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Card and Gift Stores

Card and gift stores are an American phenomenon, and they are everywhere. Americans do not write personal letters very often. Why should they, when they can buy a greeting card to express every sentiment from “I love you” to “I’m sorry that we had an argument last night.” E-mail does the same thing, of course, but it lacks the visual appeal of a card (and you have to think of what to write).

The variety of greeting cards seems to have no limit. Do you have a nephew whose birthday is coming up? Purchase a birthday card from the nephew section. Need one to send to your doctor? They have those also. Cards come in every type of style. Depending on your mood or the occasion, you can purchase a card that is dignified and sweet, one that uses humor, one with religious references, or even one with sexual overtones. You can even purchase a card that allows you to record your own personalized greeting to the recipient.

If one of the thousands of greeting cards available fails to strike your fancy, you can purchase a toy stuffed animal with a message on it, a keychain with your child’s name on it, a small inspirational book, or any of thousands of gift and novelty items designed to express a wide variety of sentiments.

The popularity of card and gift stores, and the newer Internet greeting card services providing holiday and birthday eCards, reveals how deeply sentimental Americans can be. They send cards for birthdays, religious holidays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and every other kind of day the greeting card companies can invent, even Secretary’s Day and Boss’s Day. Not to be restricted, card and gift stores sell many cards that mark no occasion at all, just to make the recipient feel special.

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