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Breakdowns and Towing

Should you have a breakdown on the road and need a tow truck, you might be in a difficult situation. You should always keep the telephone number of a 24 hour towing service in your area handy.

The American Automobile Association (AAA, or “Triple A”) provides its members with free emergency towing to participating auto repair centers. They have a 24-hour “800” telephone number and offer various levels of services, in addition to the towing. (Indicidentally, AAA membership often qualifies you for discounts on car rentals and hotel rooms, often more than paying for the annual membership fee.)

Should you have to pay cash for a tow-truck, you should try to note the rates, which are mandated by law and are usually posted clearly on the side of the truck. You’ll pay a relatively large amount for the first mile, then much smaller amounts for each additional mile. You may also have to pay a daily rate for storage of the car if that is necessary.

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