. Minnesota Common Phrases T-Shirt

Minnesota Common Phrase Funny Midwestern Design T-Shirt

If you’ve lived in Minnesota long enough, you’ve probably picked up some phrases that only residents of the North Star State can understand. This Minnesota t-shirt is the perfect test for your Minnesotan friends and family and is the perfect way to make fun of non-Minnesotans who just don’t get it!

The base of this t-shirt’s design is very similar to the design of the Cursive Minnesota Home. However, this t-shirt gets a little more exciting with the addition of Minnesota slang words like “you betcha,” “hotdish,” and “uff-da” inside the state outline.

You can rock the Minnesota Common Phrases T-Shirt in a large selection of different colors and sizes!

Minnesota T-Shirts for Everyone

There’s no better way to rep your Minnesota pride than wearing it, and these Minnesota t-shirts have you covered, literally! Whether you’re looking for a shirt that only Minnesotans will get or one that you can showcase while out of the state, we hope you found it in this list.

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