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Automobile Repairs and Maintenance

As with all services, there are many options for auto repair, and word of mouth is the best guide. For specific types of repairs, such as mufflers, transmissions and brakes, a number of national chain service centers guarantee their work. Major department stores like Sears also often have auto service departments. You also have the option, sometimes the best one, of working with the repair department of an automobile dealer who handles you make of car (even if you did not purchase the car from that dealer).

With any repair, it is wise to insist on a written estimate up front, before you agree to the repair work. If you have problems, be aware that most local consumer protection agencies have a great deal of experience in dealing with auto repair shops. More and more, consumer-oriented Internet sites allow users to rate their experiences with these and other service providers.

Automobiles also need periodic maintenance, particularly oil changes and lubrication. Certain businesses specialize in doing these and other basic services rapidly and without an appointment, or you may use your local automobile dealer, which typically requires an appointment, but which will also be able to complete repairs if any are found to be necessary.

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