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Small Country Inns

In rural areas, small country inns and bed and breakfast (“B&B”) establishments offer pleasant accommodations, usually with a fine breakfast, and often with other meals.

A room at country inn or B&B might be decorated with antiques and paintings with rustic scenes. The bed might be covered with a traditional quilt. The ceiling might feature rough-hewn wooden beams. Some inns qualify as true historical sites, while others just look that way.

Many inns serve out-of-the-way places known for their rustic charm. They attract guests who come again and again. Because these establishments are small and offer excellent accommodations and services, they tend to be expensive. People rent rooms at an inn for at least a weekend, if not a full week, lingering to enjoy the romantic ambience of the place and to see local sights. Some B&Bs may be fully booked many months in advance for the most popular times of the year.

Guides are published for the different regions of the country that list country inns and bed and breakfasts. These are frequently revised. The Internet has several sites that list inns and B&Bs by region.

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