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Best Beers in Alabama: A Comprehensive Guide for Enthusiasts

Alabama’s craft beer scene has seen significant growth in recent years, offering a diverse range of high-quality brews across the state. With several top-notch breweries and a wide array of popular beer styles, there’s no shortage of delicious craft beer for you to enjoy. From IPAs and stouts to lagers and everything in between, there’s an Alabama-made beer for everyone.

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Some of the highest rated beers in Alabama come from breweries like Goat Island Brewery and Yellowhammer Brewing. These breweries not only produce flagship beers like Goat Island’s Blood Orange Berliner-Weisse and Yellowhammer’s Tobacco Road, but also experiment with innovative and bold flavor combinations to keep things interesting. Both local consumers and beer enthusiasts alike can find something to suit their tastes, making the state a must-visit destination for craft beer lovers.

Key Takeaways

  • Alabama boasts a diverse craft beer scene with several highly rated breweries and popular beer styles.
  • Top breweries like Goat Island Brewery and Yellowhammer Brewing offer flagship beers and innovative flavors to cater to different tastes.
  • The Alabama beer landscape is constantly evolving, with emerging breweries and trends contributing to the thriving community.

Top Breweries in Alabama

Good People Brewing Company

Located in Birmingham, Good People Brewing Company is one of Alabama’s most popular breweries. With a wide range of beers, including their famous pale ale, they have something for everyone. Their commitment to producing high-quality, flavorful beers has garnered them a loyal fan base in the state and beyond.

Fairhope Brewing Company

Fairhope Brewing Company is based in Fairhope and has been producing top-notch beers since 2012. They offer a diverse selection of brews, including their flagship pale ale, which is well-loved by both residents and visitors alike. Their commitment to using local ingredients and supporting the community makes them a standout in the Alabama beer scene.

Straight to Ale

Founded in 2009, Straight to Ale is a brewery based in Huntsville that offers an impressive lineup of beers. Their innovative approach to brewing has resulted in unique creations like the “Unobtanium Old Ale,” which has quickly become a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts.

Avondale Brewing Company

Avondale Brewing Company is situated in the historic Avondale neighborhood of Birmingham. With a focus on producing creative, high-quality beers, they have gained a strong following. Some of their popular brews include the “Miss Fancy’s Triple” and the “Vanillaphant Porter.”

Black Warrior Brewing Co

Black Warrior Brewing Co is located in Tuscaloosa and has been pouring beers since 2013. They offer an array of brews for every palate, from their crisp brown ale to their rich, malty stouts. The commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, combined with their passion for brewing, has earned them a place among Alabama’s best breweries.

Druid City Brewing

Based in Tuscaloosa, Druid City Brewing is a small brewery with a big reputation. Their dedication to crafting exceptional beers has made them a local favorite, with standout offerings such as the “Druid City Pale Ale” and the “Lamplighter IPA.” The brewery is known for its strong community ties and support of local businesses.

Overall, these top breweries in Alabama showcase the region’s dedication to quality beer production. The passion they put into each brew sets them apart and provides a taste of the rich craft beer culture present in the state.

Popular Beers by Style

In this section, we will explore some of the top-rated beers in Alabama by style. We’ll focus on IPAs, Stouts, Pale Ales, Lagers, and Sours, showcasing some outstanding examples of each style.


Alabama has a thriving craft beer scene, and IPAs are a popular style among beer enthusiasts. Some standout IPAs in the state include:

  • Ferus Artisan Ales – #26. IPA (American IPA)
  • Folklore Brewing & Meadery – #17. Snipe Hunt IPA (American IPA)
  • Back Forty Beer Co – A-OK IPA

These IPAs offer a satisfying balance of hoppy bitterness, malt sweetness, and unique flavor profiles.


Stout lovers aren’t left out in Alabama either. Some noteworthy stouts produced in the state are:

  • Good People Brewing Company – El Gordo (Russian Imperial Stout)
  • Fairhope Brewing Company – Judge Roy Bean (Coffee Stout)

These stouts provide rich, complex flavors with bold roasted malts and smooth mouthfeel.

Pale Ales

Pale Ales are another popular style in Alabama, offering a lighter but flavorful alternative to IPAs. Notable examples include:

  • Straight To Ale – Monkeynaut IPA (American Pale Ale)
  • TrimTab Brewing Co – 205 Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)

These pale ales deliver a crisp, hop-forward taste with subtle malt profiles.


