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Resort accommodations in the United States can vary widely, from luxury hotels to simple cabins, from ski areas and golf resorts, to ocean paradises.

Popular resort destinations may be hedonistic and “sinful,” the prime example being Las Vegas, Nevada, or highly family-oriented, as is the case at the Walt Disney Resort in Florida, Disneyland in California, Sea World in Florida, California and Texas, music-centered Branson, Missouri, and many others. In either case, the individuals or families will usually stay at the resort for a week at most, purchasing a package that includes a comfortable room, some meals, and admission to various attractions. Other resorts are oriented toward participatory sports: golf, tennis, boating or skiing. Still others are health oriented, offering yoga instruction, massages and hot tubs, special diets or guided meditation.

On another level, many American families go away for portions of the summer, often to the same place every year. Beach and mountain resorts are an example; the family will rent a house, or young adults will share rentals, for two weeks, a month or the entire summer. These summer resorts might have a combination of small and large hotels mixed in with individual cottages and home developments.

American resort communities often cater to or attract distinct economic or social and ethnic groups.

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