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Stationery Stores

Small neighborhood stationery stores still exist today, even in the face of large office supply outlets.

The stationery store is the place to browse for school supplies like pens, pencils and notebooks. You can purchase a single pen in one of these small stores (the office supply mega-store will make you buy six at a time). A typical store sells newspapers and magazines, paperback books, local street atlases, dictionaries and study aids, greeting cards, perhaps some small toys and novelties. You can order personalized stationery, business cards and rubber stamps, use a coin-operated photocopy machine, have a fax sent, or get a document notarized.

Although office supply stores concentrate on the business market, they also sell school supplies. Independent office supply stores do business in urban business districts, but the three office supply superstores, Staples, Office Depot, and OfficeMax, have locations virtually everywhere. In addition to business supplies like printing paper, toner and ink, tags and labels, writing implements, filing systems and the like, these large centers sell office furniture, computers and accessories, software, telephones, and other electronics. Most provide photocopy and printing services, and have desks for ordering personalized stationery and business cards.

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