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Errand and Concierge Services
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Come midnight, everyone gets to start over with 1,440 minutes in their daily bank account of time. What they do with those minutes is up to them. Like money, people’s minutes can be spent wisely or spent frivolously. With Americans having an ever increasing load of tasks and errands that need to be done, it seems as if they are trying to squeeze every last minute into the day by multi-tasking. From time to time people have seen the multi-tasker out there who is trying to drive while eating breakfast, talking to a client on the cell phone, reading notes for the morning meeting, and making sure his or her hair is in place.

So how do people spend their time wisely when there is a ceiling of 1,440 minutes and they cannot store any extra time for another day? They buy more time from errand and concierge services. The industry itself had its start in the late 1800’s. In France, concierges were in charge of being “the know it all” for guests and residents of buildings. They took care of such things as making reservations, arranging tours, delivering baggage to rooms, keeping things running smoothly when the landlord was gone, and letting people in and out of the buildings.

During the 1900’s, in luxury hotels, concierges were in charge of making the visit as smooth as possible for the guest. They would be in charge of making reservations at restaurants, putting together arrangements for guests to do things while on their stay and procuring tickets for shows. They knew where to find the best items as well as making sure guests felt like VIPs. In 1975 Hyatt introduced an industry first when it opened its Regency Club, a concierge club level that provided the ultimate in VIP services.

Instead of someone realizing as they are heading into the driveway that they forgot to go grocery shopping and there is nothing in the refrigerator, their pantry and refrigerator can be fully stocked for them. Instead of someone trying to hide the same white shirt under different jackets because they haven’t made it to the dry cleaners for the past two weeks, they can come home to a closet with their clean clothes hung up and waiting for them. Errand and concierge companies can be used as an extension to complete time-consuming tasks so that individuals have more time to do the things they want to do instead of the things they need to do.

Spending just five hours per week on their list of errands equals 260 hours per year of lost time. These hours could have been spent on things such as reading a favorite book, learning a new hobby, working on that home project they’ve been meaning to complete for the past three years, or using their weekend mornings to sleep in instead of getting a head start on their “To-Do” list.

People all have a wish list of things they want to accomplish or finish, but are afraid to delegate and lose control. Moms are afraid of not being Superwoman and dads don’t want to be seen as someone that cannot undertake all of the tasks assigned. Delegating tasks does not make someone less of a person; instead it helps them be more of a person because they are able to take a stand on what they will or won’t do. People need to take back their time and use it productively so that they can live a more satisfying life. Errand and concierge services give them this time.

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