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The Motorcycle Option

As means of transportation, motorcycles have their advantages. A skilled motorcyclist can often weave through traffic, saving time on a daily commute. Fuel costs less for a motorcycle than for an automobile. For many people, motorcycles are pleasant to ride, and form the basis for a dedicated hobby, or even a lifestyle. Motorcycle clubs exist in nearly all American communities. On the darker side, motorcycle gangs may sometimes be involved in criminal activities, but this moves us beyond the subject of transportation.

As to basic transportation, beyond the obvious disadvantages of exposure to weather and inability to carry many things, motorcycles are inherently dangerous. An accident that would be minor in an automobile may well prove fatal to a motorcyclist. Beyond this fact, and even assuming that the motorcyclist exercises the proper level of care and skill, as with bicycles, automobile and truck drivers have a tendency not to notice motorcycles, leading to many accidents. Motorcycle parking can also be particularly insecure, or difficult to find.

If you do want to ride and maintain a motorcycle, you will need to apply for a motorcycle license and register your vehicle, just as is the case with a car. You will also need insurance. Rules for this and rules of the road for motorcycles vary state to state.

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