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Questionable Charity Callers

Many telephone solicitors operate just within the law by calling consumers and asking for donations to various charities. They often obey the letter of the law by stating they are paid fund raisers, only to quickly move on to talk about the worthwhile activities of the charity they only appear to represent.

In many of these cases, the fund-raiser for the charity keeps most of the money to cover “expenses” and the charity, perhaps a local organization supporting the police, for example, or a hospital, gets very little.

While there are many legitimate charities that do telephone solicitations, you are better off investigating the charity very carefully before you give them any of your money. The best charities are always open to scrutiny. As always, you should be very wary about giving personal or financial information over the telephone. If you really want to support the charity, find their address on the Internet and send them a check.

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