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Hotels are large buildings offering rooms and many other services. Within cities, hotels vary in atmosphere, level of service and price.

At the top of the financial ladder are the luxury hotels. They have elegant restaurants and fancy ballrooms where glittering social events are held. Next in line are hotels catering to the first class business traveler. These will be expensive, with business services (like printing and Internet access) and meeting rooms available, with catering services.

Some large hotels in cities deal primarily with tourists. The concierge desks at these hotels arrange tours for their guests, find theater and sports tickets, and recommend restaurants.

Lower down the scale are modestly priced hotels, and lowest are the seedy type of hotels that give the centers of cities a bad name.

Resort areas also have hotels of various levels, often quite luxurious and expensive.

Outside of the cities, in airports and in suburban areas, the larger hotels are located on highways, cater to the business traveler, and are fairly standard. Most rent out conference rooms. Many have swimming pools and health club facilities, restaurants, and other services.

Major American hotel chains include Hilton, Marriott, Holiday Inn, Hyatt, Raddison, Hampton Inn, Westin, and Sheraton.

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