Lagers are known for their clean, refreshing flavor, and Alabama breweries produce some excellent examples:

  • Avondale Brewing Co – Mosey Lager
  • Yellowhammer Brewing – T-Minus Kolsch (German-style Lager)

These lagers are perfect for those seeking an easy-drinking, well-balanced beer.


Finally, sour beer enthusiasts can find some delicious options in the Yellowhammer State:

  • Avondale Brewing Co – Miss Fancy’s Triple Sour
  • TrimTab Brewing Co – Beach Club (Fruited Sour)

These sour beers offer a delightful mix of tartness, fruitiness, and complexity for a refreshing and unique drinking experience.

Highly Rated Beers

As a beer enthusiast, you may be interested in knowing some of the top-rated beers in Alabama. Using data from BeerAdvocate, we’ve compiled a list of highly praised brews that are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

El Gordo is a Russian Imperial Stout brewed by Good People Brewing Company. With its rich and complex flavor profile, it quickly became a favorite among beer lovers in the state.

Another popular choice is the Snake Handler Double IPA by Good People Brewing Company. This hoppy brew is well-loved for its intense flavors and strong aroma, making it a go-to choice for IPA fans.

If you’re looking for a smoother drink, the Coffee Oatmeal Stout from Black Warrior Brewing Company might be what you’re craving. The combination of coffee and oatmeal gives it a delicious and full-bodied taste while maintaining a velvety texture.

Looking for something a bit more refreshing? The Take the Causeway IPA by Fairhope Brewing Company is an excellent choice. This hoppy beer is the perfect balance between bitter and fruity flavors, making it an enjoyable drink year-round.

Another mention-worthy beer is the Velvet Evil by Straight To Ale. This beer is a blend of an old ale and a sweet stout, giving it a unique and decadent taste profile.

To give you a broader perspective, here’s a quick list of popular beers in Alabama:

  • El Gordo (Russian Imperial Stout)
  • Snake Handler Double IPA (Double India Pale Ale)
  • Coffee Oatmeal Stout (Stout)
  • Take the Causeway IPA (India Pale Ale)
  • Velvet Evil (Old Ale/Sweet Stout)

These highly rated beers are just a few examples of the exceptional brews available throughout Alabama. If you’re a fan of craft beer, you’re sure to find something enjoyable and suitable for your taste preferences in this state.

Brews to Try from Local Breweries

Alabama boasts a diverse craft beer scene with several local breweries offering incredible brews. If you’re a beer enthusiast or simply looking to try something new, here are some top picks from popular breweries in Alabama.

Cahaba Brewing is known for their wide variety of beers. At the core of their menu, you’ll find options such as their American Blonde, which is light and refreshing, and the Oka Uba IPA, a hoppy beer with a tropical twist. They also offer seasonal options like the Irish Stout, Steel Cut City, and Oktober Fest.

Old Black Bear Brewing offers an array of tasty brews that cater to different palates. One of their crowd-pleasers is the Cave City Lager – a well-balanced amber lager with a malty backbone. Another interesting choice is their Speckled Trout American Wheat, which features hints of citrus and a smooth finish.

Good People Brewing Company is a prominent name in Alabama’s beer scene. Their Brown Ale is a standout, combining chocolate and caramel malts for a rich flavor. For hop lovers, the Snake Handler Double IPA is a must-try – packed with citrus and pine flavors, it leaves a bold impression.

For those who appreciate barrel-aged brews, you might enjoy the El Gordo, a Russian Imperial Stout crafted by Good People Brewing Company. This full-bodied beer offers notes of chocolate, dark fruits, and a warming alcohol finish.

Fairhope Brewing Company is another brewery worth exploring. Their Take the Causeway IPA showcases intense hop flavors balanced by fruity and citrusy notes, while their Fairhope 51 Pale Ale combines a subtle malt character with a citrus hop profile.

There’s certainly no shortage of excellent beers to try in Alabama. So, grab a glass and enjoy the unique flavors that these local breweries have to offer!

Regional Specialties

In the heart of Alabama lies a thriving craft beer scene, with regional specialties that are quickly becoming popular among both locals and tourists. In the cities of Birmingham, Huntsville, and Tuscaloosa, you will find a diverse range of breweries and beers that showcase the creativity and expertise of Alabama’s brewers.

Birmingham boasts some notable breweries, including Cahaba Brewing Co and Good People Brewing Co. Cahaba Brewing Co is known for its diverse offerings such as the Cahaba Blonde and Oka Uba IPA, which cater to various palates. Good People Brewing Co, on the other hand, is well-known for their flagship beers like the Brown Ale and the Snake Handler Double IPA, which have gained a strong following in the city and beyond.

