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Things to do in Fairhope Alabama: A Comprehensive Guide

Nestled along the shoreline of Mobile Bay in Alabama, Fairhope boasts a charming atmosphere that attracts both locals and visitors alike. With its picturesque downtown area, vibrant art scene, and access to various outdoor activities, there is no shortage of things to do in this delightful Southern town.

Fairhope Alabama

Fairhope’s historic downtown is the heart of the city, featuring a variety of shops, restaurants, and galleries that are perfect for leisurely strolling and exploring. The city’s love for art is evident as soon as you arrive – from the numerous art centers and museums to the inspiring pieces scattered throughout the streets. Outdoor enthusiasts will not be disappointed with the range of activities available, such as walking along the Fairhope Municipal Pier, biking, and taking in the natural beauty of the area. Furthermore, event and festival lovers will find plenty of entertainment options throughout the year to enjoy along with the local food and beverage scene.

Key Takeaways

  • Fairhope offers a variety of attractions, from its historic downtown area to its thriving art scene.
  • Outdoor activities and events provide entertainment for visitors of all ages and interests.
  • The city’s unique experiences and range of accommodations make it a perfect destination to explore and create lasting memories.

Historic Downtown Fairhope


Fairhope, Alabama is a charming city with a rich historical background. The downtown area is an excellent representation of this history with its beautiful architecture amidst the vibrant streets. A stroll down Fairhope Avenue lets visitors experience the stylish buildings, reminiscent of the city’s past, and appreciate the town’s preserved elegance.

Antique Shops

In addition to its rich architectural gems, downtown Fairhope is also home to an array of antique shops where visitors can find unique and interesting items steeped in history. These shops are perfect for spending an afternoon browsing and shopping for hidden treasures. Some popular antique stops include:

  • Fairhope Antiques: Offering a wide variety of antiques and collectibles, this store is a must-visit for anyone interested in discovering unique items from different eras.
  • Market on Section: A quaint shop with an eclectic mix of antiques, vintage goods, and handmade items.

Local Art

Fairhope, Alabama’s downtown area is a hub for local art with its numerous galleries and art studios showcasing works by local and regional artists. For art enthusiasts, Downtown Fairhope offers an array of venues to explore:

  • Eastern Shore Art Center: This vibrant art center hosts exhibitions, classes, and events, with a focus on promoting creativity and talent within the community.
  • Fairhope Artist Gallery: This unique gathering of local artists showcases their work in a collaborative space, providing visitors the opportunity to appreciate and purchase original artwork.
  • Lyons Share Gallery: Offering a wide range of handcrafted and high-quality art pieces, this gallery features works from more than 40 artists in a range of styles and mediums.

While exploring this charming town, don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee from a local coffee shop, such as the Fairhope Roasting Company, and take a moment to wander through the beautiful French Quarter, a picturesque area that adds a touch of European charm to this delightful Alabama destination.

Museums and Art Centers

Fairhope Museum of History

The Fairhope Museum of History is an important institution that showcases the city’s rich heritage and history. Located in downtown Fairhope, the museum is housed in a historic building and features a range of exhibits that highlight important events and individuals related to the region. Guests can explore the museum’s collections, which include artifacts that shed light on topics like the city’s founding, the role of Marietta Johnson in the area’s progressive education movement, and famous residents like Nobel Prize winner Ernest Hemingway’s connection to Fairhope. The Fairhope Museum of History is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Eastern Shore Art Center

The Eastern Shore Art Center (ESAC) is a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts. Located at 401 Oak Avenue, the center is home to five galleries showcasing contemporary artwork by talented artists from around the country. Moreover, its four studios offer various educational programs and workshops for aspiring artists of all ages. ESAC acts as a vital creative hub for Fairhope, fostering a vibrant arts community and providing visitors with a unique experience of the city’s cultural scene.

