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Inside the World’s Largest McDonald’s: A Tour of the Ultimate Fast Food Destination

Otherwise known as the “Epic McD,” the world’s largest McDonald’s is right in the center of Florida.

With a title like that, surely it’s not just a massive version of a typical McDonald’s, right?

To find out the answer to that question and discover exactly what makes the Epic McD different from the other thousands of locations around the country, keep reading!

A classic McDonald's fast food meal with chicken McNuggets, fries, and a soft drink.

History of the World’s Largest McDonald’s

Founded in 1976, 36 years after the company’s inception, the world’s largest McDonald’s was once called “Mickey D’s.”

Nowadays, the official title is “World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s & PlayPlace,” though, of course, the former nickname has stuck around through the ages.

In 2006, the entire corporation got a major makeover, ditching the midcentury aesthetics for a more modern look. The world’s largest McDonald’s was no exception.

The bright, bold reds and yellows, and quirky shapes that were quintessential to the McDonald’s design that we know and love gave way to a sleek, contemporary style.

Gone were the huge golden arches adorning the garishly shaped buildings, and in their place came big windows, clean lines, and natural materials.

For the first time in the 66 years since its founding, McDonald’s embraced an updated look, officially assimilating into a new age of branding.

The country-wide renovation rollout hit the Epic McD in 2015, closing down the space for nearly a year. But in 2016, it opened its doors once more to welcome Orlando tourists and locals 24 hours a day.

It wasn’t just the outside that got a much-needed update – the inside also got a revamp. The designers opted for minimal decor and fashionable furnishings to give the indoors a neat and spacious atmosphere.

In addition to all the food, fun, and family-friendly feels, the world’s largest McDonald’s also functions as a full-service tourist center with visitor information and discounted tickets to other Orlando attractions.

The World’s Largest McDonald’s Building Tour

Inside the World’s Largest McDonald’s

Standing three stories tall with a restaurant floor measuring 19,000 square feet, the world’s largest McDonald’s more than lives up to its moniker.

Anticipating the number of tourists the establishment was sure to draw, this spacious building accommodates large crowds, leaving plenty of space to wander and explore.

Walking towards the front doors, you’re warmly greeted by a waving, 30-foot-tall effigy of Ronald McDonald himself welcoming you into the building.

When you step into the restaurant, you can order your meal at a contact-free kiosk or at the counter.

Like at a standard McDonald’s, you have the option to dine in or take out. And the tables are plentiful, providing more than enough places to sit and eat.

Art of all mediums decorates the place, from moving neon signs to models of sea creatures hanging from the ceiling. Before you leave, be sure to snap a selfie with the giant mascot, the resident restaurant fish tank, or the wall murals that make the space so photogenic!

Exploring the Menu

The world’s largest McDonald’s menu is the primary attraction that differentiates it from the typical franchise.

Along with the regular cheeseburgers and fries you’d expect at the fast food chain, the world’s largest McDonald’s features more than 50 exclusive menu items unique to that location.

Keeping with the affordable prices you’re familiar with, almost all the special menu items come in firmly under $10.

The chef-prepared bistro menu features customizable stone oven pizzas, build-your-own pasta, gourmet sandwiches, and paninis.

In addition to the ice cream bar and bakery, the dessert selection also includes specialty sundaes, cakes, and pies. The breakfast menu boasts French toast, omelets, burritos, Belgian waffles, and enchiladas!

And don’t worry, you can still get all your classic McDonald’s favorites at their usual prices.

The PlayPlace

The grandiose excitement doesn’t stop with just the restaurant area!

Moving further into the building and taking the stairs to the next floor, the world’s largest McDonald’s PlayPlace is also a part of this establishment.

Standing over 22 feet tall and spanning two stories, the PlayPlace has slides, tunnels, multiple levels, and even a kid-sized hamster wheel.

No need for the younger ones to stand around and get antsy while waiting for their made-to-order bistro meal to be ready. Send them to the PlayPlace, and the time will pass in a flash.

Other Activities and Attractions

Closeup of an arcade game joystick and buttons. Games are on attraction at the world's largest McDonald's.

Possibly the most unexpected attraction at the world’s largest McDonald’s is the arcade, featuring more than 100 arcade games!

For just $10, you get 30 minutes of arcade play time, with games ranging from the classics to the newest releases. Right next to the menagerie of games is a two-lane bowling alley and some skee ball tables.

They don’t call it the world’s largest entertainment McDonald’s for nothing!

The World’s Largest McDonald’s: FAQ

McDonald's employee handing over a drink from the drive-thru window.

I want to visit the world’s largest McDonald’s, but what else is there to do?

Lucky for you, the world’s largest McDonald’s is located in Orlando, Florida!

If the name of that city doesn’t ring a bell, surely Walt Disney World does? Or maybe Universal Studios?

Orlando is home to many attractions, amusement parks, family-friendly activities, and themed restaurants, including some of the most famous and beloved in the world.

All in all, there are plenty of ways to make your visit to the world’s largest McDonald’s a family-friendly vacation for the ages.

The real challenge isn’t finding other things to make your visit worthwhile – it’s narrowing down all your fantastic options!

Does the world’s largest McDonald’s have a drive-thru?

Yes! All of the usual McDonald’s dining options are still available. The world’s largest McDonald’s unique features are additions, not replacements.

To accommodate the large crowds of visitors to the location daily, the drive-thru has multiple lanes.

Experience the World’s Largest McDonald’s

Closeup of a Big Mac and fries meal.

There’s a reason Orlando, Florida is one of the most visited cities in the United States. The world’s largest McDonald’s is a big part of that draw and another family-friendly Orlando attraction that should be on your bucket list.

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