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How To Make The Most Out Of The Sunshine State California

Silhouette of palm trees at sunset

The Beginner’s Guide To California

A beginner’s guide is an educational resource that offers a comprehensive introduction to a topic. It should be written in a way that’s suitable for newbies.

Write a simple and encouraging introduction

People who seek out beginners guides are precisely that: beginners. So while there isn’t a 1–2 punch formula, you need to make sure that it does four things:

  • Reinforce why they need to know this. Most beginners guides are long. Unless you can convince people why they should spend time learning what you have to teach them, they might just call it a day.
  • Use simple language. Put their mind at ease right off the bat. Let them know that your post isn’t packed with industry jargon and complex language.
  • Encourage them. Explain that the topic isn’t that hard to grasp. Make them feel like they can understand this.
  • Tell them what they’ll learn. A linked table of contents should do the trick.

Go through everything they need to know

Think about the questions a beginner might have about the topic, and answer them. Use a H2 subheading for each question.

Use the Frase Template Builder and FAQ to put this together.

For questions that require long answers or multiple steps, use H3-H4 subheadings under each H2 to provide further hierarchy and make things easier to digest.

Conclude with encouragement and further resources

There are tons of ways to conclude beginners guides. However, try to end with some final encouragement and links to further reading (ideally on the same site).