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Life in the USA
Public Services II

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Full Chapter Outline:
---Don't Forget to Tip
---Cellular Phone Use
---Fine Dining
---Sit Down Casual
---Coffee Shops
---Roadside Stops
---Franchised Fast Food
---Convenience Stores and Delis
---Take Out and Delivery
---Ethnic Restaurants

Bars and Taverns

Hotels and Motels
---Many Types and Prices
---Small Country Inns
---Resort Accomodations

Stores and Services
---Copy Shops
---Travel Bureaus
---Haircutting and Beauty Shops
---Cleaners and Laundries
---Video Rental
---Photo Processing and Printing
---Drug Stores
---Hardware Stores
---Shoe Stores
---Stationery Stores
---Card and Gift Stores

Professional Services

Errand and Concierge Services

Consumer Issues
---Important in America
---Customer Service
---Dishonest Practices
---Telephone Solicitations
---Fraudulent Telemarketers
---Questionable Charity Callers
---Service Contracts
---Contests and Promotions

Public Toilets


Before moving on to miscellaneous retail stores, services and consumer issues, this chapter starts with the many types of restaurants that exist in the United States, from the humblest snack bars up to world-class dining. These sections are designed to help the newcomer to know what to expect from each kind of eating establishment.

Restaurants and eating establishments are one area in which the United States is most nearly a free market economy. The restaurant business is highly competitive, and over the years, as a greater proportion of women take jobs (and thus abandon home cooking chores) Americans have been eating out more often. The restaurant business is booming, and incidentally, employs a high proportion of immigrants, both legally and illegally.

Note that Life In The USA has a separate chapter with over 100 individual sections on American food itself.

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