Marietta Johnson Museum

The Marietta Johnson Museum pays tribute to the pioneering educationalist who transformed the way children were taught in the early 20th century. Johnson founded the School of Organic Education in 1907, which focused on a holistic approach to learning, emphasizing child development and hands-on experiences. The museum, located in a picturesque historic building, highlights Marietta Johnson’s contributions to progressive education and her impact on the Fairhope community. Visitors can explore various exhibits, including photographs, documents, and memorabilia, to gain insight into Johnson’s innovative ideas and her groundbreaking school.

Outdoor Activities

Fairhope Municipal Pier

The Fairhope Municipal Pier is a popular landmark in the city, serving as the unofficial “town square.” This expansive pier offers spectacular views of Mobile Bay and provides ample walking space for visitors and locals alike. The pier is an excellent spot for bird watching, with numerous herons and other coastal birds frequenting the area. Additionally, the pier is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts, and visitors can often spot a variety of sea life in the surrounding waters.

Fairhope Parks and Recreation

Fairhope is home to several beautiful parks and recreational spaces. Bohemian Park, for instance, features scenic hiking trails perfect for nature enthusiasts. Families can take their children to the park’s well-equipped playgrounds for a fun day of play. Another park worth exploring is Tolstoy Park, which has a history dating back to the early 1900s and offers visitors points of interest and landmarks worth exploring.

For those interested in sports and fitness activities, the Rock Creek Golf Club provides a top-notch golfing experience for golfers of all levels. Additionally, Fairhope’s parks host various outdoor events, such as concerts and shows at the amphitheater, where residents and tourists can enjoy the vibrant art and music scenes.

Weeks Bay Reserve

Located along the Gulf Coast, the Weeks Bay Reserve is a stunning natural habitat, boasting a pristine delta and estuary environment. This reserve is ideal for a peaceful getaway and offers multiple opportunities to connect with nature. You can take a relaxing walk or bike through the reserve to explore its various ecosystems, or opt for a more adventurous kayaking experience.

In the Weeks Bay Reserve, you can enjoy the diverse wildlife, such as dolphins, alligators, and countless bird species. The reserve is also a great place to learn about the importance of conservation efforts and the impact of human activities on the environment.

By visiting the outdoor destinations in Fairhope, Alabama, you’ll be able to experience the charm and beauty of this Gulf Coast gem. With numerous parks, nature reserves, and the iconic Fairhope Municipal Pier, it’s easy to see why this quaint town is considered a must-see destination for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Events and Festivals

Mardi Gras Parades

Fairhope, Alabama, is known for hosting spectacular Mardi Gras Parades every year. These lively events showcase a blend of tradition and culture, with vibrant floats, colorful costumes, and lively music filling the streets. While the dates for the 2023 Mardi Gras Parades have not been confirmed yet, it typically takes place in the weeks leading up to Fat Tuesday.

First Friday Art Walk

Every first Friday of the month, Fairhope celebrates its thriving arts scene with the First Friday Art Walk. This event hosts a variety of galleries, local shops, and artists displaying their work and talents. From live music to trivia nights, it’s an excellent opportunity for both tourists and residents to explore the beautiful downtown area together and enjoy the coastal atmosphere.

Fairhope Artist Gallery10 South Church Street
Lyons Share Gallery330 De La Mare Avenue
Eastern Shore Art Center401 Oak Street

Taste of Fairhope

Lastly, the Taste of Fairhope is a gastronomic experience not to be missed. This annual event showcases mouth-watering dishes from local restaurants, bars, and cafes, offering guests a chance to sample a wide variety of flavors and textures. A walking tour of the event allows visitors to fully indulge in the culinary offerings while getting acquainted with the charming city of Fairhope.

Food and Drink

Local Dining Favorites

Fairhope, Alabama, offers a variety of dining options, with an emphasis on seafood. One popular restaurant is Bardelta, known for its delicious Gulf Snapper Throats served with garlic butter. They also offer creative seafood dishes like Seared Tuna “BLT,” Crab-Meat-Balls, and Grouper “Bights” [^southernliving^]. Another local favorite is Panini Pete’s, where you can find mouthwatering sandwiches and pressed paninis that are both delicious and satisfying.

Whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood, a tasty sandwich, or a fine dining experience, you’ll find plenty of options in Fairhope to satisfy your cravings.

Fairhope Brewing Company

For beer enthusiasts, the Fairhope Brewing Company[^fbc^] offers locally brewed craft beer in a welcoming atmosphere. They have a wide selection of beers to choose from, and you can enjoy a flight to sample multiple options or select individual pints based on your preferences. As a popular brewery in the area, they are dedicated to providing high-quality, flavorful beers that showcase the local taste.

While visiting Fairhope, Alabama, make sure to explore the food and drink scene, as it is an essential part of the overall experience.

Unique Fairhope Experiences

Fairhope, Alabama offers visitors an authentic Southern experience with a touch of sophistication and charm. In this section, we will delve into some unique local attractions which include bookstores and coffee shops, the Eastern Shore Trail, and the Fairhope Tea Plantation.

Bookstores and Coffee Shops

Local bookstores and coffee shops form a crucial part of the Fairhope experience. Page & Palette is a popular independent bookstore that combines the love for books with regular events and a great atmosphere. Paired with cozy coffee spots like Latte Da, which serves delectable beignets, visitors can enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable time exploring the town’s literary and café scene.

Eastern Shore Trail

Fairhope is not only known for its vibrant downtown but also its natural beauty. The Eastern Shore Trail offers outdoor enthusiasts an opportunity to explore the scenic boardwalk, which stretches from Daphne to beyond Fairhope. This picturesque trail is perfect for walking, running or biking, and provides stunning views of beautiful beaches along Mobile Bay. There are various points where history enthusiasts can spot Civil War sites, while nature lovers can visit the Biophilia Center and see some alligators.

Fairhope Tea Plantation

Another unique Fairhope attraction is the Fairhope Tea Plantation, which is the only tea plantation in Alabama and one of few in the United States. This hidden gem provides tea aficionados with an unforgettable experience through the exploration of an authentic tea plantation and the opportunity to taste various teas. Visitors can enjoy the aesthetically pleasing property, which also offers astonishing views of the surrounding area, making it a worthwhile stop during your Fairhope adventure.

With all these unique experiences, Fairhope, Alabama offers visitors a delightful exploration of its picturesque charm, southern hospitality, and rich history. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere surrounded by incredible attractions, stunning scenery, and inviting, friendly locals.


Fairhope, Alabama offers a variety of accommodations to cater to different preferences and budgets. The city has a diverse range of hotels and vacation rentals that provide comfortable stays and easy access to Fairhope’s attractions.


One of the most prominent hotels in Fairhope is the Grand Hotel Golf Resort & Spa. Located in Point Clear, this luxurious resort offers a remarkable experience with top-notch amenities like golf courses, such as Rock Creek Golf Club, and a spa. The hotel is also close to the Fairhope French Quarter, making it easy for guests to explore this charming area.

Sunset Pointe is another popular hotel in Fairhope. Offering beautiful views of the coastal Alabama sunset and a range of modern amenities, Sunset Pointe ensures a relaxing stay for its guests.

For budget-conscious travelers, there are plenty of affordable hotel options, such as the Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Gulf Shores. These hotels provide a comfortable and wallet-friendly accommodation experience in picturesque Baldwin County.

Vacation Rentals

For those who prefer more private and cozy accommodations, vacation rentals are a fantastic option in Fairhope. The quaint, colorful homes and cottages nestled in the charming small-town atmosphere of Fairhope provide unique and memorable stays.

The Hope Farm is one such vacation rental option, offering guests a delightful experience with a peaceful setting and easy access to nearby attractions like the Copper Roof Antiques and The Happy Olive.