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Take Out and Delivery

Many restaurants offer takeout and delivery service. In the case of takeout service, the customer calls ahead to order food “to go,” then shows up at the restaurant, pays, and brings the food home in special packages. Traditionally, restaurants offering takeout were small, family-run operations, but now even major restaurant chains are encouraging takeout business, sometimes even offering special menus designed for takeout.

Restaurants that actually deliver to homes, with the exception of some large national pizza chains, still tend to be small family-run businesses. Many small Chinese restaurants have operated on this basis for generations, as have small pizza parlors. In communities today, numerous ethnic restaurants offer similar services. Delis and diners in cities do a brisk lunch trade to local offices.

Restaurants that deliver often give the delivery at no charge, usually subject to a minimum order amount. Customers pay the delivery person for the meal and add a few dollars as a gratuity.

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