Huntsville, another major city in Alabama, offers a wide array of craft beers for enthusiasts to enjoy. One such brewery is Back Forty Beer Company, which has a variety of offerings like their signature beers – the Naked Pig Pale Ale and Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale. These beers embody the flavors and character of Alabama’s craft beer landscape, and have become popular choices in the region.

In Tuscaloosa, home to the University of Alabama, craft beer aficionados can find unique offerings at Band of Brothers Brewing Co. Their Monk on the Radio, a Belgian Pale Ale with an 8.2% ABV, has gained a loyal fan base in the city and is a must-try for those visiting the area.

Another Alabama gem is the Fairhope Brewing Co, which is located in the coastal city of Fairhope. This brewery offers a diverse range of craft beers, including their flagship Causeway IPA and the Judge Roy Bean Coffee Stout. These coastal brews are perfect for enjoying on a warm summer day or sipping by the bay.

Beer Events and Places to Visit

If you’re a beer enthusiast looking to explore the best beers in Alabama, be sure to check out some of the amazing breweries and events that the state has to offer.

In Birmingham, you can find numerous breweries serving top-notch craft beers. Some popular ones include Trim Tab Brewing, Avondale Brewing Company, Birmingham District Brewing Company, and Ghost Train Brewing Co. These breweries offer a diverse range of beers and often host events such as tastings, tours, and live music.

Another great city for beer lovers is Huntsville. This city is home to a few standout breweries, such as Yellowhammer Brewing, which produces the highly-rated Tobacco Road Imperial Red Ale, and Green Bus Brewing. Attending a brewery tour or visiting their taprooms can be a delightful experience for anyone interested in trying their local beers.

There are also several noteworthy beer-related events held throughout Alabama. An annual favorite is the Magic City Brewfest, hosted in Birmingham. This festival not only showcases the best beers produced by local breweries but also features beers from across the region. Attendees can enjoy sampling a wide variety of beverages while learning about the brewing process and engaging in various activities.

Another popular event is the Downtown Huntsville Craft Beer Trail, which invites participants to explore the city’s various breweries and taprooms while collecting stamps on their beer passports. This self-guided trail brings beer enthusiasts together to discover new favorite brews and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow beer lovers.

Lastly, Alabama is also home to numerous stores that specialize in craft beers. These establishments, such as The Grocery Brewpub, offer a vast selection of local and imported beers for customers to choose from. You can find popular beers like Aisle 22 IPA and Price Check Porter on their shelves. These stores cater to beer aficionados, providing knowledgeable staff and an impressive variety of beverages.

Emerging Breweries and Trends

In recent years, Alabama has seen a surge of new and innovative breweries, making a name for themselves in the local and national craft beer scenes. One such emerging brewery is Red Clay Brewing Company, located in Gadsden, United States. Their focus lies in producing a diverse range of beers that cater to various palates, ensuring there is a Red Clay beer for everyone.

Another noteworthy brewery making waves in Alabama is TrimTab Brewing Company. Known for their experimentation and use of unique ingredients, TrimTab has garnered attention for a variety of their brews, including their American Imperial Stout. This rich, bold, and robust beer has not only received high praise from beer enthusiasts but also helped put Alabama on the map as a hub for innovation in the craft beer world.

As the craft beer industry continues to evolve, there are several trends taking hold in Alabama:

  • Sour Beers: Sour beers are gaining popularity among beer drinkers in Alabama, with breweries like Goat Island producing the Blood Orange Berliner-Weisse, a prime example of this tart and tangy style.
  • Hazy IPAs: Following the national trend, hazy IPAs have made their way into the Alabama craft beer scene, with breweries like Common Bond Brewers leading the charge in creating these juicy and unfiltered brews.
  • Barrel-aged Beers: The practice of aging beer in barrels adds a new depth of complexity, often imbuing beers with flavors from the wood itself or the liquid it once held, like whiskey or wine. Breweries like Black Warrior Brewing Company have explored this technique, with great results.

Though Alabama may be known as the “Cotton State”, its thriving craft beer scene paints a flavorful picture of a region embracing innovation and cultivating passion for quality brews. With emerging breweries like Red Clay and TrimTab Brewing Company spearheading the charge, Alabama is rapidly becoming a promising destination for beer enthusiasts across the United States.