Life in the USA: The Complete Guide for Immigrants and Americans
A Unique Web Guide to American Life covers all the major tasks of everyday American life: from finding a job, to applying for a driver's license, to dealing with banks, to protection from street crime, to finding an apartment, buying a house, or even finding (and keeping) a lover. The site discusses how Americans make friends, do business, deal with health problems, entertain themselves, dress, eat, spend their vacations, deal with issues of personal cleanliness, grooming, manners and etiquette. A special section explains American coins and currency, another covers American attitudes towards death and funerals. The site contains more than eight hundred individual resource sub-sections. is an ideal guide for immigrants and new Americans, but it is also a valuable reference for American-born young people just getting their start in the adult world. The site covers the challenges and negative aspects of American life realistically, but the tone is still lively and upbeat. A unique resource, and an ongoing project that keeps growing as comments and ideas come in from all over the world.

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